Allen West ABSOLUTELY NAILS IT with this statement on Trump’s Hot Mic Comments

This represents the desperation of the leftists and their need to deploy their all hands on deck accomplices of the Orwellian media establishment elites to provide cover.

As Written by Allen B. West:

Hey, can y’all keep a secret? Well, I’m writing this missive from the historic Olympic Club, nation’s oldest athletic club founded in 1860, located in San Francisco. Boy howdy, I was a bit nervous that as soon as I landed, ol’ Nancy Pelosi would have Obama’s secret police there to put me in shackles.

Friday evening I spoke to the San Francisco GOP Club, and yes, there is such a thing and a great group of folks led by Christine Hughes. It was great to see my dear friend Marie Stroughter of African-American Conservatives and her family. Today, I’m in Bakersfield, California to speak at the Bakersfield Business Conference. Why be in California? Because we have to fight and make a stand for constitutional conservatism everywhere, and I love going in behind “enemy lines” and causing disruption. As well, it’s important to encourage our conservative and Republican brothers and sisters everywhere; that’s why I love going on college campuses and to places like Rhode Island.

Now, I do have one regret, I will not be able to sit before a TV and watch my #9 ranked Tennessee Volunteers take on the #8 ranked Texas A&M Aggies down in College Station, Texas. The Vols pulled another one out last week against Georgia — only time I cheer against my home State, mind you — but I just dunno if their “lucky charm” can go much further. I can bet all those Aggie faithful friends I’ve made since moving to Texas will be hogging up my cell phone.

But sitting here at the Olympic Club, it’s Fleet Week in San Francisco, and I remember hosting the same in Ft. Lauderdale. The Blue Angels are here and I hear the roar of the engines as they practice their maneuvers overhead — the sound of freedom. However, thanks to Hillary Clinton and her infamous “reset button,” that sound may be in danger where it counts; on the front lines of freedom.

Yes, I will get to my thoughts about the Trump tape below — but allow me to set some context for them first.

As reported by The Hill, Defense officials on Thursday reacted coolly to the Russians’ warning not to strike Syrian regime targets, saying U.S. air forces would continue to conduct its current operations in Syria against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

“We’ll continue to conduct our operations as we have for months now over Syria, and we’ll continue to do so taking every possible step we need to to ensure the safety of our air crews,” Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook told reporters. 

Earlier in the day, a Russian military spokesman warned the U.S. against striking Syrian regime military targets, noting that its air defense systems in Syria could fend off any attack. 

“I would recommend our colleagues in Washington to carefully weigh possible consequences of the fulfillment of such plans,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday, according to the Associated Press. 

Russia announced Tuesday that it had moved the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to its naval base in Tartus, Syria, to defend the base and its ships. It would be capable of shooting down aircraft and ballistic missiles.

The announcement came amid renewed talk in Washington of pursuing military options to end the civil war in Syria, after negotiations between the U.S. and Russia to end the civil war were formally suspended Monday. 

Currently, U.S. forces are only targeting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, but the White House is discussing options to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to negotiate an end to the civil war, which is estimated to have killed more than 400,000. 

Military options reportedly include striking targets associated with Assad’s air force, establishing safe zones inside Syria and supplying anti-regime rebels with anti-aircraft systems.

I know, I know, doggone me for bringing up this “other stuff,” when all the liberal progressive media wants to talk about is some audio of Donald Trump from 11 years ago. This whole threat from Russia, or even the abysmal jobs report of September, that evidences the failure of the Obama economy — which Hillary Clinton wants to continue — that’s not what the leftists want to discuss. Why talk about the things that are happening now — well, nothing good is happening now for the liberal progressives of the new American socialist party — so get the complicit liberal left media to deflect.

Now, ask yourself, does Hillary Clinton REALLY want to make this election about Donald Trump and women? Needless to say, her house has been on fire, some say still is, and she wants to complain about the grass being too high at someone else’s house. And let’s not bring up the 12-year-old girl, a rape victim, that Mrs. Clinton assailed, enabling a rapist to go free — anyone heard the audio of Hillary laughing about how he denigrated that little girl?

The true fact is that Hillary Clinton and her campaign does not want to talk about how we now know what Barack Obama meant when he confided to Dmitry Medvedev that he’d have more flexibility after his reelection. So Vladmir Putin has sent a message to Obama and Hillary about “red lines” and the empty rhetoric about Assad must go — don’t try it.

The disaffected and disinterested boy king Obama has been played, and I mean just frankly pinked-out like a wimp at the beach by the world’s tough guys — Putin, Xi Jinping, Rouhani, and Kim Jung-Un. Obama and Hillary have decimated our military capability and evidenced such a weakness in our foreign policy that we have everyone out there telling the United States what we had best not do! We no longer command respect or have a venerable and feared military deterrent force — nah, we’re too busy developing transgender handbooks for our military and promising sex change operations for individuals suffering from the mental condition called gender dysphoria.

