Air Force “Wiped Out”

The United States Air Force has joined United States Marine Corps aviation in suffering from greatly reduced mission capabilities. The fault for the problems in our Armed Forces can be laid directly at the feet of the Obama administration and Congress. Sequestration is the weapon being used to reduce our military without a shot being fired. The lack of new equipment, spares, and maintenance is due to choices made at the highest levels of government. The same can be said about the down sizing of the personnel to deploy these systems. Over used, over deployed, and under maintained are the results of the political games played inside the Beltway.


As Written By Jennifer Griffin and  Lucas Tomlinson at FOX News Politics:

EXCLUSIVE: It was just a few years ago, in March 2011, when a pair of U.S. Air Force B-1 bombers – during a harsh winter storm – took off from their base in South Dakota to fly across the world to launch the air campaign in Libya, only 16 hours after given the order.

Today, many in the Air Force are questioning whether a similar mission could still be accomplished, after years of budget cuts that have taken an undeniable toll. The U.S. Air Force is now short 4,000 airmen to maintain its fleet, short 700 pilots to fly them and short vital spare parts necessary to keep their jets in the air. The shortage is so dire that some have even been forced to scrounge for parts in a remote desert scrapheap known as “The Boneyard.”

“It’s not only the personnel that are tired, it’s the aircraft that are tired as well,” Master Sgt. Bruce Pfrommer, who has over two decades of experience in the Air Force working on B-1 bombers, told Fox News.

Fox News visited two U.S. Air Force bases – including South Dakota’s Ellsworth Air Force Base located 35 miles from Mount Rushmore, where Pfrommer is stationed – to see the resource problems first-hand, following an investigation into the state of U.S. Marine Corps aviation last month.

Many of the Airmen reported feeing “burnt out” and “exhausted” due to the current pace of operations, and limited resources to support them. During the visit to Ellsworth earlier this week, Fox News was told only about half of the 28th Bomb Wing’s fleet of bombers can fly.

“We have only 20 aircraft assigned on station currently. Out of those 20 only nine are flyable,” Pfrommer said.




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  • Beckah

    But you have to give the politicians credit, we’re feeding the world! Also giving housing, cell phones, utility bills, etc to anyone that can cross the border (like that’s hard). We give BILLIONS to NATO, the UN and dozens of countries that HATE us. Now let’s add in the endless “perks” of politicians that seem ridiculous considering the ENORMOUS wealth they “build” while serving.

    AMERICA, YOUR PRIORITIES ARE BACKWARDS! It wouldn’t take much for the Soviets or Chinese to roll right over us.

    God bless these men that do these thankless jobs, I’m not sure I would want to any longer.

  • masteredq

    These politicians better pray to God that China or Russia don’t decide to roll over us. Keep in mind the politicians would be the first to get their heads chopped off. What are they thinking???? Better get the Military going again or else.

    • JDW

      I will be handing them the axe!

  • dhd123

    It is a sad commentary on the Obama admin and congress to let our military go back to the Carter admin. Cannibalizing down equipment to keep other equipment operational, no money for training, etc. Troops staying in garrison instead of in the field has killed more American servicemen/women than the enemy ever has. The military fights like it trains and sweat saves blood. This is a hard learned lesson that the military knows oh so well but politicians never learn until a whole lot of flag draped coffins come into Dover.

  • darrell_b8

    I fault the REPUBLICAN Congress; Instead of listening to the military and granting them the resources to defend the country; they are more interested in ‘bringing back the pork to their district’; I’m surprised there aren’t M-1 Garand production lines still open on SOME congressional district.

    • boydasmith

      You are quite mistaken to fault the Republicans, whole-cloth,… it’s the American-voter who has chosen to follow ‘Emotionalism’, and a popular ‘Media-Academia-Complex Culture of MORAL-RELATIVISM (Political-Correctness) IDEAS,… RATHER THAN PRINCIPLES OF TRUTH OF THE BIBLE,…that has given rise to a poisoned and dis-repaired JUDGMENT-capacity by too many Americans. Without the guidance of God’s truth-love,too many are simply guided-by

    • JDW

      Good rifle wrong era…

  • How I wish it was another president in that motorcade in Dallas,

  • metheoldsarge

    When the politicians need funds for their pet projects, the military are usually the first ones to get the cuts. Cutting down our military is nothing new. It’s been common practice since the Revolution.

    In the late 1930s up into 1941, my father and many others, who were there at the time, told about the state of our military just before the U.S. entered WWII. Troops would train with wooden replicas of rifles, trucks with the word “TANK” painted on them and very little, if any, real equipment to train with. Fortunately for us at the time, we had two big oceans that separated us from the rest of the world. We also had a much larger industrial base. The one we have now is almost non-existent in comparison. If we find ourselves in another big war it will be come as you are. That means we can only count on what we have on hand at the start.

    Will the First Lady be forced to cut down on her frequent national and international joyrides with her mama, daughters, Secret Service detail, her staff and possibly a few friends, and all at the expense of John Q, Taxpayer? Will the politicians, who got us in this mess in the first place, slow down government spending? Will the politicians cancel any of their phony fact finding junkets or perks? Will the President’s czars and higher government officials make any sacrifices? Will the President cancel any of his vacations and golf outings? Will the countries that hate us stop getting their billions in foreign aid? Will the freeloaders, who refuse to work, take any cuts in their food stamps and welfare checks or be forced to earn them through community service? Will all the illegal aliens lose all their free-bees and get deported? I would bet the answer to those questions will be a very definite NO!

    Perhaps the President and Congress should do first by example and cancel all their perks, junkets, golf outings and vacations and also make some sacrifices in their pay and benefits. While they’re at it, they could stop sending those billions to the countries that hate us and make those freeloaders work for their welfare checks and food stamps. I guess that would be asking too much from typical do-as-we-say-and-not-as-we-do type of leaders.

    Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, are building up their war machines while we are dismantling ours. By doing this, The President and his followers are taking a very dangerous gamble with our lives. Can we really afford to take that chance? Just like the liberals did after December 7, 1941, the liberals today will be yelling “WHERE WAS THE ARMY? WHERE WAS THE NAVY?” I say re-elect no one. Fire them all. Just my two cents.