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Published on July 10th, 2014 | by Allen West Republic


BREAKING: Rep. Steve Stockman: Sgt. At Arms to Arrest Lois Lerner



Jul 10, 2014 Press Release
Democrats endorse arrest powers: “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day” Pelosi said just days ago

> CNN, New York Times also endorse the House’s power to arrest


WASHINGTON — Congressman Steve Stockman Thursday filed a resolution directing the House Sergeant-At-Arms to arrest former IRS Director of the Exempt Organizations Unit Lois Lerner on charges of contempt of Congress.

“Asking the Justice Department to prosecute Lois Lerner for admittedly illegal activity is a joke. The Obama administration will not prosecute the Obama administration. How much longer will the House allow itself to be mocked? It is up to this House to uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President,” said Stockman.

“Democrats have openly stated the House has the powers to arrest those in contempt of Congress and imprison them in the Capitol. I don’t want to go as far as Democrats in exercising the House’s powers to arrest. Ms. Lerner will be held in the D.C. jail,” said Stockman.

Under the resolution Lerner would be held in the D.C. jail and would have full legal rights and access to an attorney.

“It’s time to for House to stop tacitly endorsing this administration’s illegal activity by refusing to hold him accountable. I expect Democrats to defend and even praise criminal activity. The question is whether Republican leadership will join them in mocking the House and breaking the law,” said Stockman.

Contempt of Congress is a criminal offense (Act of January 24, 1857, Ch. 19, sec. 1, 11 Stat. 155.) Congress’ power to hold someone in contempt has been recognized by the United States Supreme Court four times.

Democrats admit the House has the power to arrest those in contempt of Congress. “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day,” former House Speaker and current House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi told The Huffington Post just days ago, on June 20. “I’m not kidding. There’s a prison here in the Capitol. If we had spotted him in the Capitol, we could have arrested him.”

CNN has also recognized Congress’ power to arrest those in contempt of Congress, going so far in 2008 as to televise potential locations where Rove would be held.

The New York Times also recognizes the House’s power to arrest.

“From the Republic’s earliest days, Congress has had the right to hold recalcitrant witnesses in contempt — and even imprison them — all by itself. In 1795, shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the House ordered its sergeant at arms to arrest and detain two men accused of trying to bribe members of Congress. The House held a trial and convicted one of them,” the Times wrote in a Dec. 4, 2007 editorial.

“In 1821, the Supreme Court upheld Congress’s right to hold people in contempt and imprison them. Without this power, the court ruled, Congress would “be exposed to every indignity and interruption, that rudeness, caprice, or even conspiracy, may mediate against it.” Later, in a 1927 case arising from the Teapot Dome scandal, the court upheld the Senate’s arrest of the brother of a former attorney general — carried out in Ohio by the deputy sergeant at arms — for ignoring a subpoena to testify,” the Times wrote.

The text of the resolution, H.Res. 664, follows.

Providing for the arrest of Lois G. Lerner to answer the charge of contempt of Congress


Mr. STOCKMAN submitted the following resolution, which was referred to the Committee on ______________


Whereas Lois G. Lerner, former Director, Exempt Organizations, Internal Revenue Service, has been found to be in contempt of Congress for willfully and intentionally refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena duly issued by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, thereby obstructing the Congress in the lawful exercise of its constitutionally mandated legislative powers; and,

Whereas such behavior is an insult to the dignity of the House of Representatives, an attack upon the integrity of its proceedings, works violence upon the rights of the House collectively, and therefore implicates the long-recognized inherent power of the House to punish and commit for contempt, privileged under the Constitution; and,

Whereas recent history with similarly contumacious and insolent witnesses such as Eric Himpton Holder, Junior, strongly suggests that the present statutory judicial rubric set up to punish and reform such insubordinate and obstructionist witnesses would be ineffective in this case, as it is likely that the US Attorney for the District of Columbia would refuse to perform his lawful duty to bring the offending contemnor Lerner before a Grand Jury and prosecute the same for her misconduct pursuant to section 104 of the Revised Statutes of the United States (2 U.S.C. 194) and section 102 of the Revised Statutes of the United States (2 U.S.C. 192); and,

Whereas the executive and judicial branches’ prolonged and dawdling failure to prosecute Attorney General Holder’s insolent contempt of the 112th Congress strongly suggests that a like proceeding against contemnor Lerner would be similarly futile, and the threat of such prosecution has clearly been insufficient to encourage contemnor Lerner to be honest and candid with the Congress regarding the heinous actions of the Internal Revenue Service;

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia, subject to the further order of the House. While in custody, Lerner shall enjoy no special privileges beyond those extended to her fellow inmates, shall not access any computer or telephone, and shall not be visited by anyone other than her counsel, clergy, physician, or family.

