Allen West “Boy howdy, this is a spin beyond spins”


Written by Allen West

Are the Democrats beginning to sense a turning tide? Could be. Many of them won’t even show up to their own party’s party.

According to Ed O’Keefe in the Washington Post, “Maybe it’s the snowy weather or the location here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but dozens House Democrats are planning to skip three days of annual meetings designed to plot strategy ahead of this year’s midterm elections.”

O’Keefe says it’s a lower-than-normal turnout, and contrasts attendance at the House Republican retreat two weeks ago – a record turnout for an election year.

Two endangered Democrats from Florida — Reps. Patrick Murphy and Joe Garcia — appeared Wednesday alongside Biden at an event in Miami. They’re not expected to fly north for the meetings.

You might recall there were reports Murphy requested a private meeting last year with House Speaker Boehner to discuss switching parties. Garcia is running anti-Obamacare ads saying he’s going to “fix” the law (finally, someone is admitting it’s broken). But then again, why would you fly out of sunny South Florida back to the frigid north?


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