Alfonzo Rachel: How Obama Wants To Steer People From Christ Toward Islam

by AlfonZo Rachel:

Obama said at a recent Prayer breakfast that Christians behave less than loving. Is he the supposed loving Christian we’re supposed to give a thumbs up to, or Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson? Are Murderous Muslims some how more loving? Also, high profile Christian artists are rubbing elbows with democrats, and like secular musicians will lead others to vote democrat. Republicans would do well to be more supportive of conservative artists.

Wow, If conservatives were as supportive of bands { like mine: 20 lb Sledge;) } the way liberals support the artist pumping their message, we could free some more minds from the brain chains of the left! Hope Visit our website to connect on our social media pages, and leave reviews and ratings! Hear more in this ZoNation!


How Obama Wants To Steer People From Christ Toward Islam| ZoNation – Alfonzo Rachel.

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AlfonZo Rachel

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