  • VIKI


  • Carol Powell

    About time!

    • Fran

      I do hope that she will tell all! Oh and it’s out that Obama lied about the border.

      • blackyb

        It is alsout that Obama lied about who he is….

        • Fran

          Lerner knows who ordered the IRS harassment. It could very well be the WH.

      • Sharon

        Ovomit has lied about EVERYTHING! He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it.

  • Val

    Hope Boehner will follow through, it’s about time somebody stopped talking about it and takes some action!

  • jewels

    Charge her with a felony. That will stop her for the rest of her life. She may sing like the best canary if she thinks a felony is on the horizon,

  • Scarecrow

    Congressman you left somebody out of your resolution! Eric Holder is also in contempt of Congress.

    • Dina Woodham Burdeshaw

      So is the POTUS. Where is his warrant??

      • Ian Watson

        There’s an executive privilege that would prevent Barry’s arrest short of impeachment. Once he’s impeached and found guilty by trial in the Senate, or out of office, only then can he be arrested. Note Slick Willy Clinton, who plea bargained to avoid a grand jury after he left office. He took a hefty fine and lost his law license for 10 years for obstruction and perjury.

        • Johnnie Walker

          As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves. The Sergeant at Arms serves as the executive officer of the Senate for enforcement of all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate Office Buildings and has responsibility for and immediate supervision of the Senate floor, chamber and galleries. The Sergeant at Arms is authorized to arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules, including the President of the United States.

          • blackyb

            Obama and the Sergeant at Arms seems to be another Obama smoozer, or at least appears to be very friendly with Obama.

          • n Vader

            Good luck with that. Lol.

        • blackyb

          His arrest is not protected by executive privilege. The military should arrest him as an agent of a foreign government.

          • 1baronrichsnot1

            The military isn’t authorized to arrest their boss! It has to be the sergeant of arms! Authorized and commanded by the sitting congress! These leaders of the IRS are clearly outside the law and have to go! These laws and procedures don’t go to the supreme court! The law is plain! She has to come clean, or anyone else in the agency asked questions in an investigation by congress!

          • svartalf

            There’s a few small conditions wherein that is not the case, 1baronrichsnot1. In cases of clear treason by the President, they can act in that manner.

          • ladynred

            I’d say Obama has committed treason many times. It’s past time to arrest him.

      • Jeanne Johnson


      • Mark 2112

        hard to find the guy, what with all his golf playing, parties and those photo ops he says he doesn’t do.

      • Tom Tatum

        There is no “warrant”. This is a RESOLUTION not even out of committee. Reading comprehension!

        • Dina Woodham Burdeshaw

          My reading comprehension is quite good. I know there is no warrant yet. Just thinking ahead and wondering why the
          Senate is a brick wall to the House’s bills for impeachment. Of course I know the answer. Thanks for your impeccable correction.

          • TexasJester

            As far as the stonewalling by Senate, the answer is obvious: Harry Reid. At this point, he’s got as much power as the position of president, by simple dint of not doing anything about the House’s bills and not stopping the EOs signed by the fraud.

            No one man in this nation should hold so much power.

    • balloonpilot

      eric holder should not be the attorney general of the United States. eric holder should be hiding from the Attorney General of the United States.

      • blackyb

        Put Trey Gowdy in as Attorney General and we will get something done. Stockman, Gohmert and Gowdy and Ted Cruz have about all the backbone up there I am thinking. Alan West should have had that Florida seat. He is another good one.

        • balloonpilot

          Gowdy gets one term as AG then on to the Oval Office.

          • Beckah

            We need to CLONE GOWDY! We need him in Congress, as AG and as POTUS!

    • Andrewpalandrew

      He should be hanged.

    • barb patton

      Congressman you have left out Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and barack hussein obama who are all in contempt of Congress. Do it please for WE THE PEOPLE

  • evea

    There is more in on it that just her.

