Allen West “Here are the questions that need to be asked about Iran and our 10 Sailors”

I find it unconscionable that both of the engines on both of these boats broke down. If that were the case they should have issued a may day warning and they should have had aerial coverage to make sure that they were not approached by any Iranian vessels.

What were the rules of engagement that these sailors had, because I do not think it was necessary for them to allow themselves to be boarded by another nation and to be put into that position.  WATCH!

Video By My Friends at BB4SP






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  • Zolat1

    I don’t know if they have the intent or the technology but the equipment was out of American military’s hands (kind of a loss of chain of custody, so to speak). I would think that would cause enough of an alarm to have us put the two boats out of commission until they can be sure they have not been tampered with. Just food for thought.

    • Virginia Llorca

      We already know they took all GPS equip.

      • Zolat1

        I, personally, hadn’t read anything on that yet. I don’t think that is a point that is focused on too much since they want to make sure that the focus is on the release and the relations with Iran instead.

        I do have questions though; if anyone knows the answers. If they had “engine trouble” going in the area for the sailors to be captured; how was it that the boats seemed to be in working order for their release the next day? Am I the only one that finds that curious? Or am I still missing more information?

        I guess I am not getting all of the pieces to fit together and there are still more questions than answers at this point.

        Thanks to anyone in advance with quality answers.

        • Virginia Llorca

          Knowing “someone” well that served with a small boat unit in the Persian Gulf, off Farsi Island, I can assure you we will never get the truth. They would never have approached within even a disputable distance without cover and at least half the crew could fix anything on board. Plus, capturing our boat and removing crew would prob be covered by ROE. Spin. Wagging the dog.

  • Sheila Morlas

    Meet Col Allen West… Our next DOD Secretary…

  • kawoodson

    Only one of the boats lost power. We drifted in to their waters. They had every right to board and detain those sailors. Just as we would have done had the tables been reversed. According to the video they were treated well and then released quickly. Of course they looked at the boats would expect them not to?

    • Toby1

      One boat cannot TOW THE OTHER ?

      • kawoodson

        Perhaps they were separated or were trying to fix what ever the problem was? How do I know? The basic facts as they have been presented are, that somehow two of our boats ended up in Iran’s waters. Maybe the guy in charge of making sure the towing equipment is there screwed up, maybe they were about to link up for the tow and the Iranians showed up, maybe they had no idea where they were and were just grabbing some sun. Until the Navy releases their story all we can do is speculate. West is in no more of a position to know than we are.

        • Toby1

          Two UNITED STATES NAVY boats in a dangerous area of conflict did not know WHERE THEY WERE? Who was captaining those boats? Ren and Stimpy?

          • kawoodson

            Like I said how would I know? Hell maybe it was Tom and Jerry. If they lost power maybe they also lost navigation. I honestly could tell you but, I can guess all day

        • westriversd1

          I like your comment when you said “the Navy releases their ‘story'”. It seems that is about all we peons get anymore from the goobermint are ‘stories’.

          • kawoodson

            It could be any number of things. Covert mission that they’re trying to cover up, or it could honestly be that one of the boats broke down and was being approached by the Iranians before the other US boat could get them tied up. I guess we’ll never know. I’m gonna go with aliens!

        • worth meads

          Whatever they release we should not believe more bullshit from the administration

        • Pam

          That is naive, of course he is privy to much more than we are. Think of the contacts he has made over the years, backdoors are always open.

          • kawoodson

            Sure he still has friends in the military, so do I. I also worked at the Pentagon for years. I also have friends at CIA and the NSA. That really doesn’t mean anything. We can all speculate but unless we were there, we don’t know what happened. Usually the simplest answer is the correct one. The boat broke down, drifted in the Iranian waters and was confronted by an Iranian patrol. In the military things go wrong all the time.

          • Pam

            Hmmm, yes we all have friends. I have friends in government and CIA. I just probably don’t have the same ones. Unless you smell it, taste it and touch it , I would not testify to it as fact. So his speculation is more valid than some , but I agree speculation is not fact. 90% of the media reporting is based on speculation instead of hard facts.

  • Cyborg119

    This Whole Incident is a SNOW JOB by the US Military.

