Allen West: Let’s Face the Facts on Border Wall and Immigration [Video]

As we watch President Donald Trump go into action on his first days in office, we need to face a few important facts. The fact is that Donald Trump is a man of action and Congress has some adjustments to make in order to keep up. He is already making moves on the promised border wall and immigration restrictions. He will not tolerate slowing-rolling from the House and Senate. See Allen West’s FOX interview here.




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  • Beckah

    We all need to be on reminding President Trump that Congress already promised the money to pay for the wall back in Reagan’s days; perhaps we should ask the Demonrats what they did with it? AMNESTY NEVER AGAIN!

    I admit, President Trump was not my first choice, but I am THRILLED to see what is happening! The rest of DC better take notice, because We the People have seen the light! The likes of McCain, Graham, McConnell, and Ryan had better start changing their tune! As far as the leftists go, Schumer is the perfect example; promise the moon and then lie!

  • Ted R. Weiland

    No wall needed when border and immigration policy begins with the First Commandment and its respective statutes and judgment. This, in turn, requires that all gods other than Yahweh, cultures and laws not His be left at the border. No Muslim, for example, would ever agree to such a law and would look elsewhere to immigrate and do his dirty work, including evangelizing your children to their false god.

    For more, listen to audio series “Immigration: Lawful, Legal, and Illegal, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” beginning at