Allen West “Obama’s latest statement about ISIS may be his most FRIGHTENING yet”

The president’s comments come the day after ISIS carried out coordinated terror attacks in Brussels.


As Written By Allen B. West:

In the Bible’s Letter of the Apostle James, Chapter one, verse eight, there is a warning to “beware the double-minded man who is unstable in all his ways.” The great thing about today’s media technology is that the hypocrisy of the “double-minded man” is immediately illuminated – in this case, President Barack Obama after the Brussels ISIS terror attack.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “President Barack Obama told reporters Wednesday that the Islamic State does not pose an existential threat to the United States one day after the jihadist group claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

“Groups like [ISIS] can’t destroy us; they can’t defeat us; they don’t produce anything,” Obama said at a joint press conference with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri during a state visit. “They’re not an existential threat to us,” Obama said.

The president’s comments come the day after ISIS carried out coordinated terror attacks in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, killing at least 31 people and wounding over 200 others.

Obama has received much criticism from both sides of the political aisle for choosing to attend a baseball game in Cuba after the attacks rather than return to Washington to handle the aftermath of the violence. He spent 51 seconds acknowledging the attack during formal remarks the same day to an audience in Cuba.

Critics say the president does not recognize the severity of the threat ISIS poses to the West and that he needs to rethink his strategy to defeat the jihadist group.

Obama also underwent scrutiny late last year for saying that ISIS was ‘contained’ the day before it launched coordinated attacks in Paris, which resulted in 130 deaths.”

During the 51 seconds President Obama spent mentioning we had to defeat ISIS, how it is not an existential threat? That is the definition of a double-minded man.

And if Obama doesn’t believe ISIS is an existential threat, tell that to the loved ones of the Americans who are still unaccounted for from the Brussels attack. It’s very easy to blather on with deslusional ramblings when you’re not in danger of being affected by Islamic jihadism.

Obama’s statement simply reinforces the fact that he’s not prepared to do anything. As he said, he has many other things on his plate, like going to a baseball game, doing the wave, being interviewed on ESPN and dancing the tango.

So, as ISIS has declared it has hundreds deployed throughout Europe, where …….


Obama’s latest statement about ISIS may be his most FRIGHTENING yet – Allen B. West –



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  • Sgtsnuffy


    • Mike_Travis

      Actually I propose there is another explanation. He is a TRAITOR. No insane person could do as much damage to America in 7 years being insane, plus his actions repeatedly prove him to be a traitor who even told us he would fundamentally transform America, which he has done like no other enemy of America has ever done.

      He must be executed for his treason along with those who allow, condone, or collude with him in that effort, meaning everyone in congress and the judiciary for they ahve all refused to do their sacred suty to defend the Constitution.

      • Roy

        To be a traitor the person first has to have a loyalty to this nation that he betrays, Obama has never had any loyalty to this country to betray. He has been an enemy of our constitutional republic his entire life. He has shown that in multiple and varied ways – failing to salute the flag with hand over heart during the national anthem, refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin until forced to by public opinion, removal of the American flag from the dais at press conferences, the destruction of our military and intelligence capability, the destruction of our health care system and our economy and so much more. This is a man who from day one has attacked this nation from within and has been aided and abetted by the actual traitors in Congress on both sides of the aisle. I agree with you that no one who was simply insane could have caused as much damage as he has. Nor can it be blamed on incompetence, lack of experience, etc. The amount of damage this man and his accomplices, both knowing and unwitting, have done to this nation could only have been deliberate with malice aforethought.

        • Mike_Travis

          Roy, Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

          I do not disagree with you. My reason for calling him a traitor is he CLAIMS to be a NBC, though we have no proof that he is nor has any court ruled to that effect. So in the absence of verifiable proof that he is NOT a NBC, I call him a traitor assuming he is a NBC.

          My own position is he is not even a US citizen at all by virtue of being adopted by Lolo Soetoro. In that case he can be executed for sedition which is fine with me.

          Either way, we both agree he is a threat to the survival of America and he must be executed according to the law, regardless of whether that be for treason or for sedition.

          • Roy

            Mike, I agree with you that he is not a natural born citizen but not for the same reason. The only definition of NBC that existed at the time that the Constitution was written was the one defined by Emmerich de Vattel’s ‘Law of Nations’ written in 1758. Several of the framers owned copies and cited it in other writings as a source for parts of the Constitution. The definition Vattel put forth is, “natural born citizens are those born in the country of parents who are citizens”. Note that the term ‘parents’ is plural meaning that BOTH parents must be citizens of the country. That means that regardless of what happened later or even if he was, as has been speculated, born in Kenya, those issues are secondary to the fact that his FATHER WAS NEVER AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. Thus, while he was, at the time of his birth a ‘citizen by birth’ through his mother’s American citizenship, he is NOT and NEVER WAS a ‘natural born citizen’. John McCain was eligible because, at the time of his birth, the Panama Canal Zone was American Territory and both of his parents were citizens. American military bases overseas are considered American territory, therefore children born there are considered NBCs. The same is true of American embassies.

    • Momma

      Here’s another explanation: evil.

  • Jeff Noncent

    the guy in the white houe is the enemy of the United State of America.

  • ode chan

    America made a big time mistake in 2008. The idea is please don’t do it again. Send Hillary and old man winter Sanders home. Better yet, ship them to Syria to the vacuum that their know it all condescending first Muslim/black POTUS created.

  • Momma

    Obummer is full of caca as we all know.