Allen West and Mark Levin Discuss Iran Nuke Deal And Obama’s High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Allen West joins Mark Levin to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal and President Obama:

Iran is responsible for twenty percent of the deaths of American men and women in Iran. Due to these explosive force penetrators that they supply to the terrorist. Obama is awarding money to a country, that right now, has seen at least 500 Americans be buried in our soil. ~ Allen West


“He doesn’t give a damn what Congress has to say” – Mark Levin



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  • little sister

    Gotta love both Allen and Mark~&#9829

  • Beverly Rommel

    My video stopped but what I got was the greatest!!

  • JulieB

    Thank you for sharing this Colonel West. You give me great hope at this very trying point of our once great nation. Allen West for the next Secretary of State!!!

  • Dorrie

    I find it refreshing that the liberal trolls have been absent for awhile!

    • ThereAintNoJustice

      knock on wood please…. HURRY!! 🙂

    • Nunnyah Biz

      It’s an “inservice” day, like the teachers have in the staff lounge/bar!

  • Dorrie

    America doesn’t have time to wait until the 2016 election to start turning things around! Obama has more than another year left to muck up the country beyond repair – we MUST get him out of The People’s House!!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      By ANY Means NECESSARY!

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    I would like to hear exactly why Obama has gotten away with deconstructing this country’s military, its borders, its economy and its citizens’ abilities to function in the liberty supplied by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the freedom supplied by the Christian religious principles, on which this nation was founded. What is it about this Satan that frightens everyone?

    • SandyT

      There must be some very powerful people backing Obama, maybe for his entire lifetime, raised to do just what he is doing. He is the prime example of why the Founders specified “natural born citizen” as a qualification for the presidency. He has “followed the dreams” of his Kenyan, British subject, anti-colonialist, communist father instead of doing what is right for America and Americans. He has never been a natural born citizen (even if he had been born in the White House), because his father was not a citizen. If we too, elect an ineligible candidate, then we will be helping the left destroy what the Founders put in place to protect the nation from foreign influence over the presidency. Too many people, even on our side, either don’t know or don’t care what “natural born citizen” means and why the Founders put it in the Constitution. They think that because Obama did it and so far, has gotten away with it, that it’s all right for our side to do it, too. Abide by the Constitution at all times or we will regret it later on down the road. Obama has brought the nation down to an all time low level. If we don’t save it, who will?

      • JoAnn Dolberg

        I want someone who KNOWS why Obama is allowed to get away with this crap he is pulling to admit to us the reason for allowing him to destruct this nation and continue in office. Why are We The People allowing our representatives the opportunity to allow him to get away with it. They know, so let them speak up! I have had it with the politics in this country and I will NEVER EVER vote for another candidate who has political experience. We would be MUCH better off having people with NO political experience, people who will NOT ‘play the game,’ but people who have brains and who use their brains to think things through! The selfishly arrogant deviants cannot beat integrity and brains in one person!

        • Nunnyah Biz

          Oh there are LOTS of people that KNOW why the usurper gets away with everything, but they are all involved, and as such, they ain’t talking!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Because he has dirt on everyone, and why? Because everyone is DIRTY!

      If even one of them snitches, THEY ALL GO DOWN, and they all know it!

      It’s just typical American politics! It used to be called “Protection Racketeering” and was a serious federal crime! But not anymore in our “politically Coercive” “globally warming” climate!

      • JoAnn Dolberg

        The hot air blown out of the oval office and both houses is the cause of global warming,

        • Nunnyah Biz

          You’ve got that Right!

  • Ann Laughlin

    Col. West, I have been posting this over and over on Face book praying that all listed in this post pays attention, which includes your name. 🙂 I would appreciate your thoughts on mine:

    Donald J. Trump stating the truth by
    giving examples of facts. I appreciate his approach to dealing with what is
    wrong with the current corrupt DC cartel. I cannot wait till he cleans the
    cabinet out with all new decent people that have track records showing their
    ability and willingness to do what is right.

    Sen. Ted Cruz (immigration), Governor Scott Walker, Mike
    Chris Christie (education), Trey
    (the legal bull
    dog for our country), Retired Lt. Col. Allen
    West (has the education, working knowledge, and
    experience in the military as a leader of those on ground defending our country
    and US allies. Mr. West is a Christian,
    yet is still willing to do what it takes to win wars, while protecting the
    military that is in the field! He will make sure the military personnel are
    properly trained, uniformed, and armed with ability, capability, and
    willingness to defend and protect America and the United States
    Constitution! He would end the B.S. with
    ISIS and the invaders. By the way, he will enforce NO special treatment for any
    group [Muslim, transgender, etc.] demanding finance for non-necessary surgeries
    or out of uniform head gear nor exceptions to proper regulation requirements
    for hair and facial protocol; Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judge
    Andrew Napolitano, Gov. Sarah Palin, Dr.
    Ben Carson, and LA. Gov. Bobby Jindal and all the forced to retire early (a
    litmus test asking them to turn their military personnel onto American citizens
    and they said, “NO”, because they honored The United States Constitution; by
    the way, it is against the law to turn military personnel onto American
    citizens! Therefore, each officer that said no shows their patriotism and
    commitment to America) senior military officers

