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  • BarrySucks

    Can’t fix Stupid…Diana Shepard Wynn. Lyin POS is POTUS and Hillary! Please don’t reproduce!

    • diana harrell

      Dam you Frump people are ignorant….I’m not voting for that lying sob…I don’t care how many red necks it pisses off. You people are guaranteeing that either killary or the old socialist is the next President…That is what I call stupid…at least I will be able to say I never voted for a lying NYC liberal demoncrat/RINO.

      • Ah nutz


        • diana harrell

          at least I can say I never voted for a lying pos liberal demoncrat….obviously you can not say the same.

      • LC

        Rednecks? No. It’s the pro-America people voting for Trump! Those of us that want to feel safer, that want a President who understands that those who break the law should not be rewarded, want a president who wants to bring back jobs and understands that we’re broke and need to cut spending. I call that intelligent.

        • John King

          The problem today in America is that more than half the population are clueless as to whats coming if they elect Hillary as president. You that want things for free should know this, by you excepting these free items, you are slaves to people like Hillary and her corruption and politics. If you only want to sit on your asses and receive free services and free items. then please by all means leave America, because America doesn’t need anymore trash, looking for hand outs. If you don’t want to work. Then get the hell out of my country. Trump all the way.

        • diana harrell

          You are no different than the fools that drank Obummers kool aid and look where that got us. No I do not vote for liberal democrats, male or female lying, stinking democrats…but you go right ahead and vote for the sob, me and mine will not.

          • Elaine Morris

            OM, Bless your heart..and I DO Mean that. I HOPE this makes you feel a little better. Obama never got in “legally.”
            The first time he ran against Clinton, she outted him being born in Kenya. He threatened the life of her daughter. Clintonl shut down. I am going to jog your memory. Think back…remember all of the news media and articles out about the New Black Panther Party intimidating people at the voting places.

            McCain and Paln as VP ran against Obama. When Obama was announced as POTUS, It WAS PALIN who wanted an investigation. McCain, the wimp that he was/is WIMPED OUT.
            Small towns were reporting they had more votes for Obama than they had people.
            2nd time he ran against Romney. Obama had a campaign in Illinois. 200 People showed up; AND 200 peopl walked out of him.

            Romney had a HUGE Rally at Red Rock. Look at this crowd and tell me he didn’t win.

            When Obama was again announced as POTUS, Romney disappeared for a few days. When he came back, he made ONE statement: “It was out of my control.”

          • mrpoohead

            Kenya – what still? Proof please – I mean real proof, like a birth certificate.

          • LC

            So who are you backing, Diana? One of the candidates that couldn’t get enough votes? One that claims to be a Christian but none of his actions back that up? Or do you want a 3rd party to ensure Hillary’s win? Where’s the anger at all of the supposed “conservatives” that got absolutely nothing done and gave Obama everything he wanted? Give me a break!

      • Elaine Morris

        Haven’t you researched at all? So? You think Cruz, or Clinton, Kaish are the answer?
        You are an idiot!

        • diana harrell

          Nope, I know Cruz is the good guy..he always has been and he always will be. But you go right ahead and vote for Killary’s friend and when that lying liberal democrat proves that he is no different than any other lying pos liberal democrat you can be so proud of what you voted for.

          • Elaine Morris

            Embattled White House candidate Ted Cruz‘s cheating scandal is set to explode wide-open, with fresh — and blockbuster — allegations that the married conservative senator was named in the black book of a notorious Washington D.C. madam who mysteriously died, RadarOnline.com has learned.


          • Elaine Morris
          • mrpoohead

            Are you sane?

          • Elaine Morris

            Good Grief, where have you been?
            Ted’s first name is “Liar Ted Cruz.”

          • Elaine Morris

            My words first: This is sooo sleezy of Cruz to do:

            Then, next question: Senator Cruz, what did your people have in mind when you bought the rights to the 16 year old modeling pictures of the now Mrs Trump, which oddly ended up in the media right before the Utah primary ?? Next Question: Do you not find it odd that your campaign gave to a competeting candidate $500k? What reason was their for this??


          • LC

            Cruz has no respect for American voters. “Discernment” is the key word here. He claims to be a Christian, but actions speak louder than words. He has no problem using backroom strong-arm tactics to steal delegates when the voters have overwhelmingly supported someone else. That shows zero respect for the people unless they agree with him. Great liberal attitude. Heidi is CFR, supports NAU and NAFTA. They’re both NWO. I don’t trust Cruz any more than I trust Hillary or Bernie.

        • mrpoohead

          Ha, ha, ha – pot calling kettle black!

      • llkenney

        From the tone and choice of words from your comment I’d say you’re probably a liberal trolling here. You will not change the majority of voters who are now rallying around the nominee to defeat the lying murderous POS Clinton. Anyone who concedes their vote to Clinton is no better than the worst liberal Commie out there.

      • BarrySucks

        So voting for Trump is guaranteeing that Hillary or the old socialist is the next POTUS? And you call anyone else stupid? If people like you would simply think before you act, we would all be better off. Which lying sob will you vote for? You must be a living brain donor!

      • frankenbiker

        I beg to disagree, if you look at the numbers, women, and blacks are startimg to flock to Trump. People that were backing Sanders, know he doesn’t stand much of a chance and are pledging to vote for Trump.

  • http://www.churchofgodeveninglight.com/ talltreetrader

    Fool is too mild! If you are not a liberal already this will make yu one, see definition: Ever notice that the left is literally filled to the brim with nut’s. The global warming crowd is only one nut in the bucket. Think about it – they have the Global Warming Algorite crowd, Tree Huggers and Frog Kissers, Peta, Green Peace, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, the Politically Correct crowd, Union Thugs, Gays, Lesbians, transvestites, people who like having sex with Animals, baby killers and the list goes on and on and on.

    I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. It’s as if the Left-Wing of the Democrat party has become the breeding ground for Moral Decadence. Anything immoral that we as a people face each day seems to have originated from that zone of the Left-Wing. It’s like a nursery for sin or something! – Author unknown.

    • carlcasino

      You have accurately described the Progressives (aka Socialist) of both parties.
      The next POTUS is going to inherit the worst economy America has ever seen and it’s only being held up with Fiat money. I hate to say it but the best outcome will be a total breakdown of the System. It’s time to start over. Trump may well be able to accomplish the Wall( it’s a start) but if Congress continues to follow the “BUSINESS AS USUAL” then you can KISS AMERICA as a Constitutional Republic Good bye.

      • John King

        You can say that again.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    whats with all the Cruz butt hurt supporters? you act like a bunch of College kids needing a nice safe zone for you.. Cruz was my first choice until all the whining reminded me of some A Hole that’s already in the Whitehouse