Allen West Has Some Harsh Words For ‘Black Power’ West Point Cadets [VIDEO]

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, in a FOX News interview, is critical of West Point Cadets, and also the military’s rules of engagement.  West Point Academy leadership has decided there is no harm no foul in using a black power salute while in uniform. These women will get a pass. This also must mean that the black  power salute is not a political statement. Otherwise regulations have in fact been violated.  If the salute is a political statement,  then centuries of military restrictions on mixing uniforms and politics has just been flushed down the toilet. As for confusing rules of engagement, the troops can only be asked to hang on for 7 more months and hope for relief? God help us.

Video H/T for my friends at BB4SP



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  • 2War Abn Vet

    There’s no reason to be upset. it’s not as if West Point is a military school any more.

  • Kat50

    West Point officers are lousy leaders anyways

  • Rene Renato Rivera

    I wonder how their political mentors feel about having recommended them now.

  • iprazhm

    Obama and his replaced military leadership has been filling our fighting forces with militant blacks, illegals and muslims. It’s the only successful means in building an army that wont hesitate when ordered to disarm, arrest or kill American citizens.

  • mkdavis

    Well said Col West … we have a administration with no backbone and a West Point with no guts !

  • James Mozingo