    ~ Strip away the illegal executive orders;

    ~ force the three letter security departments to obey The US Constitution;

    ~ enforce immigration laws;

    ~ take the government back to what it is supposed to be from the corrupt
    attempts to make America a communist country;

    ~ rebuild our military so we are no longer the laughing stock of the world;

    ~ force the welfare system to take responsibility for their actions of holding
    honest people wanting to work but can’t because the way their guidelines keep
    them down and no more kidnapping children prior to actually having court orders
    signed by a judge with documentation to prove a child is in danger instead of
    just giving doctored up documentation after the fact;

    ~ make IRS to go back to following the guidelines of how taxes are actually
    supposed to work based on the United States Constitution;

    ~ send back every illegal alien to their own country;

    ~ Fire the corrupt Supreme Court judges that have forgotten they do NOT have
    the legal power to write laws, but to only interpret and enforce The United
    States Constitution. Only The United States Congress has the power to write laws and even then they have to follow a process
    and have the laws they want to write be ratified by all the states

    ~ fix the corrupt criminal justice system that makes drug users spend more time
    then child molesters, rapist, and murders;

    ~ And most importantly, bring God back so America has integrity and great

    God Bless America and may America bless God again before it is too late!

    By the way, here is a list of topics that need
    to be attended after dealing with the criminals currently working in the

    can be fixed. You know how to make jobs and you are a decent employer, so you
    may be able to get the right people in the right positions to correct this

    upper (college) use to be free until some fancy colleges started charging
    outrageous fees. Bring the community colleges back to at least affordable and
    let the ones that want to go to the rich fancy schools let their parents or
    themselves pay for it like in the old days.

    prices: America has gas under our soil and already have some stored, yet it is
    being sent abroad, while America is paying high prices for gas from other
    countries. Other countries that are ripping America off!

    control is for tyrants trying to take control of the good people (i.e. Hitler,
    Stalin). Criminals do not care about gun control laws and get them
    whenever and wherever. Please leave the freedoms and rights guaranteed in the
    United States Constitution, so innocent people can defend themselves from the
    criminals?! Veterans fought for America to keep freedom and rights promised.
    They should not lose the right to bear arms just because they are trained and
    are willing to keep to the oath to “protect and defend from foreign and
    domestic enemies”! Just because people
    are getting old and living on social security does not make them unable to hold
    a weapon and defend their family, home, and country either.

    system has been corrupted by insurance companies and Dr. Ben Carson has
    designed a plan that would help deal with most of that problem. Communicate
    with him and several other doctors to coordinate a plan that can be implemented
    without injuring innocent sick/old people.

    Aliens: deport all invaders (illegal aliens – no matter where they come from)
    back to the countries they come from, because they do NOT respect Americas’
    laws. The evidence is their presence in this country illegally. The invaders
    not respecting our laws to get into America proves they will not respect the
    laws once they are approved to stay (i.e. rape, theft, and murder). Put them on
    a plane with (working parachutes of course) and push them out the door so they
    cannot climb back in and that forces their home countries to accept and keep
    them, whether they want them or not. (Illegal aliens are like home invaders.
    Just because they broke into the house does not make them a member of the
    family. Illegal aliens are home invaders and America is our home!)

    IRS, get
    rid of the current management, because they are totally corrupt. Make taxes 10%
    across the board no matter how little or much a person makes. It is good enough
    for the Lord (10% tithing), so it should be good enough for America! No more
    special deductions for business’ that gives American jobs to foreign countries!
    (i.e.: Ford, a pencil factory that moved completely to Mexico, AT&T operators
    are all in India, etc…) No special deals for those that are obstructing

    Court, please stop the Supreme Court from acting like they are the law of the
    land, because that is the job of the United States Constitution.

