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  • Mike_Travis

    That is a good start, though in order to root out the dirt in government we must also try, convict then execute almost all members of congress and many in the judiciary or they will simply replace Ovomit with another traitor.

  • Mike_Travis

    COL West, I respect you and your service. May I ask what is your plan of action to stop the treason of Barry Soetoro, aka B Ovomit, and the treason in government? Without action America will fall as far too many won’t even take the time to vote, much less take time away from their tv to charge Ovomit and congress with treason.

    Please present a plan so we can at least START the process of executing the traitors so we can then get on with restoring our Republic.

    Live Free or Die! It is not just a slogan but a way of life without which we are already slaves.