Allen West for Congress Statement "Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker clearly runs most corrupt elections office in the state of Florida" - Allen West Republic

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Published on November 11th, 2012 | by Allen West Republic


Allen West for Congress Statement “Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker clearly runs most corrupt elections office in the state of Florida”


Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker clearly runs most corrupt

elections office in the state of Florida

 Stuart, FL – Today West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement in response to the sham recount underway in St. Lucie County this morning:

“Late yesterday, the St. Lucie County Board of Elections had agreed to recount all early ballots to address concerns stemming from their acknowledgement of technical errors late on Election Night in the counting of the first three days of early voting, as posted on their website.

However this morning, when observers arrived at the elections office for the 7:00 a.m. recount, they were told by the Supervisor of Elections only the final three days of early voting would be recounted, when in fact the data in question relates to the first three days of voting. During discussions about the recount, the canvassing board repeatedly tried to shoo away observers and prevent them from listening in on discussions. Apparently the have never heard of Florida sunshine laws

When questioned about counting the wrong three days of voting, the Supervisor of Elections and the canvassing board claimed the errors were in fact on the final three days, despite the record from Thursday’s canvassing board meeting showing otherwise. In addition, the Supervisor has said transcripts from the earlier canvassing board meeting will not be released until the day before the votes are certified.

What was originally viewed as dangerous incompetence on the part of Gertrude Walker now appears more and more like a willful attempt to steal the election for Patrick Murphy. Nothing about this story adds up. If there is truly nothing wrong with the data from the first three days of voting, why will it not be released?

West for Congress will pursue every legal means necessary to ensure a fair election, not only to ensure Gertrude Walker is held accountable, but also ultimately replaced, so the citizens of St Lucie County will be ensured fair and accurate elections.”

  • Intelius Bites

    She is a Democrat hack. How does she sleep at night???

    • Robert S. Hammond

      The Law of the land does not apply to the Liberals/Democrats. They dictate the Law as it suits them. We have but to obey. The entire electoral process in this, as well as all the other Countries, is corrupt to the core. Honest, decent, upstanding Politicians MUST be manipulated OUT of the system. They’re too much of an inconvenience and potential whistle-blowers on the strong armed bastards dedicated to screwing We The People. In answer Intelius, she probably sleep pretty well, in her own self righteous way. The BITCH! :^

    • heidismith1

      It is ingrained in the being to lie, they don’t even know they are doing it anymore.

    • John Coleman
  • Brenda Day Cherry

    Don’t give up, Allen. Keep at it until you succeed. She needs to be held accountable as do all these crooks in high places. May God be with you.

    • bamavik77


    • Robert S. Hammond

      I totally agree with bamavik77. Severe examples should be made of manipulators such as this, betraying the confidence of the people she swore to uphold. A public whippin’ and then GenPop. C YA! BITCH!

  • Dave

    This happened all over the country! Is the left all criminals?

    • Eric

      Yes, they are. ‘The Left’ is as bad as the Religious Right; they do not subscribe to the notion that U.S. law applies to them above their devotion and will work every opportunity to circumvent it.

      • Robert S. Hammond

        El Correct-o, and well said. (Notice, I tried out my fluency in espanyol! Pretty good huh? No lessons or anything!) :^D

      • John

        The Law of God has and always shall supersede the laws of man. If the government issues laws that violate the Constitution or the Law of God it’s our duty as Christians and Patriots to refuse to obey it.

  • bamavik77

    She should be arrested, tried, convicted & sent to a “STATE WOMEN’S PRISON” in general population. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”!

  • Karen

    If the Progressive agenda was so good then why do they need to cheat? I hope Col. West will continue on with this and put the light of day and God on this charade. If just one county is peeled back then other counties will follow. Press on with Pride, Col West!!!

  • http://Mattison Lee

    DO NOT give up. Fight this to the end. This is only a small picture of what has happened throughout this entire election, not just yours Mr. West. The difference is that YOU are standing up to it.

  • C.Fulton

    Not all the left are criminals just like not all the right are criminals. Everyone has to admit there has been a lot of indecent behavior, immoral, unethical, and yes, even illegal behavior on both sides over the course of history. But, whether Allen West was democratic or republican, he is a true representation of a fair American man doing what is right for the true whole of America. Not special interest groups. So regardless of which side you are on, he should be commended for this effort and encouraged to not give up. We Americans need to know and feel confident in our voting system. If Obama really won by 70%, I think Americans need to know that. If it was that he actually lost, then of course, Mr. Romney needs to take his place in the Presidential seat. Regardless, America spoke as a whole but we are not confident that our voices were heard. Go Allen West!

