Allen West: Don’t let Obama’s conciliatory tone fool you; here’s what’s REALLY going on

The liberal progressive left is angry, and they’re still doing that which caused them to lose — demeaning those who voted for Donald Trump.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I just want to take a few minutes to offer my post-election assessment and also provide some counsel for President-elect Donald Trump and his staff. It’s now Thursday, the 24-hour celebration is over; time to focus and begin developing a strategic vision for the first 180 days. What I’ve seen perusing some far-left websites is that the progressive socialist left is angry, and also in a delusional state of denial. This evil empire will look to strike back, and I mean in a very purposeful manner. Do not allow the seemingly “conciliatory” tone of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to deceive — they are pissed off.

For Barack Obama, his legacy as president is Donald J. Trump — not a single policy achievement will be left standing by 2019. The only reminder of Obama’s existence as president will be his portrait. He may have exhibits in his presidential library but much like the cavemen, his “accomplishments” will be extinct. That has Obama fuming, as his ego is quite large, no more pictures with his chin up in defiant mode like Benito Mussolini.

Make no mistake: the election of Donald Trump by the American people is a repudiation of progressive socialism, Obama’s fundamental transformation. And Hillary Clinton is throwing a temper tantrum that rivals any four-year-old in the cereal lane of the grocery store; 0-2 running for president. And what’s worse, the Clinton crime cartel has been exposed and is done, it cannot peddle influence as the swamp in which they muddied themselves shall be drained.

Along with Obama and Clinton, the liberal progressive media is confounded and embarrassed. If you were watching any left-leaning media outlet Tuesday night, they were in a state of shock, denial, and that will soon turn to anger. They’ve truly lost all credibility as we come to learn about collusion with the Clinton campaign, and we already knew of their insidious and obvious bias. Tuesday night was supposed to be chock full of their laughing and derision of Trump and his supporters in the most denigrating of monikers. They were supposed to celebrate some “historic” moment and pop the corks on bottles of champagne…and start planning what expensive gowns they would wear for the inaugural parties.

The Hollywood and entertainment elites are disgusted — and how many left America? They are part of a Soviet style politburo that believes they’re above us, and wield their perceived power to slither out of their holes, like the serpent with Eve, and whisper silly nothings into our ears — you shall eat of the apple, and vote as we tell you.

Donald Trump was kinda like Luke Skywalker who used the Force to fire the missile into the very small window and destroyed the Death Star. However, the Empire is already pondering how they can rebuild the weapon and strike back. Here’s what any stellar combat military person will tell you — after a successful attack, you consolidate, reorganize, and plan for the counterattack.

The liberal progressive left is angry, and they’re still doing that which caused them to lose — demeaning those who voted for Donald Trump. They’re already blaming Trump and his supporters for American demise — funny, the Dow Jones was exceptionally strong Wednesday — ya know, the Brexit-style fear mongering. I guess they had no clue about that whole US debt thing going from $10.67T to $20T just under Obama.

The left believes we are just too dumb enough to understand what’s best for us; they live in a fantasyland of unicorns and rainbows. As we reported, some universities that were offering counseling and safe spaces for students emotionally affected by the election results. Heck, what about Americans who have been out of work for extended periods, thanks to Obama’s failures? So, they see nothing wrong with them, it’s all wrong with us…after all, Trump supporters are uneducated, irredeemable, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic deplorables. And the left will continue to tout the fact that Hillary won the “popular vote”. Here are five points:

  1. The Dems own the urban areas; they are more densely populated. South Florida and the I-4 corridor are liberal leftist strongholds. In Texas you will find Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso are heavy blue areas. What the Dems are doing is concentrating in these urban centers and winning them electorally. It’s only a matter of time before a few concentrated areas will provide the left what they want, national control. Yet, this is where you find the greatest failures of liberal progressive policies. The GOP, Donald Trump, must immediately follow up and change the course in the urban areas and turn more minorities away from the dark side.
  1. Trump needs to develop what we in the military call a “red cell,” and they need to war-game out the first 180 days for the new administration. They need to go through an action-reaction-counteraction process in order to not just plan in a vacuum, but ascertain what is the reaction of Darth Vader (George Soros) and his storm troopers…and then have a course of action to execute based upon what they will do. What the Trump administration and the GOP-controlled 115th Congress must know is that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are planning their disruptive tactics. Trump must lead and anticipate them moves and counter, frustrate, them. He has to win the public confrontation because the media is REALLY going all in for the left.
  1. Trump and the GOP do not have a mandate now. If they’re successful in their first midterm election to maintain, or grow, their Congressional majority — then they have a mandate. Bill Clinton thought he had a mandate, and he lost in his first midterm election. Barack Obama thought he had a mandate, and he lost big in 2010 midterms. Even with George W. Bush, he thought he had a mandate and the GOP-controlled Congress spent like liberal progressives, and then he lost in his final midterms. My counsel: President-elect Trump, you have a policy opportunity, not a mandate; that comes after your first midterm.
  1. Trump needs to lie low, not make himself the news story in these days before his inauguration. This is the time for his potential cabinet members to be introduced and articulate the policy vision. Please, Mr. Trump, don’t do goofy crap like Obama did back in 2008 coming up with some seal of the Office of the President-Elect…it does not exist. Be in the shadows, speaking with global leaders by phone, or meeting with them in private. Let America see this is not about you, but a team in whom you have complete confidence.
  1. The maniacal rantings, insults, and protests from the chuckleheads of the left shows that they are not going to take responsibility for this loss. Acknowledge this is an ideological war that’s centered on the a system of governance prescribing the relationship between the State and the individual. This was a battle that was won, we destroyed the Death Star, set the Empire back, but the movement of progressive socialism in America has not been destroyed. Funny, the left went nuts about Trump not accepting the results of the election — who is out in the streets protesting? And who do you think is paying them? We must find the funding mechanism for the radical left and expose it. This is just the beginning, and you can expect unruly and disruptive behavior from the left…those are the Rules for Radicals. We cannot be in fear, but meet them head-on and call them out as they are, petulant spoiled losers. The left demands…..


