Allen West: Obama just let slip EXACTLY what he thinks of veterans

What Obama is recommending is like rearranging the deck chairs on the ocean liner as it’s sinking.

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As Written By Allen B. West:

There can be no doubt whatsoever that President Barack Hussein Obama does not care about the veterans of the United States military. We can certainly ascertain by his actions that he doesn’t care for the actively serving men and women of our military. Why else would he decimate our force and make the inane comment at the Air Force Academy commencement that our military is stronger because we have females serving in combat duty positions? His misguided focus on the social re-engineering of our armed forces is detrimental to the prosecution of combat operations and readiness.

And now we know Obama possesses clear disdain for our veterans. As reported by the Washington Examiner, “President Obama offered a strong vote of confidence to Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald, just weeks after the agency head stirred controversy for comparing the waits at VA hospitals to lines at Disneyland.

“I think Secretary McDonald has done a terrific job,” Obama told the Colorado Gazette in an interview published Sunday. “Since there’s only eight months left in my administration, [McDonald’s] got all the way until then to run through the tape,” he added.

Dozens of GOP lawmakers blasted McDonald after his comments about VA clinics, including Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, who called for his resignation. “Dismissing wait times when veterans can often wait months for an appointment is negligent and a clear sign that new leadership is needed at the VA,” Blunt said last month.

In his interview with the Colorado Gazette, Obama compared the VA to a “big ocean liner” where “on any given day …we’re still seeing problems crop up that we have to correct.” “I think the main message is that we’ve still got a lot of work to do. It’s an all-hands-on-deck process,” said the president. Obama also said he opposed dismantling and privatizing the VA.”

I must agree with President Obama, the VA is like a “big ocean liner” — the one called Titanic. And what Obama is recommending is like rearranging the deck chairs on the ocean liner as it’s sinking. What kind of disconnected person would actually utter these words regarding VA Secretary McDonald? How can anyone state that McDonald has done a terrific job? In just the last week we’ve had countless reports of more malfeasance from the VA, to include the disgusting remarks of McDonald.

Yes, we do require all hands on deck Mr. President, but we need new hands. Furthermore, your failure to admit that McDonald has been a failure and admonish him for his disparaging comments indicates you concur and are complicit in the mistreatment of our veterans. Then again, you’re in the final days of a failed presidential administration and transgender bathroom use seems far more important to you…….

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OOPS: Obama just let slip EXACTLY what he thinks of veterans – Allen B. West –



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  • 2shinyshoes

    You go Allen! We need you back in Congress. Get with it.

    • phyrfitr

      We need Allen to run for POTUS in 2020

      • Angie MacGeil

        We need him guiding Trump thru the rough spots. He’d be an asset. As he might take over if Trump doesn’t run for second term

  • sweetqueen777

    Tell me again, WHY would ANY VETERAN vote for any Democrat??? The man in charge of the VA is an INCOMPETENT IDIOT who should be replaced ASAP. His BOSS should have been replaced YEARS AGO. TRUMP 2016!!

  • carlcasino

    I look at America today and I have reminiscenced often “Did I waste 8 years of my Life defending the Constitution for what I see daily on TV and on the streets of my town?” I’m at the end of my time on God’s Earth and I fear that as a society we are too far down the Rabbit Hole to recover.

    • T. D.

      I agree 100%. Liberalism has killed the American dream!

      • Angie MacGeil

        You can give up, or give a good fight and vote for Trump. You want Hillary?

    • Alan

      I agree with you 100%

      • Angie MacGeil

        Backbone, vote for Trump ad get your buddies to vote for Trump, you want to led about buy the nose by a skirt?

    • Angie MacGeil

      You can give up, or fight against Hillary. Collect all the bad she’s done and talk to your neighbors what she wants to bring to them once she’s in. Is it what they want? Many shootings have been stopped because of conceal and carry. Allot of robberies and assaults have been stopped because someone had a gun. Gun free zones promote criminals and shooters to act, and they question areas where guns might be. Do they want to subjecated as just humans on the planet, or slaves to goat herders. Muslims want that and your tax payment that will go to pay Isis fighters to destroy the rest of the world. The left wants to promote globalization. Where we all will be equally poor and have to do what the king wants us to do and be paid to live if we ever lose the shackles of our oppressors, the Muslims.

      • carlcasino

        I will never give up, it’s not in my genetic makeup. I can guarantee that talking to my neighbors will yield Zero results as far as voting FOR Trump since well over half my County is 3rd Generation welfare and are scared to death of “Losing my Check”. I will also state emphatically that I Will NEVER vote for a PROGRESSIVE of any Party.

  • dhd123

    Obama has always wanted Veterans to have insurance under Obamacare, he brought up that subject once in a meeting with the VFW, LEGION, AMVETS, DAV etc. in the oval office. He was told in no uncertain terms, to go to hell. Now the VA is outsourcing. Not a coincidence to me.