    • Middlemary

      Yep == Isaiah Cummings to name one!

  • Tom Skoch

    Scoop up Holder and Obama while you’re at it, dammit!

  • fntsmk

    What about HOLDER??? When is he going to be rightfully arrested???

    • mad man marc

      After the Nov. elections..until then ALL of this is futile….

    • blackyb

      Eric Hempweed Holder? He is useless as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as well as that ignorant Diane Feinstein.

  • Kate Kirkland

    Can the same be done to Hillary for lying about Benghazi??

    • svartalf


  • dawn

    She will end up dead in jail before she can testify. odds are in that favor….look at the history of this administration. But here’s hoping she sings!

    • David Chappell

      One way to shut they up. Believe me Obuma knows how to do that. Some one will slip her cyanide. Like you Dawn I hope she sings.

    • Middlemary

      She will not be in a “regular” prison. The article stated that she would jailed in the Capitol Bldg.

      • markb1016

        Umm.. if you read the article you’ll see that it states: “Under the resolution Lerner would be held in the D.C. jail and would have full legal rights and access to an attorney”

        Not a “regular prison”, but still not in the Capital Bldg.

    • Tom Tatum

      Dawn – she’s not going to jail.

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    I hear the talk I want to see the walk, they can talk all the smack they want BUT until they walk it like they talk it it’s just more fluff and duff!


      I am with you 100%! I will believe it when I actually see that old hag in cuffs and leg irons.

      • katy

        Oh, I can just picture it!!! Please happen!

  • Thomas A. Rice

    Yeah, don’t forget Eric(Rat Boy)Holder. He’s in contempt for Fast & Furious.

    • svartalf

      That’s probably next

  • Linguist Scouter

    Doesn’t it have to be voted on?

  • LaurenceL

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Dennis Schmidt

    I would really like to see her talk i’d bet everyone would be amazed at what she might say.

    • 3dogs58

      I think they’d be amazed at her arrogance!

  • givemeliberty

    He’ll yes! Arrest the b%+ch!

  • Mark

    Put one of those out for Holder too. He’s earned it many times over.

  • 1williamg

    Let’s start with her and go from there.

  • toptenart

    Wow this is wonderful! Bet Lois has gone on a long tax payer paid vacation and no one but the NSA knows where she is.

  • Carole Naro

    About time someone DID something. And yes, how about Holder.

  • SJW

    Sure took them long enough. Need to do a great deal more like jailing Pelosi, Reid and most of the administration.

  • David Akers

    About friggin damn time one of them found their balls.

  • LogJammeR

    Obama will pardon her, she wont say a word!

  • MartinJeffries

    Sounds good but isn’t there someone like a Committee Chairman or someone with authority that has to do this?

  • thegreatamerican

    I’ll believe it when someone is in cuffs. Until then it’s just blowing smoke.
    And I want to see her doing the perp walk.

  • Mike Marcello

    Throw the friggin key away!!

  • Icorps1970

    But will it be passed and acted on.

  • Billy V

    Maybe they will get Dog the Bounty Hunter to find her.

  • jabwocky

    LOVE it !!

  • Hand of Doom

    Wait, filing a motion to arrest Lerner is different than the headline of “Stockman to arrest Lerner”. It is better to wait until it is final.

  • nebrboy

    What charges would Peloser had to have trumped up
    against Rove?

  • ebooksdog

    don’t stop there arrest obama and at least eric holder

  • IHateFatChicks

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable.

  • Dianne Johnson Proctor Leonard

    I would like to post that I am in total agreement regarding Lois Lerner, but I think this needs to go to the bowels of Congress to resolve the ongoing problem — Number 1 – arrest Obama for Treason!; #2 Eric Holder for “Fast & Furious,” Hillary Clinton for “Benghazi.” These are the most relevant currently – except for Obama’s lack of leadership with our ally, ISRAEL — Every Christian knows that Israel is the chosen nation by God Almighty! Obama has not extended one digit of his hand to address the situation in the middle east! Obama is such a weak excuse for “the president of the United States.” He has no clue when to say “yes” or “no.” All he does is hop on his helicopter or airplane and go play golf!!! This idiot has got to go!!! He might have gotten his law degree, but somehow along the way, he forgot how to use it! Dear Lord folks — this man’s history portrays him as a simple community organizer! How does that give anyone credentials to be a president? We have now endured his first term – 4 yrs and into his 2nd term starting 2012 ’til 2016. God in Heaven, I pray that you will bless this nation in whatever means you deem necessary. We have no one but you to count on! I pray this in the most Holy Name of JESUS!!!

