Allen West “Here’s EXACTLY why Obama is “rattled” by Trump (it’s PATHETIC)”

So let’s be very clear, world leaders are not “rattled” by the rise of Donald J. Trump. Barack Obama is rattled…

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As Written By Allen West:

Bill Clinton once said, “there is just one small step from legacy to lame duck” It would appear President Barack Obama is the embodiment of that quote. I find it rather odd that a sitting U.S. President would make comment about an opposing party presidential candidate while attending a global summit. Then again, it is Barack Obama.

As reported by Fox News:

Nothing stops politics this election season — not even the water’s edge.

While traveling overseas on official business Thursday, President Obama couldn’t resist wading into political matters back home, sparking controversy by saying foreign leaders are “rattled” by the rise of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. 

Obama, saying leaders have “good reason” to feel that way, made the remarks on the sidelines of a Group of Seven economic summit in Japan.

“They are rattled by it — and for good reason,” Obama said. “Because a lot of the proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines.” 

He contrasted that with proposals he said thoughtfully address what’s required to keep the U.S. safe and “to keep the world on an even keel.” 

Trump, though, brushed off Obama’s put-down later in the day. Speaking ahead of an address in North Dakota, Trump said: “That’s a good thing, I love that word.” 

“In business, when you rattle someone, that’s good,” Trump said. “If they’re rattled, in a friendly way, that’s a good thing … not a bad thing.” 

Folks, I just have to laugh at President Obama’s statement. If one were to assess the foreign policy and national security faux pas of Obama, you’d find the American people quite “rattled” — and for good reason.

Look at the debacle Iraq has become — and please, spare me the Bush Derangement Syndrome. The proliferation of Islamic jihadism has grown exponentially out of control these past seven years. The rise of Russia, China and Iran — and please, let’s not get started on the ten U.S. Sailors on their knees — are indicative of an individual who has shown abject ignorance, or willful complicity.

And the last person who should be ranting about social media use is one Barack Obama. And let’s not forget his interview with a woman who sat in a tub of milk and Fruit Loops — perhaps appropriately so. Barack Obama has certainly not kept the world on an even keel; he has completely upended the equilibrium — regardless of the propaganda spewed forth by the modern day Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett.

Here’s the realization hitting Barack Obama very hard: he is a failure. The veneer he used to make himself believe he was above reproach has faded. Sure, there are the remnants of Kool-Aid drinking sycophants who will sing his praises to the end. However, he’s watching America react in this presidential election cycle in a manner he cannot accept, certainly not comprehend.

Obama is watching his legacy erode at the hands of the American electorate saying we rejected your policy agenda in 2010 and 2014 — sadly, the GOP put up a lackluster candidate in 2012 — and now we shall reject your legacy. The media that enabled Obama to rise above any comment or criticism is focused ……


Here’s EXACTLY why Obama is “rattled” by Trump (it’s PATHETIC) – Allen B. West –



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  • Secretsquid

    The end of an error.

    • Louise Marble

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    • Mamatex

      Question is, can the errors of Obama ever be fixed and next question is how many more errors will he make before January, 2017? Scares me to even think about the possibilities!

  • Tony Dalton

    Obama’s policies can be corrected and he knows it!!!! He knows that his desire for an Islamic state will not come to fruition!

    • NewWest 123

      There are lots of his policies that will be very hard if not impossible to get rid of. Especially with the zoo in congress. I am not so sure Teump would get rid of a lot of them.. He loves the EPA and wants to expand it. He wants the Federal government owning more state land. He wants single payer health care. He wants to negotiate with Iran. He wants 35-45% tariffs/tax. And everyone who criticized or disagreed with him is toast… He said he does not forgive or forget….. He has made threats to everyone including the big donors his cult is supposed to hate. He told them that if they don’t get on board with him, they will no longer be welcome at the White House… ( watch them line up) Most important is watching him from the start and how he used Cruz to pretend to be this wonderful caring conservative and best friends. Used the Steinley family and has done horrible things to people who should be respected..
      The people who support any of this are not conservative in any way shape or form…

  • Tired O’Libs

    I find it rather odd that a sitting U.S. President would make comment about an opposing party presidential candidate while attending a global summit… When you are the biggest douchebag ever to hold the office why would you find it odd. This classless ebonic speaking fool and his equally ghetto trash wife are the biggest fraud perpetrated on the US. This POS should be forced to retire to Chiraq and live in the rathole he and that Witch he’s married to help create and got him elected!! Lame duck…just plain LAME!