Allen West has a message for PFC Sheffey who hid from saluting the flag.

I have a question for #sheffeynation: why the heck did you enlist? — Allen West (@AllenWest) March 2, 2014   Written by Allen West I remember the 1700 hours retreat on military installations. It is proper military custom to stop cars at exit, and stand at attention and present arms while the colors play – […]

Wait, What? Ronald Reagan was in Congress?

LAST TIME WE CHECKED, Former President Ronald Reagan was not ever a member of congress. Folks, this tweet is still live on the Twitter feed. Pretty sad.  @TheDemocrats verified account for Twitter I will fully support a Minimum wage increase to ANY AMOUNT when the DNC can show me definitive proof that Ronald Reagan was […]

Allen West “America has no leader”

Written by Allen West During his first term, Obama told then-Russian President Medvedev to “tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after reelection.” Last week, Obama demonstrated some of that flexibility, which in that case meant decimating our military capability. Yesterday, Obama demonstrated more flexibility, which meant more empty words and meaningless threats. There will be […]