    • Researcher

      I will believe it when I see it,all the y do in Wash. Congress,Senate,ect. is talk about what they are going to do and nothing gets done except they give themselves raises and take more Vacation,vote them all out of office and start new,limit terms to no more than 6 yrs. and no full retirement,make them pay into S.S. and they have to live off what the top rank military leaders get or less.

      • Balios

        Easy to say. We need good and competent people to run for public office and the funds to support their candidacies.

        • Beckah

          My hubby & I have both thought about it….but we are getting old, and we don’t know the right people & we certainly don’t have the right pocketbook!

      • Thomas Gilmore

        needs to be term limits, less pay would do it

    • Raymond Stewart


  • 3dogs58

    As soon as she is charged O will pardon her. They need to wait til 2017, unfortunately……….If statute of limitations allows.

  • Jon Lewis

    Get Eric Holder while you’re at it. Get him before his resignation takes effect so the administration knows you ain’t foolin around.When faced with jail time he may sing sing sing, his fellow inmates may love him to death on the downlow.

  • JACK Jackson

    Soooo, how about Eric Holder?

  • Paul Mileski

    Wait and see

  • disqus_wreTySFzQM
  • Linda Patterson

    The sooner they arrest her, the sooner the rest of obumma’s house of cards will fall. she will spill her guts to stay out of prison.

    • katy

      Unfortunately her guts might get “spilled” before she gets a chance to spill them.

  • zsines

    I think you misquoted. It isn’t “From the Republic’s early days…”. It should have read “From the Constitutional Oligarchy’s early days…”.

    • Middlemary

      Your opinion??? Not too patriotic

      • zsines

        It has nothing to do with patriotism…it is a fact that America is now an Oligarchy. If you continue to think “democracy” or “republic”, then you are shielding yourself from the truth. Lobbyists and corporations have more control than we do.

  • don1144

    It is time that the congress start using the power of the constitution, and it`s power to arrest and imprison these people for contempt, perjury, and obstruction of congress.
    L.Lerner, E.Holder both are have been held in contempt of congress, and obstruction of congress. They can be held in prison until they tell all they know about the IRS targeting and fast and furious.

  • halevi

    I bet she gets full immunity in exchange for catching bigger fish.

    • TorchOnHigh

      Issa has already said they would give her that, she must have some heavy threats coming from above not to take it.

      • halevi

        Yeah, she’s in a tough spot. I would hate to be her right now. She’ll need some serious security.

  • CraxyD

    “The body of Lerner”
    Does that mean dead or alive?

  • ZH38

    It’s about effin’ time!!

  • ZH38

    They need one for the imposter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • bruceapilot

    Its about time! Get Holder and Obama while you are at it.

  • Al U Minium

    Has Learner ever been to Marcy Park?

  • dave

    waterboard her and Holder

    • katy

      And please televise it on C-SPAN!!!

  • George Foltz

    She will have an “accident”,or be hospitalized for a “head injury”.Sit back and watch,no way the WH will let her spill the beans.I will be stunned if it does.

    • svartalf

      Actually that “accident” was liable to have been a failed assassination attempt.

  • David R. Williams

    She’ll sing like a bird. They better arrest her for her own protection against those that she’ll take down with her.

  • Skip Tindle

    Just more talk and hot air, no one is going to do anything to anyone.

  • George Foltz

    Has an actual warrant been issued or is one necessary for the Sgt.At Arms to act?

    • Saddlebum

      If you read the resolution you would know that Boenher has to issue the warrant to the SAA. Not very encouraging………….

  • yarddawg8381

    That will Knock that Smug look off of her face as well as bring her nose down a bit :-)

  • Brock Diego

    That’s great an all, but she has to step foot in the Capital building to be arrested. I doubt Obama or Holder will allow her to do that now. Of course, they could trap her by subpoenaing her again, and if she refuses to show up, have police arrest her.

    Unfortunately, I doubt anything would happen with this. The entire Obama administration is criminal and working on bigger plans to destroy America, like with the immigration camps. What are they hiding there? Maybe the final phase of their plan to destroy America, have a terrorist attack US soil, the declare martial law?

