Allen West “Bergdahl and Pentagon loyalty: a disturbing connection.”

by Allen West on June 5, 2014

While many focus their disgust for the federal government towards the occupants housed in the IRS, DoJ, VA, and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this latest deserter-for-Taliban trade puts the spotlight on another particular building. Writing for the American Thinker, Russ Vaughn describes “A Five-Sided Kennel of Cowardice” and his case against the senior leadership of the U.S. military.

He wonders how it is that our military leaders have “allowed this dilettante president and his inexpert staff to make one unwise military decision after another, with a compounding effect of weakening and endangering America’s forces around the world.”

Vaughn says, “if our Pentagon weren’t currently occupied by the perfumed princes of political correctness, we might be seeing some courageous generals and admirals falling on their swords and exposing this failure of leadership instead of enabling it. Those ambitious cowards should ponder the reality that neither “I was only doing my duty” nor “I was only following orders” is a viable defense.”

It was the late Army Colonel David Hackworth who bestowed the title of “perfumed princes” on senior military leaders who stood not for the men and women in uniform but rather for their own career advancement. As we live through the decimation of our armed forces it’s difficult to say Vaughn doesn’t have a point.




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