Allen West “Our Veterans deserve better than empty words from Obama and VA Secretary”

by Allen West

So we were told by President Obama that after this new secretary assumed the reins, we’d get to the bottom of the situation in the VA. Well, once again, it seem those were just empty words.

On “Meet The Press” recently, Secretary McDonald stated, “Nine hundred people have been fired since I became secretary. We’ve got 60 people that we fired who have manipulated wait times.”

Except that’s not the truth.


Allen West’s closing comments on the above article:

“Our veterans deserve better and I pray the day will come when the correct emphasis is placed on leadership at the VA.

In the end, the Washington Post Fact Checker says “Recommending people to receive a letter about their wrongdoing is not the same thing as being fired. Recommending people to be fired is not the same thing as being fired. Employees are not fired unless they have been removed from their jobs. Whether resigning under pressure should be counted as being “held accountable” or being fired — well, McDonald may know better about that himself.”

Veterans Administration Secretary McDonald was awarded four Pinocchio’s for his statement. Just utterly sad.”

VA Secretary lied about people being fired for wait time scandal:





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