    It’s coming … Democrats hate anyone not like them, yet the Dem leaders hate everyone, even those they supposedly lead. They’ve proven it time and time again by keeping people poor. powerless, and reliant on big government.

    The Dems believe in the culture of can’t …

    • Sirius_Rich

      * but she has to step foot in the Capital building to be arrested.*

      Read the below Brock and tell me what it means.

      “Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay”

      • Ford289HiPo .

        Ahah! It states “The body of Lois G Lerner”. Maybe she’ll be shot while resisting arrest.

  • Michael

    It is about time!

  • Howard Wolcott

    I will believe it when i see it .

    • Howard Wolcott

      And Obama will just give her a pardon anyway .

      • TorchOnHigh

        Having her sit in prison for 2.5 years, I’ll take it!

  • DJR

    Send them to pick up OBBIE & HOLDER too!!

  • DJR

    HOW CAN WE FORCE HOLDER OUT and DIRECT TREY GOWDY to take his seat IMMEDIATELY? Can it be done Mr. Stockman??? What about our Military who is suppose to protect us from a tyrannical government?

    • joelie10

      Many of the military top brass, General down through Colonel, have been replaced with “yes men” who subscribe to the progressive view of government and will not buck Obama. Hopefully that will “naturally” reverse itself as the American people become more aware of what this government is actually doing and look to the military to act like an American military with a specific job to do, per the Constitution.

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    It’s about time!

  • Hank Slaughter

    Hopefully the first of many.

  • Frank D. Pellak


  • Rich

    Well finally… its not much, but a good start in renewing my faith in the US Government.

  • Rose Barrette

    Now go and arrest the imposter in the White House!!!

  • deptydawg

    Pelosi’s looks would arrest anyone.

  • Thomas Jones

    PSofA Interim Chairperson Thomas Jones

    the Powers that currently Be in rebellion:

    WARs, and rumor of WARs. The People do hereby add to the charges of the
    citizens arrest of the current responsible parties to our society; the supreme
    court members the executive office holder and the attorney general of these
    United states the charge of conspiracy to orchestrate an assault on our
    southern boarder during a time of war in actions that steal charity from the
    homeless members of our own society.

    people do now demand the death penalty be faced by these enemy combatants.

    Thomas Speaker for the Peoples Chair in Congress

    by the 10th amendment to the Peoples Sphere of Action

  • Byron Shutt

    Nobody would want you arrested Pelosi……just exiled to the moon where you belong with the other looney tunes.

  • WC

    I’ll believe it when I see it!!!!!!

  • Ford289HiPo .

    She’s fought the god fight and held out as long as possible.
    She may go to a minimum security slammer at most, more likely she’ll be placed under house arrest and be “forced” to were a tracking bracelet.
    In 2016, as one of his last acts, you can be sure that obama will pardon her.

    • Saddlebum

      Did any of you even read the resolution?

      • Ford289HiPo .

        Yep. The resolution defines the terms as she is awaiting or on trial. Then there is after the fact.
        Face it, the Mutt-in-the-White-Hut will cover for her and Holder.

        • Saddlebum

          Try again;

          Whereas the executive and judicial branches’ prolonged and dawdling failure to prosecute Attorney General Holder’s insolent contempt of the 112th Congress strongly suggests that a like proceeding against contemnor Lerner would be similarly futile, and the threat of such prosecution has clearly been insufficient to encourage contemnor Lerner to be honest and candid with the Congress regarding the heinous actions of the Internal Revenue Service;

          Now, therefore, be it

          Resolved, That the Speaker issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at-Arms, or his deputy, commanding him to arrest and take into custody forthwith, wherever to be found, the body of Lois G. Lerner, and bring her to the bar of the House without delay to answer to the charge of contempt of its authority, breach of its privileges, and gross and wanton insult to the integrity of its proceedings, and in the meantime keep the body of Lerner in his custody in the common jail of the District of Columbia, subject to the further order of the House. While in custody, Lerner shall enjoy no special privileges beyond those extended to her fellow inmates, shall not access any computer or telephone, and shall not be visited by anyone other than her counsel, clergy, physician, or family.

          • Ford289HiPo .

            Do you believe everything the government tells you?