But hey, don’t let me get in the way of the Clinton News Network breaking news coverage of the Donald Trump audio tape from 11 years ago. That is REALLY what’s important. And what does that have to do with Americans getting back to work in a Country that only produced 156K jobs in the entire month of September — and that number could be revised when we’re not watching, like next month. We have more than 90 million Americans out of work, and not even part of the active workforce seeking employment. They are just that discouraged. We have a workforce participation rate that remains the lowest in nearly 40 years. We have a Russian dictator, who was emboldened by the weakness of Obama and Hillary Clinton — who gives a former KGB Colonel a damn yellow toy? And all the leftist media wants to talk about is some freaking Miss Universe from 20 years ago and audio from 11 years ago?

This represents the desperation of the leftists and their need to deploy their all hands on deck accomplices of the Orwellian media establishment elites to provide cover. See, there is a whole portion of this Country who have not a clue about what’s happening. If Hillary Clinton wants to talk about Trump’s taxes, well, let’s talk about her Clinton Foundation. If Hillary Clinton wants to talk about Trump’s business, let’s talk about her losing $6B while head of the State Department. If Hillary Clinton wants to talk about character, let’s talk about abandoning Americans to die for 13 hours and lying about the combat engagement, as you had a live feed from an unarmed drone.

I’ve had it with this crappy liberal progressive media. And here’s a warning, since you don’t want to report what’s actually happening in the world, there will be a consequence. Many across this great Nation know of your blatant and obvious collusion with the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign, like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer dancing and singing at the DNC convention. A solid…

Full Story Here:

Folks, here’s what I have to say about Trump’s ‘hot mic’ comments… – Allen B. West –



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  • Sharon

    If I was Trump, I would say “11 years ago, I was a Democrat”

    • ThereAintNoJustice

      I would quote the former Secretary of State from January, 2013 at a. hearing in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee… “What difference— at this point, what difference does it make?”

    • Jerry Hart

      What they said below…..

      crap, cannot delete, only edit

  • Buzzeroo

    Trump SAID bad things……and if he were running against a decent human being he would deserve to lose. But he is running against a congenital liar who, in any fair society would be imprisoned by now. We have elected and ‘loved’ some of the worst sexual maniacs in history. Warren Harding, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton… name some. So Trump said stinky poo poo heinie….Those slime balls actually committed sexual mayhem WHILE IN OFFICE without suffering the holier than thou bullshit now being moaned by REPUBLICANS, no less, regarding that which he said.
    It’s an election year so nobody can blame democrats for utilizing every weapon at their disposal to dispose of their republican rival but if the republicans could ever learn to stand up and back THEIR candidate like they do, it would be a race. All that they would have to do is to cohesively say “SO WHAT—THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON TO BE MADE BETWEEN TRUMP’S FOUL MOUTH AND HILLARY’S TRAITOROUS, RUINOUS CRIMES”. But it will not happen just as those despicably cowardly, feckless wimps gave the country away to Obama, the most evil lout ever to darken our country so where would they possibly find the balls to help Trump. They truly suck!!!!!

    • Frank629

      BRAVO Buzzeroo said in plain language .

  • keepyourpower

    But she can use the ‘F’ word all she wants, as she berates the Secret Service…..Which is worse? A man talking like most boastful men, around other men, or what the she-devil says? I already knew about Trump, and his women..even married women…but when you come down to the lesser of 2 evils..that is what you do! Trump for President!

    Why doesn’t Trump bring up, how she treats the Secret Service, and her language? It is out there! Did you know that the Secret Service was not ALLOWED, to look into her face? They had to bow their heads, whenever she was around!!! Like the Queen of Hearts! One Army Sgt., or SS officer had his police dog with him. She cursed the guy out, and told him to get that filthy ‘F’ing animal away from her. She probably knew he would attack her, just from her scent..or she, or her wonderful hubby, were using drugs! IMHO

    Do you know they named the helicopter she used..Broomstick!!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    The problem here we have Americans fall into sleep, thinking everything is fine because the guy in the white house is doing a good job, in reality we’re not it’s time for the citizens of these nation to wake up and smell the coffee

  • 1madgrannie

    Thank you Allen West for putting things in perspective. We are not electing a Pope, but a president to right our abysmal economy and secure our borders and maintain an efficient military.

  • kteissere

    Allen West put all succinctly. Now only if CNN and other MSM would report the facts and leave their bias out of their stories. That is what editorial pages are for. So many take CNN, MSNBC, etal as gospel which is so unfortunate.

  • dhd123

    So somehow objectifying women is equal to whipping it out and exposing yourself, actually fondling and otherwise accosting women? Not even close.

    • R G

      No it is not equal, but it is bad when added to the rest of the Trump baggage and to that yet to be revealed and WHEN did those terms become the ones we use to choose a President?
      Only since we have TWO candidates that those terms apply to.
      Trump needs to step down. America should have at least one candidate who knows how to conduct themselves in a civil society.

      • dhd123

        And leave the criminal, serial lying stupid Hillary? No thanks, the Clinton’s should never be allowed near the White House let alone move back into it.

