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Tuesday evening at the end of his 16 minute speech, President Obama stated, “terrible things happen across the globe…we should act, that’s what makes America exceptional.” I find his words utterly disgusting because the next day we remembered the four Americans who were abandoned by President Obama to die in Libya. Obama offered no righteous […]

Allen West Guardian Fund Endorses @dbongino @love4utah @RepTomCotton @JacksonForLG

Photo: E.W. Jackson, Dan Bongino, Mia Love, Tom Cotton, Allen West Friday, September 13, 2013 – Political Potpourri by Jacquie Kubin WASHINGTON, September 13, 2013 – While he no longer holds elected office, Colonel Allen West’s impact on the national political scene continues to grow. The Allen West Guardian Fund is announcing its first endorsements for the 2014 election cycle, […]

@AllenWest Weekly Update | Next Generation TV | 9/13/13

Another Fine Obama Mess The president’s bumbling Syrian policy keeps getting worse. I have listened to countless experts, pundits and self-acclaimed strategists give their insights into the current Syrian episode, and some of these folks could not find their way out of an open-end paper bag. Unfortunately, many of them are part of the Obama […]