          • Saddlebum

            My point is that this House resolution is a legal “end run” around the DOJ and Obama. Lerner sits in a local lockup until she cooperates with the House investigation. At which time she will have incriminated herself beyond any reasonable doubt. I’m reading the the Supreme Court legal precedent for the law and the legal resolution. What are you reading, or are you reading anything?

        • Saddlebum

          Wrong! She sits in jail until and while she cooperates with the House investigation. At which time she incriminates herself.

  • ordinary american

    How fast will Lois Lerner get a Presidential Pardon? Same day?

  • Greg

    When people lie so much, it has to come back and bite them. Great news for the Nation and hope the rule of law is returned to our country. It may take until November, but our vote must count and stop this destruction..

  • Truth Gun

    Lois needs full bodyguard protection now! If Obama thinks she’s gonna crack under pressure..

  • SgtMike

    Well, I’m surprised to hear at least ONE member of CON-gress has a pair.

  • Lynne Buchanan

    Exactly what would Nancy Pelosi arrest Karl Rove for? You have to commit an infraction of law!

    • katy

      For using a whiteboard!

  • conserv&preserve

    It would be good, but I don’t think it is going to happen, until it does!!

  • vulcan1500

    If being an ugly disgusting buffoon was against the law… Nancy Skank would never see daylight.

  • Harvey Melton

    well you started the list but that list starts at the top then goes down, just how many cells does DC have? maybe they could all be held in a fortified underground facility for security reasons etc.

  • Straight88

    I’d rather see Pelosi on death row!

    • Saddlebum

      She is. She just doesn’t know it yet………..

      • katy

        ROFLMFAO. Too funny!

  • Lee Stamper

    Pissing me off getting letters from GOP begging for money to sue Obama. Why ? When you can impeach…DC is disgusting

    • katy

      I agree. Why don’t they just print some up instead of constantly wasting money by sending us all those ransom notes. I used to write nasties all over them and send them back. Now I just tear them up and throw them in with the rest of the garbage.

  • homegrown_patriot

    Who is behind the IRS going after conservative groups? This is treasonous behavior something the founding father’s warned us about!

  • blackyb

    If you take one; take all of them who are in contempt. Then get the military to arrest Obama and thugs.

  • Rick Williams

    Yep, lock Holder’s arse up as well!!! From the wording in the resolution it seems as if he may be next.If nothing else, mentioning him like that was putting him on notice, I think.

    • Saddlebum

      From the wording of the resolution it sounded like Holder was more guilty than Lerner.

  • Ceadderman

    This just shows how much the Left is a “Do as I say, not do as I do” farce. Can you imagine if Nixon was half as disingenuous with the American people, as the Obama Failministration is?

  • blackyb

    They better get it in gear. Obama and thugs are turning this government inside out.

  • Hyrdr

    Time for some action of any sort.

  • Eddie frOly

    She’ll be pardoned and sent “away” so she can’t do anymore damage the the tyrant.

  • 119911

    the republicans WILL screw it up somehow,WATCH!

  • Motor Mike

    Who cares what Pelosi said or even CNN? It’s the law and just do you job and quit talking about it House leadership!

  • APEX36
  • Saddlebum

    As I understand it the warrant has to be issued by Boenher. So I’m not getting my hopes up or holding my breath until it happens. I really like the picture in my mind of Lerner in an orange jump suit eating cold balogna sandwiches and oatmeal, sharing a cell with some nasty diseased bulldike.

  • Phillip Steele

    One down (hopefully) a few more to go. The time has come for the rest of these criminals to be wearing Orange.

  • DavBow

    Don’t get too excited folks. A House resolution first goes to a committee, and if they pass it back to the House to vote on it. If they vote for it, then the Sargent At Arms is directed to make the arrest. There is no requirement for Senate or Presidential approval at all. This resolution has only just now been submitted, so it carries no authorization to affect the arrest until the above steps take place.

    • Beauregard Gustavson

      DavBow: You’re right on. I’ve been waiting for someone who knows what he’s talking about to post.

  • Roger Long

    OK, is this a done deal or are we still talking about it?

  • James

    Sorry, Mr. West, this is mere wishful thinking. It takes more than filing a resolution by a single congressman to cause a warrant to issue.

  • bmartin79

    Trey Gowdey for atterney general!