    We the public are not hearing most of the detail surrounding this incident. This may have been AND PROBABLY WAS a very well PRE – PLANNED Boarding incident. There is a lot of lying taking place about what happened.
    i am certain they did not drift into Iranian waters.

    These were TWO very lightly armed boats. They would not have been in the middle of the Persian Gulf where their presence would be viewed as provocative.

    The Persian Gulf is about 180 miles wide at that point. Farsi Island which is a military occupied island, sits half way between the East and West shore. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has a HUGE MILITARY NAVALINSTALLATION ON THE ISLAND. The Two craft were supposedly going from Bahrain to Kuwait which is about 200 miles. Normal naval procedure would have called for them to be in frequent communication in hostile water. If one of the boats lost power, an instant May Day would have been sent. It both boats had power trouble it could have only been caused by sabotage. Something that would have caused them to lose power. Secondly the IRG would have had to board both boats as soon as they had engine trouble and before they could get help. No mention is made of how many Iranian boats were on the scene for the boarding. No mention is made of where the boarding / capture location took place.
    tHE Nigerian News said the two boats rand aground near Farsi Island.

    I don’t believe most of the story as reported.

    • George Allen

      I believe these boats were DELIVERED to the Iranians. Follow the details.
      1. 2 boats WILL NOT breakdown at the same time.
      2. No MAYDAY issued, which WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE even if it was a canoe with radio communication.
      3. Military personnel taken HOSTAGE. They should NOT HAVE BEEN BOARDED AND HELD AT GUNPOINT . They should have at BEST CASE been escorted out. At WORST CASE since they had RUN AGROUND been ordered off the boats THEN BOARDED. Since we SUPPOSEDLY ARE NOT AT WAR Iran had NO BUSINESS ON THOSE BOATS.
      4 TORTURE OF PRISONERS. YES they did ny FORCING the female to wear the hibjab and separated from others.
      5. This HAPPENS on the SAME DAY as the SOTU, with NO MENTION from the White House.
      This was staged so that AFTER the ruse was played out Iran can thump it’s chest for capturing 2 boats , AND D.C. can thump their chest anout HOW GREAT relations are with them. The taking of the GPS is ONLY to say we GOT SOMETHING, because they can be EIPED REMOTELY just like your cell phone.

      • Pam


        • Virginia Llorca

          They prob wanted the tech, not the info. Also info may have shown where they really were. Sorry I am so defensive. Navy wife.

          • Pam

            Thank your husband for his service. No apology necessary, I don’t know what I said but I am 1000% in support of our Military, all branches. My scorn falls squarely on Obama’s shoulders. He has hobbled our military with his rules of engagement, firing command personnel, budget starvation and the list goes on. I don’t believe for a minute they ” got lost”. They are now claiming there was no technology , that Iran didn’t already have , on those boats. Something just smells about all this. All the men in my family served, WWI through Vietnam,. Army, Navy and Air force. They made it home alive.

    • stray123

      Maybe it’s a mission you’re not SUPPOSED to know anything about anyway. Or maybe what happened is the truth.

    • Pam

      King Hussein failed to even acknowledged it. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were all delivered with a big pink bow. Don’t blame the whole military, Hussein has replaced hundreds of command officers with his stooges.

  • Pam

    With King Hussein in power you can bet there is a huge cover up here. Why did they have a complete failure of everything. From boats x2 all the way to satellite communications? Nothing has been explained, King Hussein acted like it never happened, did both boats experience mechanical failure, if one did why didn’t they tow it. If Iran is playing nice why didn’t they hold them in place out in the water till the situation was resolved. Why were they not released till the next morning, couldn’t they navigate at night? Oh by the way how did one or both boats suddenly start working again? Now the news is reporting they got lost. King Hussein has certainly devastated our Naval forces , as well as all branches of our military, if they are indeed this incompetent. With the blatant display of firepower earlier almost across the bow of our ship and now this unfortunately along with a new President in 2017 we might also see WWIII.

    • kawoodson

      Things go wrong all the time in the military. Maybe Obama didn’t see a need to mention it since it was cleared up pretty much right away. The fact that they were held overnight only at worst suggests that the Iranians wanted time to look over the boats…just like any other country would have done.