Allen West “As a career Army officer, I must finally make this admission”

It is a matter of naval tradition that its carriers are named after former presidents. At this rate, the USS Barack H. Obama will be a tugboat. ~ Allen West

US Navy destroyers

As Written By (Retired) LTC Allen B. West:

After serving 22 years in the U.S. Army, it is time I make this formal admission. It is maritime power – a strong navy — not an army — by which a nation extends and projects its power.

It’s a known fact that goes back to the ancient Phoenicians. The Spartans were renowned as a formidable land force, but the Athenians ruled the Aegean. It was a lesson that the Romans learned and invested heavily in order to defeat the Carthaginians and rule the Mediterranean. Even the nations of Europe, first the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, and of course the British realized its importance in being a dominant power. And during the major wars of the 20th century, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan understood its worth if their designs of global hegemony would be achieved. And we, America, learned early as a nation in facing the Barbary pirates and eventually built a formidable fleet.

A powerful navy is vital for trade and the protection of the sea lanes of commerce, which is vital to a nation’s economic prosperity. Yep, I guess since Army hasn’t beaten Navy in football since 9-11-01 we need to acquiesce.

However, let history remind us, it is our U.S. Army that has conducted more amphibious landing assaults — the largest, Operation Overlord (D-Day landings at Normandy) and one of the most strategically brilliant, planned by Army General MacArthur — the Inchon landing.

Perhaps someone needs to send this current Obama administration to the U.S. Naval War College up in Newport Rhode Island because they just don’t get it.

Last week, what we’ve been sharing here, the decimation of our U.S. Army, finally became a news item. We’ve seen recent reports on Fox News about the horrific situation regarding U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 fighter jets, and likewise for U.S. Air Force B-1 Bombers and F-16 fighter aircraft. Now, we see the devastation of our U.S. Navy.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, “The U.S. Navy is suffering from an inability to deploy ships to key international conflict zones due to rising maintenance issues on an aging fleet, that is increasingly being sidelined for lengthy repairs, according to military experts and a new government investigation.

Heavy demand on the Navy’s fleet during the past decade has compromised the operational conditions of many ships, forcing military leaders to sideline these vessels for lengthy repairs that experts say will severely limit the Navy’s ability to respond to emerging threats in the Persian Gulf and Asia-Pacific regions.

Critical maintenance was completed on time on just 11 percent of the Navy’s aircraft carriers in 2015, causing these vessels to lose around 181 deployment days, according to the latest projections by the Government Accountability Office.

The situation is worse for surface combatant ships. Maintenance on these vessels was completed on time in just 28 percent of cases, causing the fleet to lose around 391 total deployment days, according to the GAO latest report.

Military experts told the Washington Free Beacon that the “Navy crunch” is not expected to end anytime soon, raising questions about the United States’ ability to respond on multiple fronts in key conflict zones.”

We previously shared here the abysmal story about the U.S. Navy “gapping” CVBG (Carrier Battlegroup) coverage in the Persian Gulf last year — the first time in some seven years. These United States of America had to ask the French Navy and its on-station CVBG to provide coverage — and the ensuing result was a drop in aerial strikes against ISIS.

Yes, I know, many of you will say, “why should I care, we don’t need this large force.” Perhaps that may be true, but what you do need is a deterrent capability and a power projection platform, which is what maritime capability provides.

And perhaps, we could have been better positioned so we wouldn’t have had ….





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  • cherokeeman

    They need to name a rowboat after him and call it the DINGBAT.

  • right_wing2

    The USS William Jefferson Clinton could be a floating brothel.

    • Sabrina Denson

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  • Surly Curmudgen

    A tugboat is useful. Name a target balloon the USS Obama and then sink it.

  • Camotim

    USS Obama will be honey barge.

  • carlcasino

    The poor state of the Military has taken the Traitor 8 years to accomplish to benefit his Green Friends but it can be done because the Men & Women who choose to serve are the True Patriots and have Volunteered to put their lives on the line. I would be scared to death to have to serve with a subscripted pacifist.
    I have advocated ever since my 8 year stint in the 60’s in Sub’s that a consolidated force is long overdue. I don’t foresee any mass invasions on the Horizon that would benefit anyone. Do we really need a Air Force, an Army Air Wing, a Navy Air Wing, and a Marine Air Wing and a Coast Guard Air wing? I believe CONTROL of the Sea must be a priority above all others. Special Forces in well defined groups such as Rangers, Seals etc. operating out of all the present military bases we have throughout the world. Having seen what these elite groups can accomplish is amazing, Imagine what two hundred of these groups could accomplish and think of the reduction of support troops needed. No more 600$ hammers? No more support for a 100 different types of aircraft. So do we really need 10,000 tanks? Being ex Navy might be letting my prejudices show but even big carriers are not immune to todays munitions but I’m sure anti protection is 1000X better than when I served but it was damned impressive in the 60’s. I still marvel at a submerged sub shooting a missile from a moving platform and aiming at home plate in Yankee Stadium and not missing past 2nd base with free falling warheads. I can also remember spending time in the sonar room on my fast attack sub and the operator staring as squiggly lines and informing me that was a sperm whale at 100 miles NNE true. Wow! Tell me no advances have been made over 50 years?

  • jim scofield

    With all of the time overruns on maintenance of our fleet maybe
    we need to be looking at the role the unions may be playing in
    them. With a word from “O” to the unions they would slow repairs
    down to a crawl or a stand still. Maybe it is time for Congress to
    impose heavy fines on the companies who are doing the repairs
    for each day that they overrun and if it is because of the union thugs
    then do the same to them like $1 million dollars per day.