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Don’t let Obama’s conciliatory tone fool you; here’s what’s REALLY going on… – Allen B. West –



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  • 2War Abn Vet

    Colonel West has one thing wrong. The media is not embarrassed; these people are incapable of embarrassment or any other honest emotion.
    Right now they’re gearing up to make Trump’s life as miserable as possible, not realizing that their abject partisanship has made them largely irrelevant, and a stench in the nation’s nostrils.

    • KC


      • June Gagnon

        At the same time, refuse to “buy” from their sponsors; they take notice much faster if it hits them in the pocketbook!

      • Mike_Travis

        Yes, hit them where it hurts, in their pocket books!

      • searchtruthnow

        Good points very good points. Boycott their sponsors put the media out to dry.

    • searchtruthnow

      I do agree but one thing,; the New York Times came out and apologized to Trump supporters for the lies and attacks. But this apology came only after the New York Times lost a ton of subscribers. So money talks and their pocket hurts when we stand up for principals. Lets keep the pressure on.

      The more boycotts we push on them the more they will come down to their knees. But of course we need to go further than boycotts. New laws need to be created and enforced to stop the scandalous lies and attacks. Honest investigative journalism has died and communist propaganda has taken it’s place.

      • 2War Abn Vet

        If you thought the media would be humiliated by America’s rejection of it’s utter servitude to the Democrat Party during the recent election, you’d be wrong. The headline to a front-page article in local newspaper today read, “Trump Transition Team Shows Strain”.
        The scrutiny to which the media will subject the smallest misstep by Trump Presidency will be in direct contrast to the way it concealed the absolute corruption of the Obama Administration and the Clinton Crime Family.

        • searchtruthnow

          I never said anything about thinking that the media would be humiliated In fact I have never even considered that. The media is beyond the ability to be humiliated as they have no conscience just an agenda.

          I agree with you that the media will try to connect dots that do not exist in order to break down Trump and or his supporters. I never give them a second look not even a first look. They are communist propagandists period. Thanks for your reply..

  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    We know whose behind the protests. Soros, MoveOn & the DNC

    • Greg

      Yes you are right, This is definitely the work of George Soros. These protests will get larger and more violent as the days go by. It will get so bad that Obama will have to intervene and declare Martial Law, don’t laugh!!!. This was their plan if Trump won. We need to be vigilante and have President -Elect Trump expose these plans.

      • Lightpowered

        @Greg. You said exactly what I have thought.

        It was a landslide for Trump. “The prayer of the Righteous avail much.” Devout Christians in the USA (50 States) led
        by Rev. Franklin Graham prayed earnestly for America. He went to every State and it took him the whole year to complete 50 States and mobilized the Faithfulo pray. The night before the election, on Facebook, Rev. Graham and Christians
        prayed together online. The 2016 election was clean and Donald Trump is our

  • Jeff Noncent

    the election of Donald Trump proof a lot of things:1 the guy in the white house is not the man he portrait to be, 2 this exactly what happen to him when he send some of his agent to brake the election of the prime minister of Israel, 3 he is a Murderer, liar, thief, a Muslem, a fool, a coward, and many other things, 4 Hillary Clinton is about the same as the guy in the white house they all lie to the American people and the truth prevail

  • Abitomaine

    YOUR OPINIONS. It seems like the news media is trying to stir up all
    kinds of controversies – a lot of what ever’s – how to combat the
    President elect – leaning toward and airing the protesting groups.

  • grannie

    the best is all these young punks who are against President Trump can’t give one good reason other them repeat obummer and hildabeast…….please put Colonel West in you cabinet he would great!

    Did she when the popular vote and how many of them are even valid????

    • Mike_Travis

      COL West for SECDEF!

  • Patriot47

    Liberals do two things well – lie and make excuses.

