Allen West “Obama’s lack of resolve and naive diplomatic approach, coupled with a systematic decimation of our military, is leaving our nation ever more vulnerable”

by Allen West via Facebook Today is the 30th anniversary of Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech. It is inconceivable that our current dear Leader would ever have the brass to confront, let alone put a name to our nation’s threats: Latin American socialism, Chinese global expansionism, and subtle Russian aggression. Obama’s lack of resolve and naive […]

Allen West “If the State Dept wanted to recognize a brave Egyptian woman why not activist Cynthia Farahat who had to flee Egypt”

by Allen West via Facebook In typical Obama Administration fashion, the State Department and the FLOTUS were going to present an award to an Egyptian woman, Samira Ibrahim. Turns out she is a flaming radical Islamist, anti-Semite, and anti-American. To hear the State Department spokesperson say her social media rants were unknown really makes one […]