Allen West: I can no longer sit on the sidelines without saying this

This is why the progressive socialist left doesn’t want to utter the words Islamic jihadism, Islamic terrorism, or Islamo-fascism.



As Written By Allen B. West:

I just have to ask, does the White House talking head, Josh “Not So” Earnest really believe the words he says? Or is this just a real bad case of brain farts? The latest to emanate from the oral orifice of Earnest just has to make you scratch your head. But it’s very apparent that the Obama White House is more comfortable attacking political enemies than the enemy actually killing Americans.

As reported by Real Clear Politics, “It is outrageous,” to claim that the president is “scared” to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” WH spokesman Josh Earnest said on CNN’s ‘New Day’ Tuesday.

“The truth of the matter is, the individuals who spend most of their time talking about radical Islamic terrorism, are individuals like Republicans in the Senate, who would prevent those individuals from being able to buy a gun. And those are individuals who have not actually put forward their own strategy for keeping the country safe,” he said.

“Using the term ‘radical Islamic extremism’ is not a counter-terrorism strategy, it is a political talking point. Plain and simple. And what the president of the United States has done is to put forward a comprehensive strategy to squeeze the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, to inhibit their ability to recruit individuals around the world.”

“The president has implemented a strategy that has increased the pressure on ISIL and has made the country safer. He has not relied on a political talking point as a substitute for a counterterrorism strategy. Republicans in the Senate who like to talk have that luxury… The president does not have that luxury,” he said. “The president is focused on a strategy, you have Republicans in the Senate who are focused on a talking point.”

First of all, let me make one thing clear for Mr. Earnest. It is not the responsibility of the Senate Republicans to put forth a strategy for keeping the nation safe. That is the job of the president of the United States as the chief executive.

Congress develops legislation — uh, not the executive branch. The most important role of the president is commander-in-chief. So where does Earnest come off attacking Senate Republicans for not having a war strategy? And what delusional chucklehead would come out, after the second largest Islamic terror attack on America since 9-11, and state that our country is safer? Are you kidding me?

This is why the progressive socialist left doesn’t want to utter the words Islamic jihadism, Islamic terrorism, or Islamo-fascism. To do so would evidence their abject failure in keeping America safe. Let’s be very clear here; after 9-11, the next three worst Islamic terrorist attacks have occurred on Barack Obama’s watch: Orlando, San Bernardino, and Ft. Hood. We also have nearly 1,000 open Islamic terrorist investigations being conducted by the FBI. Hello, McFly, is there anyone inside that little brain of yours? How could you even consider making such inane comments as you did representing the White House?

Defining the enemy is not a political talking point; it is a matter of strategic military decision-making, plain and simple. As I have stated and will reiterate, we fought against and defeated Nazism, fascism, Japanese imperialism, and communism.

The key to defeating the enemy is to understand their ideology, which gives you a comprehension of their goals and objectives. To obfuscate and deny identifying the enemy just means either you are dismissive or complicit in the actions of the enemy — doggone, perhaps if someone would tell Obama that Islamic jihadists are conservative that would draw his ire.

President Obama and his ilk have deceived themselves into believing that firing off a drone and killing a fella or two here or there is some great strategic victory. It’s reminiscent of President Lyndon Johnson approving bombing targets in Vietnam, the ultimate in micromanagement.

Josh Earnest says President Obama has “put forward a comprehensive strategy to ……

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I can no longer sit on the sidelines without saying this… – Allen B. West –



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  • USMC 64-68

    The Democrat Party is America’s greatest enemy.

    • believe

      DEAR, After much research I found that 70% of the SENATE and 45% Of CONGRESS HAVE NOT been working on the behalf of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. There in it for there personal gain.And understand we have been BETRAYED By our own GOVERNMENT for 30 Years.go here this has to be known , What WE DON’T KNOW WE CAN’T CHANGE.

      • USMC 64-68

        There is almost no agreement between today’s Federal Gov’t and the model given to us in the Constitution. It does comport with the anti-Constitution, anti-American form of gov’t advanced by Woodrow Wilson and the progressive commiecrats.

  • Jeff Noncent

    The guy in the white house is a Muslim

  • Mike_Travis

    Pointing out that Ovomit and muslimes are the enemy is fine but it solves nothing. Ovomit is a traitor for appointing 6 muslime brotherhood animals into top DHS positions where they have access to all our national security intelligence. Until he is arrested, convicted, then executed BY LAW, he will continue to betray us.

    As for the muslime animals, they must all be deported as their very existence is a threat to America and the world. It is also the law as per the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952.

    Time for talk is over. It is time to enforce our Constitution whether the traitors in government, both dnc AND rnc, want to do so or not! Start by arresting Ovomit then continue on until every traitor is under arrest. Anything less is just talk which only enables the treason to continue.

    • Ed Wade

      He is not a traitor. He is a soldier. He never was an American, so he never had any allegience to the United States. He is a communist infiltrator at least, and more likely a hand raised puppet of the Illuminati, as was Bill Clinton, and Bush (both).

      • Mike_Travis

        You may be right though until someone proves he is or is not a US citizen, I consider him to be a traitor. Once he is proven to be a non-US citizen, he will then become a spy and still subject to execution by law. Either way, traitor or spy, he deserves by law to be executed.

        • Ed Wade

          I think it has been proven to the satisfaction of millions of people that he is not a US citizen. He carries a SS# that was issued to a dead man in Connecticut, a state that Oslimeball had never been to until decades later. The evidence of his true identity is overwhelming. Everything about him is fraudulent, including his “wife’s” gender. I believe he, like Clinton, was bred and groomed for his position.

  • JOEL714

    Obama is a total fool and that asswiper mouthpiece is just as stupid and blind to the truth

  • Patriot47

    We the people and our right to be armed keeps America safe. THAT’S why libtards (socialists) want our guns.
    Josh is just funning us.