Allen West “Read this, and then tell me which of these three men can REALLY do the job”

Recently we shared the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) testimony of U.S. Forces Commander in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, who, when asked by Rep. Bridenstine (R-OK) if he had authority to engage the Taliban replied, no.
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As Written By Allen B. West:

If there’s one thing that angers me for certain, it’s knowing my combat brothers and sisters who’ve sacrificed so much are watching their hard earned gains in “da ‘Stan” be wasted. It is no different than what happened in Iraq. I spent two-and-a-half years after retiring as a civilian-military adviser to the Afghan Army down in Kandahar. I remember landing in Helmand province to meet with the newly arrived British Army representatives as we stood up the 3d Brigade of the Afghan 205th Corps and the building of Camp Bastion began.

My own nephew has deployed twice to Afghanistan, so what’s happening there is personal…not to mention my concerns for the young men who were our interpreter/translators.

But this story goes far beyond me; it will have ramifications for the next president, which means the outcome is truly in your hands.

As reported by, “A senior American general has proposed resuming offensive strikes against the Taliban, exposing a rift between the military and senior administration officials over the U.S. role in the war in Afghanistan, according to military officials.

Senior Pentagon officials complained that Gen. John F. Campbell, who commanded U.S. forces in Afghanistan until earlier this month, broke with standard military procedure when he forwarded his proposal in recent weeks directly to the White House without the backing of Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter. Campbell said he followed normal procedures in submitting his recommendations, which could draw the United States back into a broader air campaign against the Taliban.

This dispute comes as Afghan forces struggle to hold back resurgent Taliban forces, which have reclaimed some areas won at great cost during the U.S. troop surge. And many Taliban fighters think “they are operating from a position of strength,” according to Campbell, speaking recently to troops at an American base in Afghanistan.”

General John Campbell is a warrior of a breed not welcomed by the Obama administration. You see, General Campbell knows what’s happening on the ground and as a combat theater commander, you’d think the commander in chief would appreciate his thoughts and insights. But not in this current presidential administration, because his highness declared combat operations over, and to conduct “offensive” air strikes would be an admittance that Obama’s unilateral declaration was not translated into Farsi or Pashtu so the Taliban would acquiesce. They sadly did not get the memo.

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Read this, and then tell me which of these three men can REALLY do the job – Allen B. West –



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  • dsmlstanl

    After serving under Obama I believe Cruz and Kasich have a timid mindset when it comes to Islam. I believe Trumps the only one who will let our military do what they are trained to do. I certainly wouldn’t trust Clinton with it as callous as she is.

    • Marla D. Carter

      You obviously haven’t heard Cruz say that he’d go in, carpet bomb, annihilate ISIS and then get our men out…..and he’d know just how to do it because he’s got one bang up advisory panel assembled. I’m afraid Trump would get in there and do one of his famous about faces when the pressure hit. He’s already backed off of so many things he’s said, then turned around again, then backed off again, then turned around again…… At 70 years old, I’m afraid he can’t really remember what he’s said.

      • senior74

        And I can just see Trump negotiating with foreign heads of states not getting his way or if they said something he didn’t like, Trump calling him names like he does with Megyn Kelly. Certainly NOT a diplomatic bone in his body! He would want to be treated like a king!!!! Ithink we would be in a war because of him!

      • RightLane1111

        Look…carpeting bombing will do not good whatsoever. The man doesn’t know what he is talking about. The difference between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is this: Ted does it “his way”…or more to the point…Bush’s way. Trump will get the top military advisors and ask what needs to be done to END this entire fiasco and keep America safe.

    • Heide

      I totally agree, dsmistanl. Trump will keep Americans safe.

      • bluebonnet

        dump trump is an egotistical and greedy buffoon. He would make us the laughing stock , more than we are now.

        • Heide

          I’m thinking you’re the buffoon.

        • RightLane1111

          Didn’t know that Teddy Insider was hiding in plain sight…did you.

    • bluebonnet

      TED CRUZ will support the United States ad the military will grow and he is an honorable man,,,,the military will do what they are made for

  • Jaebo Daniels

    Hollywood Trump! Thats who they want! What a backwards ass way of bringing our country out of a liberal coma! Hollywood! Hollywood! Wouldn’t give a bucket of piss for this Nation’s future, under the art of the deal film-flam man! Hoover built a dam and Trump will build a wall! Hoover caused a National depression, put Trump in office and here we go again!

  • Beckah

    We should have been DONE with the whole region 5 years ago (or more)! A REAL CIC (American, Patriot) would have gone in with purpose, removed the lethal ROI, TRULY had islamic terrorists “on the run” (or better yet, dead)!

    Instead we have a regime that continues to thin our troops, sending them into war zones without the means to even defend themselves, let alone win. If that’s not bad enough, we have a government that insists on providing AID to anyone and everyone on Earth, especially if they HATE us!

    It’s time to bring our men home and turn the entire region into a parking lot!

    • bluebonnet

      TED CRUZ 2016 the only true CONSERVATIVE

  • Roy

    I would have that I would trust either Cruz or Trump IF Trump carries through on his promises and lets the military commanders make the calls.

    • bluebonnet

      dump trump only says what he wants to hear