    • June Gagnon

      There is a 3rd and 4th to their activities; they throw protests and foot-stomping hissy fits!

      • Mike_Travis

        Plus they steal from the taxpayer to BRIBE the masses who then vote for them. Time to shut off the tap starting with the illegals.

  • Twarg

    Be very, very on the alert mode. The demon “o” is at least the most diabolical megalomaniac Our Country, and the world has ever experienced. “it” will do any and everything to torpedo this loss to “it’s” plot.. I expect to see even more paid for violent attacks on innocent people.. “it” will provoke more and more mindless dolts to create more and more chaos to try to declare martial law and claim dictatorship. “it” must be stopped, deposed completely and totally incarcerated with no ability to dictate anything…

  • David

    Since Al Gore lost the Election to George Bush, the Liberal Democrat Party wrote a new Manual using Organized Crime and the KGB as their Guides … so you can never “Count Them Out” … Trump won the Election, but the Left “Hates” him because he Defeated Hillary (their Next in Line for Obama’s Throne) … Trump has to be Very Careful … because the Left-Wing-Nuts (Mass Shooters and Cop Killers) are very Violent and Crazy … they will Do Anything to Win … including trying to Assassinate Trump (they tried to kill Reagan) … and remember that Obama wants to protect “His Legacy” from Trump.

  • Taking care of business!

    When are the first-family tee shirts coming out? Can’t wait.

  • 1madgrannie

    Too bad the libtards are not big enough people to get over themselves. If conservatives had acted as childish when Obama was elected, you would have whined for four years . Grow up, Wise up and do something constructive and beneficial for the country, I am sick of all the little snowflakes.

  • Smith Jones

    Don’t get it twisted, George Soros is Emperor Palpatine and his minions Darth Sidious (Hillary Clinton) and Darth Maul (Barak Obama) will stop at nothing to rebuild the Death Star bigger and better than it was in hopes of toppling Trump. And FYI, Darth Vader (Bill Clinton) would have been the real power in the White House if Hillary had won.

  • mourningdemocracy

    We have been fooled into believing that the power they said they had was the power they really had. It turns out they are nothing other than wimps, rioters, and racist terrorists, all things we knew but didn’t know how to combat the stream of misinformation.

    We knew all the time how toxic, destructive and bad these slave owners are and Trump lead the way to expose them. It is up to us now to maintain the pressure and eventually destroy the liberal mindset from our shores. They acted big, instead we found they are cowards. We never should have feared these anti-American pathogens and we would not any longer.

    Those Republicans who believe they are puritans, like Jeb Bush and others, better get back into the American tent or we are going to regurgitate them up like bad food.

    No more liberal light. No more reconciliation politics. No more compromising our principles just “to get things done.” NOTHING gets done that violates our principles. Get used to it and get used to it damn quickly.

    To quote Obama: elections have consequences and we won.

  • David

    The nonsense that we hear of all the evil things that Trump is “going to do” according to liberal college & university students in the streets is nothing compared to what Obama has been doing the last 8-years. Half the country that have been taking notes and been observant, have been living in fear of what is to come because of Obama. We have proof now how much students have been brain-washed all these years. Now, come to fruition. There is no love of our Traditions or our Constitution. Students don’t even know what the Constitution says, other than what their Radical Professors teach them that it says.The radical left has stolen their heritage, taken away the will to develop and the patience of a self-governing tradition, and the students are saying thank you? The roots of radical left recruiting in our learning institutions can be traced to the Obamas. In 1997, Mrs. Obama launched the “University of Chicago Community Service Center” for “service learning, volunteerism and civic engagement.” Her position of Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University of Chicago Community Service Center had not existed until it was created for her, shortly after Obama won the Democratic nomination in his first campaign for Illinois State Senate. That project provided training for the next generation of left-wing community organizers and “social justice activists.”

    This was a happy arrangement between the University of Chicago and the new then teacher/State Senator. The new senator’s wife provided political cover for the University in the community. In return, the university provided a previously non-existent and prestigious position to herself and allowed her to funnel students into hard-left political groups.

    There are names behind these student groups that are not being revealed. This is organized nationally and was planned for. This is what we are seeing.

    People wake-up!!!! Let’s not be tricked into lie.

    God watch over us all!

  • Mike_Travis

    The Clinton’s need to be charged under RICO statutes as they run an organized crime syndicate that uses bribery, intimidation, and murder to get its way. Once convicted, they must forfeit ALL their assets before they are sent to prison.

  • Kenneth R Calfo Sr

    IF YOU DIDN’T VOTE FOR TRUMP BUT, YOU VOTED FOR barack hussein obummer

  • searchtruthnow

    Allen Wes wrotet: We must find the funding mechanism for the radical left and expose it.
    This is just the beginning, and you can expect unruly and disruptive
    behavior from the left…those are the Rules for Radicals. We cannot be in
    fear, but meet them head-on and call them out as they are, petulant
    spoiled losers. The left demands…..



    Soro’s needs to be properly VENTILATED.