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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by Allen West Republic


Rep Allen West “Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bale”


Taken from Allen West’s Facebook Status

Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bales who murdered civilians in Afghanistan.

Three weeks ago the Army relieved the Military Judge from the Maj Nidal Hasan case and decided Hasan could keep his jihadist beard. You’ll recall Maj Hasan shot 43 American soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, killing 13 three years ago and yet we are still nowhere close to a trial.

A Marine combat veteran sits in a Mexican jail on bogus charges and the State Department tells the parents they can do nothing…and the White House Press Secretary has never heard of it.

This is the crazy, mixed-up world we live in. And America just voted for four more years.

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  • captdax

    Sir.. Thought might follow this.. Thanks..

    Vet Marine Unjustly Imprisoned in Mexico Might Be Released This Friday..!

    This is great news. If you haven’t been following the harrowing story of Veteran Marine John Hammar, please listen to the summary as explained by John and Ken, two talk radio hosts from KFI in Los Angeles:

    • allenwestrepublic

      In this note, he makes note of this young Marine. Thank you and please keep us posted when you have anything new.

  • shirley caro

    Congressman West, You are doing a fabulous job. Get on T.V. and on radio, you have so much to say and maybe just maybe this White House will do something, although I doubt it…..This guy just bought himself another four years thanks to a lot of stupid Americans

  • Ernest Murphy

    Clinton Eugene Curtis Says he programmed Voting machines to rig an election.

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