  • Bama59

    Should they not first demand that Holder arrest Lerner? Then they could arrest both of them at the same time because you know he would not adhere to their demand. Of course he has already been found in contempt of congress so they could any way.

  • ThisObamaNation

    I will believe it when I see it happen.
    Until then I think this is just a stunt to win votes.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Hell we could arrest lots of people for bribery! Lois Lerner is clearly in contempt! We have congress in place as an oversight of varying agencies, if these agencies don’t comply with oversight regulations, then they are in contempt! Yes arrest these azzholes who bellieve they are above congress and the laws! Who believe they can threaten a member of congress with reprisals of audit, if they don’t comply with the rules of an appointed head of the IRS, Or don’t do exactly and act with respect for the IRS! They can be replaced. It is high time to hold these people accountable for violations of the law. Useing powers given by congress to persecute people for not acting in a way to please these azzholes! It is to collect owed taxes, not to be used to destroy some opposing party! She is way way over her level of competency or legallity!

  • Peter Toth

    The first domino falls.

    • katy


  • chitowncircle

    Wait, ” I could have arrested Karl Rove..?” Is Nan really that psycho? Who the hell cares about Karl Rove? Does he work for he government?

  • John Everett Walker

    but,but,but,….shes a Democrat!

  • Bill Groves

    Unfortunately, before she even sees the front door of the jail, one of two things will happen. Either some Obama judge will intervene or Obama will issue her a pardon, accusing the GOP of having gone too far.

    • krell51

      Or she will have a very unfortunate fatal illness or accident.

  • DavidFreedomPools

    Yes! I’m glad they have moved forward to do something! (instead of giving up because the other side will win anyways- sniff, sniff, dribble, sniffle)

  • Keith Frazer

    The DoJ and attorney general should NOT be an appointed position by the POTUS. As we can see, a criminal president will never be held accountable. That needs to be by the Congress and for a period of 6 years not to be extended. Once in, they serve 6 years no more and answer to Congress and they they must have served 5 years as a federal judge.

  • Denise Nicholas

    At least someone is trying to do something.

  • bobalouski

    Then they better do the same to Barry and Holder.

  • Disqusted632

    Throw her lying you-know-what in jail for good.

  • MHM

    So just when will this take place? It’s about time someone stood up to this corrupt administration. Are we to go the same route as the German people?

  • EddieInFL

    Lerner SHOULD be arrested. Clearly, she is lying. Clearly she directed her employees to be careful to “exclude” messages that might warrant Congressional scrutiny. Arrest, imprison until she tells EVERYTHING she knows.

  • FirstSergeant Steven Roth

    Unless Senate goes along with the House, this will be a waste of time. We have to gain control of the Senate. Then Obama and Holder should be afraid, very afraid!

  • Lonny Neely

    can they not just impeach holder right now? why all the delay?

  • Tom Goffnett

    Democrats endorse arrest powers: “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day” Pelosi said just days ago

    Pelosi had reason to arrest Karl Rove and didn’t? She is an accessory to the crime.

  • Rebecca

    BOGO; pick up big mouth Pelosi too

  • Frank

    Holder and Lerner, should be in front of a Grand Jury!

  • Chris Duke

    Great! It’s past time for someone to TAKE A STAND against lawlessness and use their Constitutional powers to shut down these socialists! Here’s a start!

  • geo wells

    also, How about an arrest warrant for Holder and Obanga?

  • Terry “OldFox” Seale

    This is good development. While I am a huge fan of Sarah, I disagree about impeachment at this point. 1.) Such talk will bring out the otherwise lukewarm Dems to fight that much harder against a Rep. majority in the Senate, 2.) It is too close to the end of his term to make any difference, 3.) The parallels with Andrew Johnson who wanted to go easy on the post-war South are inevitable, 4.) He can still be prosecuted later, or sued, for unlawful actions. Besides it won’t protect us from the Hillamonster at all. Obama wants Lizzy Warren. Good Lord!

    Question for the legal experts: Is there anything to prevent Joe Arpaio to arrest or issue a warrant for perpetrators of the Fast & Furious conspiracy, or for some local state DA to indict and arrest a federal official for violations of his state law? I don’t know but I don’t see how the Supremacy Clause could prevent enforcement of local laws against federal employees any more than it prevents federal prosecution of local officials.

