Allen West “JUST IN, America faces terrifying new threat…People NEED to Know”

Forewarned is forearmed! ~ Allen B. West

Obama Pen and Phone

As Written By Allen B. West:

This past week it rained cats and dogs here in the Dallas area and just east of us in Shreveport, Louisiana they experienced more flooding. I’m quite sure folks were feeling, “when it rains it pours.” It’s funny, before we came to Dallas our best friends who live in Corinth told us about the long running drought conditions here. Well the rains have come, and we pray it doesn’t bring flooding that causes loss of life and property.

But there’s something else that’s raining, and it’s gotten to the point of pouring.

As reported by Fox News, “Iran is preparing to launch a new long-range rocket into outer space as soon as this weekend, U.S. officials told Fox News.

The missile is known as a Simorgh, and officials are watching the missile on the launch pad as it is being fueled at an undisclosed location inside Iran.

Officials told Fox they have not seen this specific type of rocket launched in the past.

Iran has conducted four previous space launches. Any test of a new ballistic missile would be an apparent violation of a UN resolution forbidding Iran from working on its rocket program.

A Simorgh rocket is designed to carry a satellite into space. Officials are concerned that any space launch uses the same technology needed to launch a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM.

The Simorgh rocket was first unveiled by then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2010. first reported the Iranian Simorgh missile was being prepared for launch last month and says it is capable of sending a heavier satellite into space at a higher orbit, showing greater capability then previous launches.

Iran has successfully placed four satellites into orbit beginning in 2009 the last occurring in 2015. Iran’s earlier space launches used a smaller rocket, a variant of the Shahab-3, according to This week, Iran launched multiple ballistic missiles on one day for the first time since 2012, according to defense officials. UN Security Council Resolution 2231 says Iran is “not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

I don’t want to get into another discussion about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear deal; no such document exists. The “agreement” has been ……


JUST IN: America faces terrifying new threat…People NEED to Know – Allen B. West –



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  • Webb

    Nothing will change concerning Iran Until…
    America comes under New Management by A Conservative!

    • Christopher Allen

      And, then we will be at war, again, for sure!

      • JEC47

        We’re at war now. On more fronts than ever.

        • Nunnyah Biz

          And coming soon to the “Home Front”!

        • Christopher Allen

          But, we are paying too much attention to other countries, and not enough to AMERICA! Let the other countries destroy themselves if they want; we have tried to “rule” the world for way too long!

          • DCW16

            They are HERE . . . and coming to your hood sooner than later.
            Start paying attention . . .
            Just the other day a double stabbing in Toronto . . . a little muzzie claiming he did it for ala . . . the dopy TO police chief is concerned about izzzzlamiphobia . . . and says he appears to have acted alone . . . lol
            Reality is he is a member of the cult of ala . . .

            “Rule the world” ? ? ?
            America has been the global cop since WW II . . . the real mess has occurred since Obama failed to maintain the peace and let dozens of terrorists return to the battlefield.

          • Jane18

            We do not try to ”rule” the world! We are here to help other countries, just look back and see what all we have done and what we were able to stop. Who else cares enough to help the helpless? We are the policemen of the world and we are the peacekeepers…kind of an oxymoron right? But that’s who we are, like it or lump it!

          • Christopher Allen

            And, you have had too much of the “kool aid” of the Government!
            What did we do in Iraq? Help them? Not, just made it worse!

          • Jane18

            And whose fault was that by not doing what we have always done to an enemy? Why did we leave before time? And I do not drink the Kool-Aid of the government!

      • Webb

        Radical Jihadist and ISIS is War…and The USA is not Winning!

        • Mike_Travis

          One cannot win a war when they are unwilling to even NAME the enemy as their enemy. Ovomit is a bigger threat to America than the Iranians or ISIS, for he is a traitor who is just as committed to destroying America as the mu-slimes are, but he is on the inside and controls enormous power that he uses daily to “fundamentally transform” us.

          If we are to win any war, we must first win back America and restore our Republic. That requires the Constitution be enforced which calls for traitors like Ovomit to be convicted then executed for Treason. If we are too afraid to even CALL him a traitor for fear that the traitors on the left and in the RNC will call us names, we will NEVER be able to remove him or restore our Republlc.

      • phyrfitr

        were at war anyway obama has made sure of it

    • ToucheTurtle

      OR . . . P-O-O-F!!! And the Ayatollah has a new domain to terrorize!!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    I am not surprised at all, I believe something is going to happen this year especially it is an election year, we as an American better be on a look out for the United States of America

  • frankenbiker

    But, but, but, Iran is our new bestest friend, and they wouldn’t do anything to break the great deal we made would they? I guess the answer to that would be. ANY FCKING IDIOT WOULD HAVE KNOWN THEY WOULD!!!!!! That’s why the great goatfcker in the black mosque made the deal, he’s a complete idiot.

  • Snideley_whiplassche

    Would be exciting to watch it fall like a screaming ball of fire, right on top of their tender little haids….

  • Norma Davis

    Iran is pissed off over losing power in the us ,is trying to take out all of our power grids, and Obama is letting it happen and refuses to fund protection .That is why this is so dam scary, they are pissed that they will not keep getting wealthy from our taxes ,land and schools . Their story needs to end .We have been lied to Iran has had these rockets for 3 years now