WHOA!!!! Allen West is met with Protesters at SLU and He Didn’t Back Down! [Video]

LTCOL Allen West spoke at St. Louis University tonight and it was not without it’s moments. The ridiculous behaviors and attitudes leading up to his speaking event were on full display at the beginning and throughout the event.

West was right on message and told the truth about the dangers of radical Islam. While the event got testy at times he remained the perfect gentlemen asking those who chose to interrupt while he was speaking to follow the format given to them and submit a question.

How can discussing the dangers of those who wish to do us harm and is evident in almost weekly news reports be controversial?

Listen as Allen West discusses Radical Islam. West brings insight and information like no other.



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  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    Look at all the snowflakes get up and leave as soon as he takes the podium. Ahhhh, the tolerant left……

    • Karl Carlson

      Too true. These intolerant leftists are like modern-day antisemites. The difference is that the mindset of these lefties is based on a false sociology, not a fake biology.

  • Stevie10703

    This is the far left, they speak of “freedom of speech,” but don’t allow someone who disagrees with them to speak and what do they do? They try and shut down any form of speech that the deem “offensive” to them. But, if anyone were to do what they did to them, they’d scream “Censorship.” These far left is the same everywhere, they speak of tolerance, yet they are the most intolerant people there are. The far left always gets violent and someone whose parents grew up in a communist country, the far left will eventually jail, torture, and kill anyone who dissents from their way of thinking. Its funny, as little as 10 years ago, “Dissent was Patriotic,” now dissent gets you shouted down..how soon before we start getting sent to re-education camps?

  • Chet

    It’s my hope and prayer that this true man of God, American patriot and conservative leader will have a place of further service to his nation in a Trump cabinet…

  • 1madgrannie

    Parents need to yank all support for these incredibly rude, spoiled pos’s. Apparently civility died with privilege. If any of my grandchildren behaved this way, they would be disowned until they garnered some respect. These spoiled brats can scream at the top of their little lungs about the conservative right, but when the SHTF they can not tolerate anyone else’s view.