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Published on July 8th, 2012 | by Allen West Republic


Allen West ” I do not answer to self-appointed elitists so blinded by ideology they are incapable of an intellectually honest discussion”

by Michele Kirk for Biz Pac Review

Congressman Allen West blasted Robert Crowder, his Republican opponent in the upcoming 18th Congressional District race. He also took a few swipes at  the Palm Beach Post in a scathing letter that the Post chose to publish on July 3rd.

In the letter, West said he would not accept requests by Crowder to debate him. “I refuse to waste the voters’ time by dignifying Crowder’s cynical political maneuvering.”

West also explained why he refused to interview with the Palm Beach Post editorial board, calling them “elitists so blinded by ideology they are incapable of an intellectually honest discussion ”

He called the board “elites” a second time, describing it as out of touch with its readers.
Referring to the voters, West said, “I will not waste my time and theirs with career politicians who seek office only to feed their egos. Or with panels of self-appointed elites who pontificate about what they believe is best for their readers and the millions of individuals who make our nation so great — yet about whom they truly know so little.”


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  • upaces88

    I realllly do like this man. There is talk about him running as VP with Romney. I’d hate to see him anywhere near Romney. West has too much integrity to be around crap like Romney.

  • http://thebusypost.wordpress.com The Busy Post

    Reblogged this on The Busy Post.

  • http://twitter.com/AmWiser Domina Bellato (@AmWiser)

    I love it how just about everything he says is so quotable. When he speaks people who know him LISTEN

    • http://gravatar.com/upaces88 upaces88

      Personally? I believe He needs much more Media Time than he is getting. Everyone respects West; and he is TRUSTED.

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