Allen West “If Cruz and Trump CAN’T do this, they shouldn’t be president”

The passion has to be about America.

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As Written By Allen B. West:

Today will be my last day with the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America as I will head back to Dallas once we reach San Antonio. The riders will continue on to their final destination, Biloxi, Mississippi, as they continue to raise funds for Victory Junction children’s camp, a worthy and noble cause. I know right now everyone is focused on Indiana, but my Monday ride puts things in focus and I wish every candidate could have had the experience.

We departed from El Paso early Monday morning and it was doggone chilly, 49 degrees, according to my motorcycle “heads up” display. We got to Van Horn for a gas stop — actually more about getting blood flowing — before we headed south towards Marfa. There’s something about being on the open road on a motorcycle in America that puts you in touch with this nation and the people.

Monday, I was once again reminded that America is not New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, or any of the other large metroplexes. America is Van Horn or Marfa where we ate lunch on the town square. America is about seeing the beautiful terrain so diverse, yet ordered and perfect in every way.

America is about stopping in Presidio, Texas, a port of entry into the United States from Mexico, and visiting with the school kids who came out to wish us well. It’s about looking into the eyes of a young elementary school kid, a young fella, and giving him your riding gloves and watching his face beam with joy, as you sit him on your motorcycle and his teacher takes a picture.

You see, it’s about what we do for those we don’t consider the greatest amongst us, yet they are the greatest. Presidio, Texas is such a remote place, as well as Marfa, but those folks came out in droves to welcome us as we stopped in their towns. They may not have had all that much to give, but what they did give was much.

And so Monday, I looked into the faces I will never forget, and was even more inspired to ensure the exceptionalism of this Constitutional Republic continues on for another 240 years. Why? Because one day, I want that young man to possibly pass on those motorcycle riding gloves to the next generation as he tells the story of the more than 100 bikers who came through his town, riding for children.

As we left Presidio, there it was, Big Bend Ranch Park, and folks, it’s simply amazing. It’s one of those motorcycle rides you must make; it’s just not the same to do in a car. On a motorcycle, you become one with the grandeur and beauty of this place, of America. The road wound along the river and there was one very lovely high altitude pass that was just majestic. Going through Big Bend let me see a part of Texas that I didn’t realize existed and boy howdy, I will be back. We arrived at the little resort town of Lajitas, and the view from my room is breathtaking. I even got in a three mile run — altitude kicked my tail!

But again, being here in Big Bend just reinforces my passion for America. It’s not just about policy positions, it’s about having a simple passion for America, for Americans.

Every person wanting to be president of the United States needs to see this nation from the seat of a motorcycle and go through the small towns that are the backbone of this nation. That is what we need, instead of politicians whose only faces they see are the fat cat lobbyists who grease their hands with special interest monies.

The passion has to be about America.

Lastly, I have enjoyed being reunited with all my Kyle Petty riding buddies — but there’s one who I especially enjoy seeing. The reason is because we share so much history and our story is indicative of what does make America great.

Herschel Walker is a Heisman Trophy recipient. He also won SEC football and national championships. He was drafted into the NFL after a stint with the USFL, and played for “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys. Herschel is from small-town Wrightsville Georgia; I’m from Atlanta. Herschel’s debut game was against the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, 1980. He was a superstar freshman running back. I was in my sophomore year at Tennessee sitting in the stands watching him. Herschel went onto incredible greatness and athletic…..


If Cruz and Trump CAN’T do this, they shouldn’t be president – Allen B. West –



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  • marah natha

    I think Cruz’s passion IS about America. He’s the one who has a father from Cuba who taught him the price of freedom. He’s the one who memorized the Constitution, something your average Americans don’t do. I really don’t find Trump believable, particularly since he still has all of his products made overseas just like his daughter does. He has attacked other Republicans from the beginning. Ben Carson, “Lyin’ Ben” whose books were “full of lies,” and that he might even be a pedophile. And now, Carson is a “man of integrity” that Trump is “honored” to have endorse him. I’m not leaving America and I’m not staying home on election day, but the day after, I’m switching to Independent until we get a real Conservative party.

    • TrendyT

      Cruz was born in Canada but spent more time in Communist Cuba. He is a Trojan Horse just like Obama is. He din’t get his nick name Lying Rafael in the Senate for nothing.

      • Chet

        That’s a terribly unkind, unfit and unwarranted comparison to America’s idol…

      • James Johnson

        If you really believe that then you are the kind of idiot that Dishonest Donald loves.

        • TrendyT

          TRUMP would love the fact that I am a professional researcher and have seen Cruz’ Mother’s Canadian passport with baby Rafael listed as a Canadian Citizen when she and Rafael Sr. went to Cuba. Would you like to know the last time Rafael Cruz visited Cuba? Do your own research then you will believe it.

        • TrendyT

          Truth is in the research. He had a Canadian Passport until last year and spent a lot of time up there but also in Cuba.

      • ronigee dawg

        Yeah, sure you did … no doubt in the pages of the Enquirer.