    Last week, we see the Justice Minister of Germany (the Eric Holder of that nation) accusing and warning the US to end criminal activity against its Chancellor and its intelligence agency. This is heavy stuff to come out around the diplomatic “cone of silence” as Maxwell Smart would put it.

  • Southern Xposure

    let’s roll!

  • BobFromDistrict9

    That certainly looks like a bill of attainder to me.

  • BobFromDistrict9

    Most of America is in contempt of congress… or, maybe that should be, holds congress in contempt.

  • TRE

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Go Representative Steve Stockman! Thank you!!!!

  • whadayakiddinme

    I’d be tickled pink if any or all of these criminals – Obama, Lerner, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, and every other self-serving thug – were arrested, removed, impeached, and imprisoned!!
    Then abolish the IRS!

  • flothow

    About time. Thank you!

  • GODis4EVER

    Do it. Don’t just talk about it, do it.
    Next one arrested should be Holder

  • Tinman Jones

    It amazes me that there has to be an announcement about Stockman’s intentions. Just go nab the woman before she high-tails it across the pond and asks for diplomatic immunity. Well, I don’t really know how diplomatic immunity works, but it seems that these UN pawns like Lerner seem to have their ducks in a row to evade the true consequences of their actions. Why has it taken a full stinkin’ year to get to the point that Stockman actually wants to get tough? Still confused about that. Well, everybody, Romans 12:12 every day!

  • DrSique

    A glimmer of hope but, I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Lester

    If this will only be completed by the Speaker. He does not seem to care about having her arrested and held in contempt. Why? Also like balloon pilot, I would like to see someone bring arrest resolution on Eric Holder, who is guilty of more egregious charges than Mrs Lerner. In fact there should have been impeachment charges brought against him ages ago, when he refused to prosecute this New Black Panthers that threatened voters.

  • wildeagleone

    Let’s get it done and don’t let anyone in any position stop this action, as it is necessary to get to the bottom of this atrocity against the Untied States Citizenry. If Boehner interrupts, tell him to sit down and shut up and I don’t give a dam about his position as he too is a sock puppet

  • Proud US vet/American

    This will NEVER happen! The Democrats have the control in the Senate and the AG’s office, who would they get to prosecute the case? The local Justice of the Peace? Just more grandstanding without any real teeth or conclusions.

  • Jan Johanson

    Got to this site by accident…Man, what a bunch of psychopathic losers in here!

  • Beckah

    NO IMMUNITY for this witch! She gets NOTHING! She knows every player, she should get life PLUS $10 mil fine! And loss of all benefits!

    • 1iameverywhere1

      I have been blocked.

  • MLM

    I’m glad but he needs to stop by obozo office first; Looks like we’ve already paid the Catholic and Baptist church to take care of them. In other news today it was reported that HHS has been funding the Catholic Church and Baptist since 2010 to prepare for illegals. Between Dec 2010 and Nov 2013, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Galveston received $15,549,078 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for “Unaccompanied Alien Children Project” with a program description of “Refugee and Entry Assistance.”Last year, the Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth received $350,000 from Department of Homeland Security for “citizenship and education training” with a program description of “citizenship and immigration services.”
    Between September 2010 and September 2013, the Catholic Charities of Dallas received $823,658 from the Department of Homeland Security for “Citizenship Education Training” for “refugee and entrant assistance.”
    From Dec 2012 to January 2014, Baptist Child & Family Services received $62,111,126 in federal grants from Health & Human Services for “Unaccompanied Alien Children Program.”

    This was taken from Liberty News the legal documents are on the website along with a petition to stop this. I’ve now given up all hope the border will ever be secured.

    He has committed treason to our country!!!!!!!

  • MLM

    I am confused Andrew B. Willison was elected May 5th of 2014……so who is the REAL sgt of arms?

  • Beauregard Gustavson

    Well, she DID purger herself, it’s on tape for lib and conserves to see. Sounds perfectly legitimate to me.

  • Genie ♥ BENGHAZI ♥ Smith

    So, why haven’t they arrested Eric Holder, who is also in contempt of Congress?

  • Bryan

    Lois is just gonna have to wait. The commander in thief is first to be arrested ASAP, Then Holder and then Lois

  • RHO1953

    ‘Bout time.

  • MLM


  • ebooksdog

    this arrest never happened why

  • dan3333333333

    Published on July 10th, 2014

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