Allen West: Obama Mocks Trump, Ignores His Own Fraud Fear [Video]

Executive Director of the National Center for Policy Analysis, former Congressman, and retired Colonel Allen West knows a thing or two about voter fraud. He was a victim of it in St. Lucie County, Florida. In this great Fox News interview, he takes on the hypocrisy of President Obama. The video shows Obama both admitting to and denying voter fraud. Worth watching.


H/T Video Courtesy of BB4SP




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  • TheConstitutionMatters

    I’ve surmised that Paul Ryan and the RINOs are complicit as not one thing is being done to stop this. #RiggingTheVote Monster Vote. In God We Trust.

    George Soros supports Hillary and Democrats to the tune of over $25 million. So why then is Smartmatic, a company with direct ties to George Soros and deep ties to Hillary, providing voting machines to Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin?

    Smartmatic Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is a former U.N. official and sits on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. If Malloch-Brown’s Soros ties weren’t troubling enough, he also has ties to the Clintons through his work at two consulting firms.

  • Opinionated American

    I’m hoping with a Trump administration. That voter ID becomes law. So we can have a better belief in the voting system and drivers license are revoked from illegal immigrants until they get legal status.

  • cassie1655

    Illegals have been voting for years now. All one has to do is a search on Youtube as there are plenty documentaries and reports out on it. It’s disgusting as all hell!

  • Cindy Fear

    I work at a law firm and
    had an illegal Mexican client who never spoke a word of English and had a paid translator every time we spoke (how she could afford $50/hr was beyond me). When case settled and she came to get her check, I asked to see an i.d. and she pulled out a South Carolina Voter Registration Card. There is a network bringing them in here and helping them.