    most decent (or at least state) jobs require a urine analysis for drugs to get
    a position with a decent company; therefore, all welfare recipients should be
    required to have a urine drug test also. Welfare should not be paying for drug
    addicts to have the ability to stay on their drugs, because they do not have to
    spend their own money on rent, food, utilities, and/or clothes, so they can
    afford to stay on their drugs. – Uncle Sam is not the father of all those fatherless children, so make those
    welfare moms to get off their backsides, get an education, and then get a job
    so they can provide for their families just like everyone else! Another problem with welfare system is that
    social workers have gotten into their heads that they can walk in and take
    children away from their families without even going to court to prove the
    families are unfit. They attack families that are low income. Some caseworkers
    go as far as to use scare tactics on unwed teenage mothers to adopt their
    children out. Other case workers offer to train people to become foster parents,
    but do not provide complete training and do not inform the foster parents of
    what kind of problems to expect from children that have been sexually or
    violently abused. Innocent foster parents have records, because they could not
    afford to fight to prove they were innocent of false accusations (i.e. male foster
    child molesting younger sibling and every time he was caught by a foster
    parent, the child would accuse the foster parent of abusing him. Of course,
    then the custodian local welfare would move the children to a new home without
    warning the new foster parents of what the boy does. In one specific situation,
    a couple was accepted as relative foster-parenting to their great nephew and great
    niece, in a different state from where they lived, not knowing that the
    children had been in something like fourteen different homes, in less than two
    years, due to the boys behavior. The custodian state judge even told the boy
    that he had to make it work in the relative-foster home [in a different state].
    Yet again, the boy made false accusations. He accused the great uncle of
    beating him when he was caught molesting his younger sister over a weekend. The
    boy’s new school teacher (in the different state) had been told there was a
    procedure for her to call the assigned social worker of the case; for a reason
    {again, but not informed what the reason was}. [In addition, the teacher
    had notified the relative foster parents that the boy had been molesting
    classmates and did not share that information with the parents of the
    children being molested in the classroom, nor the welfare personnel handling
    the emergency call she made]. {Another example of people with good intentions
    but ignore protocol, because they think they know better.} Yet the teacher did
    go outside the protocol and called the child abuse hot line instead and the
    children were removed and sent back to the original state that had legal
    custody of both children. In the end, the boy was sent to a boy’s juvenile home
    until he turned eighteen and the girl was adopted out of the family. In the
    meantime, the aunt and uncle could not afford to fight the charges of child
    neglect, due to being falsely accused of abuse by uncle, which he did not do. The
    local law enforcement tried to coerce the aunt to say the uncle did beat the
    boy and when she didn’t, they charged her with neglect on a technicality that
    she was not told about during their training. The law got the aunt for child
    neglect because she did not take the boy to the hospital after a bicycle
    accident that very same weekend he molested his sister. The training did not
    include the information that “when a foster child is injured they are to be
    taken to the emergency room, just in case”. The additional problem is that
    states do not communicate with each other when transferring children across
    state lines, which leaves the other foster homes as targets that cannot defend
    themselves without records showing the track records of the children’s
    behavior. In other words, false accusations). The law basically tried to force
    the wife to lie about the husband in trying to force her to say he abused the
    boy. In the end the children were sent back to the state that said the boy
    would be placed in juvenile home and the relative foster parents have a record,
    which keeps them from helping any other families because of this injustice done
    to them. By the way, the foster parents had written notarized letters from
    witnesses of the bicycle accident and the boys claims, but the foster parents
    lawyer was best college friends with director of the county DFS and they knew
    if the foster parents were found innocent the director would be found guilty of
    not doing her job (fined and fired). Therefore, the district attorney never saw
    the letters from the witnesses of the bicycle accident. The non-custodian state
    DFS director went as far as to deny knowing the children were even in the state
    when she was the one that typed up the Medicaid cards for the children on the
    day of their arrival into town, so the foster parents could get them have
    physical exams and into psychological counseling, per the great aunts request {she
    was working on her degree in Psychology and knew that they would both need
    counseling without knowing the whole history}. The counselor, the great aunt got the children
    to see within days of getting physical custody of them, admitted that if he had
    known about the sexual abuse over the weekend he would have placed the boy in
    an institution for the sister’s protection. However, he was not even asked to
    testify on facts by either side. A deal was made because the aunt and uncle
    spent their life savings to get foster custody of the great nephew and great niece;
    therefore, could not afford the charges of child endangerment. When they told the lawyer they wanted to tell
    the judge the only reason they were accepting that plea was because they were
    out of money, the lawyer threw the foster parents file folder on the floor
    right in the court room and told them that she would not represent them any
    more if they did that. So the aunt got SIS with the understanding her record
    would be cleared, but not told that she would have to come up with thousands of
    dollars to hire another lawyer and find an elected official that would pardon
    the record. So of course, that never happened either. The effect meant that
    even though she was going to college to get her degrees in education and
    psychology she would never be allowed to teach or practice psychology, because
    of that injustice record.) The point of
    this story is that the welfare system needs to be fixed. Social workers should
    not have the ability to take children out of homes without valid proof that the
    children are in danger. There are so many other examples of injustice through
    social/case workers that want their records to look so great on file. When in
    truth, it is the children who are paying and suffering, due to the inadequate
    welfare system.

    bring God back to our country? We are not Muslim as BHO claimed often during
    his terms. We The People want morals, values, principles, and integrity brought
    back to make America the great, the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    The only thing we should be “discussing” right now is which City gets the HONOR of sponsoring the usurper’s public hanging, and week long party afterwards!!!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting fed up with all of the “talk”! The time for action draws near!!! JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED…………..and served COLD!

  • Aunt Dot

    Will someone impeach this son of a whore gutter trash????