Allen West “Idiotic Iran Nuclear Deal” Getting Close To Treachery and Treason

Allen West: “Are we getting very close to a sense of treachery and treason against the USA?”

Allen West joined Judge Jeanine Piro this evening to discuss the deception and treachery of the Obama administration and the dangers of the Iran nuclear deal.

“When has Obama every adhered to any law that he has signed to include the rule of law, The United States Constitution?”

Video via my friends at BB4SP




Allen West with Judge Jeanine Piro Sept 18 2015 - Allen West Republic



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  • banger377

    Allen West for President!

    A close second: Wow what a smile Judge!

  • James Norris

    Liberals are bordering on insanity , An Democrats in power are benefiting from the Ungodly Un American hate filled movement in our country right now , We must turn this back now or risk losing our country all together to phanatical easily mislead Americans with very little common sense..

  • Jenny Sherman Buffkin

    Think back to the movie “Obama’s 2016” when Obama was caught during a summit saying, “I will have more flexibility in my second term”, and remember everything that was being predicted in terms of nuclear weapons that was projected, as in, we would have less and less why other countries would continue to grown their nuclear stockpile. All that Dinesh talked about has been coming true…update here

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Getting “close” to Treachery and Treason, Colonel???

    I think “way, way beyond” would be a much more accurate appraisal!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Another recruitment ad for the usurper’s “trollbaby drone corps”!