Allen West “Obama’s Foreign Policy Vacuum”

The intended purpose for vacuums is to clean, pick up dirt that we cannot often see with the naked eye … But when it comes to foreign policy there is another type of vacuum.

Written By Allen B. West For Townhall:

As I write this missive, it is Monday morning and I am in New York City at the Roosevelt Hotel. I am here for the London Center for Policy Research American Liberty Award Dinner. I did my NYC ritual of running Central Park and here in the room typing I heard the housekeepers start their ritual of taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of the floor – the sounds of the vacuums.

The intended purpose for vacuums is to clean, pick up dirt that we cannot often see with the naked eye. They are also helpful in clearing up debris and water after disasters. I remember one of my chores growing up in 651 Kennesaw Avenue in Atlanta was to vacuum the house. We had a monstrous Hoover system, man was that thing loud, but it did the job. And you knew so when you changed out the bag and saw what it had picked up.

But when it comes to foreign policy there is another type of vacuum.

Back in August 2011 I was part of a Congressional delegation visiting Israel and we had the pleasure of meeting with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. I will always remember his warning about vacuums, he advised us to not withdraw our military force footprint from Iraq. PM Netanyahu stated that if you create a vacuum it will be filled.

And so it is, when we get away from the real purpose of a vacuum, cleaning up dirt, and create your own via a short-sighted foreign policy – you create dirt, mess and a disaster that will eventually have to be cleaned up. The Obama administration thought it more important to adhere to campaign promises, rhetoric, and rigid ideology and created a huge vacuum in the Middle East. Unless you have forgotten, the Obama administration’s stated goal was to “pivot away from the Middle East” and that included abandoning a position of strength in the region.

And in the past three years, look at the dust balls that have gathered under the furniture with this vacuum.

An enemy that was defeated has now reconstituted and has secured swaths of territory and driven out historic communities. ISIS would not have been able to bring itself together if we had maintained the requested residual force in Iraq of 10,000-15,000 troops. As well, Iran would not have been able to become more of an influencer in Iraq if we had maintained a residual force in Iraq.

Perhaps, if there were still American leadership in the Middle East, Syria would not have descended into the deplorable situation which is having immense ramifications experienced all the way to Europe.

The Obama vacuum is not like the Hoover vacuum I used as a little kid. Instead of …..  (Continue Reading here)


LTC Allen B West Obama's Foreign Policy Vacuum
Obama’s Foreign Policy Vacuum



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  • Michael Guy

    Has America and Europe become lands destined to destruction, obliterated by their own choices? Has our society and culture adopted the suicidal policies of the atheist, socialist left? Did our nations’ adoption of hedonistic liberalism insure the inevitable, well-planned result of self-induced genocide of the Christian, Conservative, Capitalist, Caucasian, West so that we can be replaced by other races, creeds, cultures and religions? Have we in the West become those people “who did not like to retain God in their knowledge so that God gave them over to a debased mind”? Has God sent us a (progressive}” delusion that we should all believe the (liberal) lie, that we all may be condemned who did not believe the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness’? Have we replaced our allegiance and moral duties to Jesus Christ and been seduced like in Eve in the Garden to replace Jehovah/Yaweh with a new religion in which Government is God, Father and Husband to all? Have we gone so far that we renounced our duties towards our spouses and children so that we can seek lives of personal pleasure and fulfillment. I remember a few verse the Prophet Malachi used to warn the people of God, ( modified for our feminist indoctrinated society)” For the Lord has been a witness between you and the spouse of your youth, with whom you have dealt treacherously”. ‘ “for the Lord God of Israel hates divorce’. . But our Western, erstwhile Christian, primarily Caucasian, nations have rejected these commands from God. Now, like the Canaanites of old, we are being replaced by races, creeds and religions that honor marriage. And since our progressive Potemkin village allows us to be promiscuous and lascivious we can abrogate our responsibilities to our offspring and mates, knowing that somehow the indebted governments will provide. The Socialist elite will insure that food, clothing and shelter are provided from the tax money extorted from the righteous and productive. after all, what is a ghetto but a land where the anti-patriarchal family policies of the liberals are in affect. Malachi warned us, if the hearts of the fathers do not return to their children, and those of the children return to the fathers, the earth will be struck with a curse. Could the Almighty, the Judge of all the Earth be allowing those hordes of illegal aliens, invited by our socialist leaders, because their cultures at least honor marriage, husbands and fathers? They may be Christ-less, but they do not have the blood of their own innocent children, sacrificed in the pursuits of pleasures upon their hands? Is there a remedy, a hard path of remorse, repentance and return to righteousness or is our summer over, our harvest ended and we cannot be saved? Have the progressive promises, the liberal lies of Lucifer and the Satanic deception of atheist socialism so blinded our society? Have the Democrats achieved their agenda and goals for our annihilation and destruction, so that they can impose their totalitarian tyranny upon those who remain? Pray upon this, and then act upon this.

  • Patriot47

    queen skippy’s “foreign policy” consists of hands off unless it helps muslims. Not a vacuum – a pipeline of treason.