Allen West “Obama’s dangerous lie to the Jewish community”

Written by Allen West

Americans are single-mindedly focused on one particular Obama lie: “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it period.” This purposeful, blatant deceit of the American people, on top of past lies (such as a crude video being the impetus for the spontaneous demonstration resulting in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya) has eroded any trust, confidence, and credibility for Barack Obama.

However, there is another lie which has far greater implications for American credibility: “Iran will not get nuclear weapons.”

According to the follow-on reports from the negotiations of the UN P5+1 and Iran in Geneva, President Obama, through his characterless mouthpiece, Secretary of State John Kerry, was willing to end all sanctions against the rogue Islamic regime for minuscule concessions.




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  • Beckah

    I really don’t understand why much of the Jewish population backs the (D), especially this regime that has been AGAINST Israel from day one!

    Why is NOBODY focusing on the fact that if anyone (especially Israel) attacks Iran, we (the entire P5+1) must run to aid of…..IRAN? Seriously? Since when do we side with terrorists? Why is NOBODY making a big deal of this part of this “treaty” (that’s not called a treaty so Congress doesn’t have to ratify it)?

  • Beckah

    And as part of this “Iranian deal” we (the P5+1) must come to the aid of IRAN!? I can’t believe the treason this regime continues to get away with and the way the public “laps it up and begs for more”.