        • R G

          What? Not leave only one candidate! Trump needs to step down and we need a replacement …. like Pence!

          • dhd123

            Nope, never, Nada- Too late for any of this. Trump’s comments were 11 years ago, Hillary’s actions and speeches to those big bad Wall Street and bank bigwigs was within the last couple of years and i’m betting that you have never supported Trump. Like the others who jump on the never Trump train shows you are all in the bag for the hag.

          • R G

            In the bag for the hag is an incorrect assumption. I am a Constitutional Conservative. No Democrat ever gets my vote.It’s just a real shame watching America reject its true self election after election. After 8 years of Obama, I expected a big pendulum swing towards the Constitution. That did not happen. Trump’s plans are beyond constitutional limits in several places. I don’t want a Teddy Roosevelt or a Franklin Delano Roosevelt! Trump leans towards them though. I lean Republican because they are the party that is supposed to represent True America … The Republic …. but they so often fail to. A President Cruz, Fiorina, Paul or even Jim Giffords would have been more along those long overdue and rejected lines. America wanted an obnoxious celebrity.

            Is Trump better than Hillary? Yes. I believe so, excluding the common Progressive Ground that he has on some issues with her.
            N Gingrich repeatedly said that FDR was the greatest President of the 20th century. I strongly disagree. He was a Progressive activist President and dictatorial. He infringed upon the rights of the people. N Gingrich sees FDR in Trump too. I believe that to be true and he likes it. I don’t. It’s not too late to put Pence in the Top spot. I would like to see that. Trump did do well in the 2nd debate though. I will give him that. If he wins, I will support when he governs right and oppose when he governs Progressive.

          • dhd123

            Cruz won my state’s primary, I voted for him for two reasons. I felt he was sincere and that he could beat Hillary. I also believe that since “Cruz has no friends in the senate” he was the right person to be president, I never wanted Trump because he is a blowhard but he is what we have to keep that thing out of the white house and that is my only care. Hillary Clinton must not win the election! Period.

          • Ed Wade

            I might have agreed 6 months ago. The election is a month away. No time for this option. We have no viable choice but to vote for Trump or our offspring suffer the consequences forever more.

  • lokiswife

    Here’s Hillary defending the rapist of a twelve year old girl and laughing about how she was “so clever” to get him off with two months in jail. The girl’s life was destroyed, she has come forward and told about how it affected her. Hillary even had the gall to say that the girl had fantasies about older men…at 12 years old?

  • R G

    I have massive respect for Allen West and he is 100% correct on all points regarding Clinton. However, this Trump audio is just a small portion of what and who Trump is and he has been been more unimpressive every day. He was forced upon the electorate by formerly conservative media. We were PUMMELED with Trump TV and the Trump talking points were used by people like Sean Hannity to interview all other primary candidates. I keep hoping that Trump is simply a tactical diversion and that we will get a respectable man or woman to replace him late in the election season.

    I completely disagree with Trump’s “take the oil” as well as his Progressive healthcare plan, mandate appreciation and childcare plan!
    CONSTITUTION! — TENTH AMENDMENT! Federal Law to preserve the blessings of liberty!

    … SO what happens now? Well right here is where I get a bunch of replies that call me “establishment”, a Hillary Supporter, an idiot and all kinds of other stuff. (I am a Constitutional Conservative).

    What else happens? Well then I get a bunch of replies holding up the horrors of the Clinton way as if to distract from the facts that Trump has his own problems and to say “Oh YEAH, well what about the Clinton’s? How can you say anything about Trump when the Clintons do THIS?” … And that is great, except that we are not in the 5th grade and 2 wrongs still don’t make a right!

    We do not need the comparisons. We know all about the Clintons. They should not be anywhere near government or near community organizing.

    However, NONE of their history makes Trump any better than he is and he has lowered the bar so much that his behavior and the comments of his supporters are way in in the gutter with the Democrats.

    Today, over on the Fox News site, I saw a very large amount of Trump supporter comments completely and very rudely denigrating and insulting Nancy ODell for taking a negative view of Trump’s comments, which were about HER!

    We are better than that. Our candidate can be too. Trump needs to step down. Trump’s baggage is big and his numbers are NOT. Mike Pence is a great example of a proper presidential candidate, but as VP, he will not be the face of America.
    This rude obnoxious, lying, flip flopping, party changing cartoon character will be if he defeats Hillary who is another lying, flip flopping cartoon character with a Progressive agenda. WE DESERVE BETTER!

    Every kid knows he or she did something wrong when they don’t want to tell anyone. Well if I voted for Trump, I’d be embarrassed to tell anyone. I have often settled for the lesser of two evils, but never have been this disgusted by where that leaves me.

    • Ed Wade

      Doesn’t matter, really. The elite machine is going to take Trump out. They have far too much time and money invested in destroying our world and replacing it with their new world order to allow him to screw it up. Then they’ll turn Pence into their puppet by threatening him and his family with the same fate. Pure speculation of course, but completely believable given the way things have deteriorated in this world.