Allen West “It’s about time we start telling the progressive socialist left they are FUBAR!”

It’s about time we start telling the progressive socialist left they’re FUBAR!


As Written By Allen B. West:

Today the Civil Rights division of the Department of Justice set a deadline for the state of North Carolina to rescind HB 2. That’s the law passed and signed by the governor stating that one must frequent the facility corresponding with their birth certificate-declared sex. In other words, use the bathroom and facilities corresponding to your God-given plumbing.

Incredibly so, the Civil Rights Division has declared that transgenders are a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. Silly me, since when did sexual behavior become grounds for federal government protection?

So, tomorrow if I wake up and decide I’m now a white woman, well, somehow I am privileged? What is all this mess about gender identify? Who are the chuckleheads who make this stuff up?

Now, the DoJ set a deadline for tomorrow for the rescinding of this state law — guess that thing called “federalism” is a lost cause. First of all, there was no law passed by the federal government on this matter. But If North Carolina’s Governor McCrory doesn’t rescind HB 2, the state loses federal government funding.

Ok, North Carolina is being intimidated, coerced, and blackmailed into rescinding this law passed by the representatives of the people of that state. And please, don’t go comparing me as a black American to someone who is confused about their sex. I’m rather sure that I’m black……





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  • Michael Ryan

    Modern liberalism is truly a mental disease especially for this administration bent on destroying social order and creating disorder and corruption.

  • T. VOGT

    what is obscene is the Obama’s welcomed a visit from the first gender identity crossed baby. Claimed the child cried when his pe*is was exposed hit it pulled it etc.. well I got news for em ANY BABY DOES THAT. Dressing the little boy as a girl is just CRAZY parents and a baby that needs child protection.. boys play with it heck they do it when they are 90 !!! doesn’t mean it’s not supposed to be there !!! my god, does anyone check for rash powered too much yeast infection??? nope he is a she in her baby mind and they will raise her as such.. that isn’t parenting that’s a liberal forcing a life long confusion on a kid..