        Cruz did not have the name lying anything, Trumpster Dumpster (that is, where Donnie dumps all his trash and you idiots just eat it up). Cruz’s problem was he was actually HONEST to his constituency … he did not go to Washington and sell out to the whores like Corrupty Trumpty (oh, and for morons like yourself … that is DONNIE’S admission, not an accusation on my part).

        There is a trojan horse in this race … actually a demoncrapt usurper … that is Trump … who got lucky in the RINO rigged system and took far more delegates than the votes he was getting … which is what the RINOs are supposed to do while REAL conservatives split the rest of the vote. In this case, the devilcrat usurper got the delegates and then the liberal SPEWS media knew he was working with the Clintons to destroy the GOP so they gave him as much air time as they could.

        Now, little troll scumbag … I think it is time for you to worship at the feet of your false idol …

        • TrendyT

          The only thing false around here is your supposed education. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND FIND THE TRUTH – Stop listening to the boys at the bar, or gym.

          • ronigee dawg

            Sorry … the tin foil muffled your message … or maybe its the halcion in the jet vapor trails. I did not have to hear anything from anybody, you moron … there are records of their activities. Trump is a far left, establishment corrupt scumbag donating to all the worst demoncrapts and RINOs. Cruz is a rock-solid Constitutional conservative and activist for our (TEA party Constitutionalists) cause.

            Oops … there goes the alarm again … back to the prayer rug! TrumpZ idol doll is waiting.

          • Mel

            Alex Jones and his conspiracy idiots are not the news., you want news… Do search for Soros/Trump connection… Many stories over many many years from WSJ NY times. Wash Post…. They’ve even been sued together… Unless like most trumpliditites… The truth hurts

        • Mel

          If we rely on tabloids for”news” then we’re in worse shape than ever… Trumps own kids… The same ones doing interviews and tall shows can’t even vote for him because their NOT registered repubs…. Trump who endorsed Obama TWICE.. Endorsed Harry Reid.. Charlie Rangle and Nancy Palosi… He bragged on what a GREAT Sec of State hilLIARy was AFTER Benghazi… He boldly claimed the the 17 yr old girl Mike Tyson rapes was at fault for her rape… Has proudly said that Jeffrey Epstein the convicted pediphile is a “fun guy”. And Trump promised to enact liable laws so those who say “mean things about me get sued”. So.. Trumpliditites are great with POTUS whose already shredding the constitution… Of cours . He has said he NEVER read it because he never saw the VALUE in it….

          • ronigee dawg

            The Dumpsters echoed the idiocy coming from their lying false messiah about how Senator Cruz was a luzer because he somehow could not single handedly overpower TWO BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT … the worst of the perpetrators FUNDED by their lying PoS donnie … to change all kinds of liberal crap. So now there are millions of them worshipping at the feet of this clown who seem to have NO ability to get this arrogant ass to even conform to all of the values they are projecting on him … what does that make him/them?

      • Patricia A Galle

        You are really misinformed. Cruz has been in Texas since he was 4 years old. He graduated from a very respected Christian high school, and then graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School magna cum laude with honors. He has served the people of Texas and America all of his life. I live here, and he is respected and loved.

        • TrendyT

          Not really up on the facts are we. Spend some time doing your own research for the truth – Forget Google. His family had Canadian Passports up until last year. He is a Trojan Horse as much as Obama is. The Senate will soon remove him because all he does is lie.

      • Mel

        LIES…. Why do you NOT know the law or truth??? Anyone born anywhere to an American is a natural citizen. Including obummer and Cruz and McCain and other… And Rafeal Cruz FLED Cuba… They imprisoned and beat his sister terribly….. Its best to not rely on Alex Jones and the like for truth because they don’t know it. Do a search for Soros/Trump connection… Real articles from decades from real newspapers

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        HE DID NOT spend time in CUBA, HIS father was in CUBA!!! go back and read the history of teh family

    • Little Blue Bird

      Not to mention Trump has hijacked the Republican Party.He’s not even a Republican! None of his core values line up with Conservatives.He has single handily destroyed the whole Party.He should have run on a third ticket as a libertarian or independent.As the Democrats move towards socialist,the Republicans have moved to take the Democrats place.Where now,does that leave the far right Republicans who refuse to move even an inch towards the left.Conservative Christians need to have a third party.

  • Myrtle Linder

    When listening to Trump, you can know that he is still a Democrat….. You never hear any promises of what he can or what he will do for the country, it is always hate speech against others.He is not responsible for others, he is responsible for Trump and many of us do not care what he thinks of others we want to know what he can and will do for us and for our country, if anything.

  • Mel

    Trump aligns much more with liberals than conservative. Listen to his post repub days ( last year) interviews… Pro assault weapon ban and increased waiting time for handguns… Loves planned parenthood and still says they do GREAT work… Pro imminent domain and has given hundred of thousands to Clinton foundation… He’s got the vocabulary and mentally of a third grader… Anytime he don’t get his way he cries…. Search for Trump litigation…. And.. Soros/ Trump connection…. Trumpliditites are more terrified of truth than far leftist

  • Little Blue Bird

    I’m laughing so hard…..the image of Donald Trump’s hair in the wind! It’s just too funny!!