  • Roy

    Sir, is there a petition we can sign protesting this sham ?

  • Bren

    Hello? Where is Gov Scott in this? Can he go to the Sec of State who had to do the certification in before?

  • Breva Schoen

    You think this is bad??…Remember ACORN..??…If we had to contend with them it would three times as bad…I am so sick and tired of the Democrat election fraud…As close as this race was..I think a total recount is in order…But, of course, the Obama’s are well schooled in that..since Michelle worked in the Daily Political Machine and got Barry on his feet to start with….I will be so glad when they finally go down in flames..To the Republicans trying to salvage what is left of America..I say…let them have it…let it go the Way of Obama…let the non-thinkers and takers have their way…Then, when we enter the massive depression that is coming…we will get American back in a FIRE SALE….so we can start over…

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  • SueRae

    I’ve got a bag packed and ready to come down and assist in any way I can. I’m in the Philly suburbs but my folks live in the district and Allen West has fought hard for all of. Now we need to fight for HIM! So, as this develops and some of the folks already doing the good hard work need a break because of other obligations, I’m ready and willing to back you up. I stand with West.

  • Gina Seal

    I knew this was going to be the most fraudulant election the U.S.A. history. The blatentness of the fraud is disgusting. Obama is a total disgrace to this country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  • Angela

    Electric Chair for all corrupt Liberals and Dems and their dishonest communist supporters. Sick of them … and I will not remain quiet … and I will no longer tolerate their lazy, welfare sucking, cock roach infested style of living.

  • Ursulla

    I have been praying for you since the beginning! You are a true patriot! Thank God we still have real men like you that do all that they do for love of Country! Thank you for fighting the good fight!

  • Carolyn Carr

    We are victims of the most corrupt government of our time. God help our children and grandchildren; what kind of legacy have we left them. It’s not a pretty picture!

  • lilyredrose

    Yeah, she’s Dem and black. Been busy for years getting things renamed for MLK. We should have about two million MLK Blvds in USA, now.

  • Geri Gale

    Do not let them steal your election like they did Romneys. Stand your ground, they have resurected dead people to vote am with you, brother I will pray for truth to come out

  • Dwayne Thaxton

    God Bless your Mr. West keep up the good fight you truly are an inspiration and a true Patriot. As a retired disabled veteran I wish there wore more people of your caliber in Politics. You sir are a true American and I salute you.

  • J. Manga

    For all of you peeps concerned with election fraud, go on this link and sign a petition for a recount for the country. We all KNOW that this election was full of corruption on the liberal side.

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  • gds44

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

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  • Southpaw Tracks

    Good grief, this is insanity! At this point I think they need to recount the whole thing. This is so upsetting. Our finest patriot in Congress is on the line here. This is horrible! Sir, keep up the fire, DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS!


    I just watched this video. This is outrageous that the Board of Elections REFUSES to answer citizen’s questions. Is this a democracy or a dictatorship. PLEASE TAKE THIS TO FEDERAL COURT ASAP TO GET AN INJUNCTION TO HALT THE CERTIFICATION!!!!

  • Yvonne Bourgeois

    You are my hero, Rep. West. Please do NOT give up (I don’t think it’s in your nature to give up–that’s one reason why we love you so much)! I’m in TX, but I will continue to support you, Sir. BTW, THANK YOU FOR YOUR MANY YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY–HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!

  • Alan Yantes

    Where the hell is the Florida Secretary of State. Not sure how Florida is organized but there certainly must be a higher authority than a county supervisor.

  • Richard Burgess (@RABurgess)

    This does not look or feel right at all. “Selective recounting” is not going to solve this problem, and in fact, makes it look even worse. And what REALLY happened to the Military Absentee ballots? Were they even counted the first time in this county? I seriously doubt it, at this point. I for one am writing to the Sec. of State (Mr. Ken Detzner email: to let him know that Ms. Walker’s goal appears to be to cause Rep. West lose rather than to get an accurate count. The whole thing “stinks to high heavens” as my mother used to say. I’m in a district to the north up the coast, so I am not sure how much weight my complaint will carry, but complain I will.
    I would also like to know if the NRCC is helping with the attorneys/cost for the recount and complaints. If not, the party of Lincoln is truly dead to us all, and we should probably find or build another where the truth matters and people understand and practice what MLK said, and not just give him lip service…
    Richard Burgess LT, USCG Ret.
    Edgewater, FL

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  • Charles Banks

    Gerty is a sub-contracted thief …… sub’d out by her Chicagoland bosses. This is a micro-cosmic view of Obama’s national election….pure robbery.

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