Allen West SLAMS The Credibility of Hillary Clinton Over Top Secret Email Scandal

NCPA President and CEO Allen West joined Deidre Bolton on Fox Business Networks Risk & Rewards to discuss the newest scandal regarding top secret emails and Hillary Clinton’s credibility.

“For Hillary Clinton to declare the 11 hours of testimony that she had to undergo to the 13 hours that those security contractors had to undergo with a vicious and heroic actions in the face of an incredible attack at the hands of Islamic jihadism in Benghazi is unconscionable.”

Hillary’s credibility is shot! 



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  • lokiswife

    After the piles of Hillary corruption and scandals has aired, anyone who votes for her should have a big red “S” for stupid stamped on their foreheads…

  • mustang

    I just saw the movie “13 Hours” and if any democrat has the guts to watch that movie, there is NO WAY you will leave without blaming Clinton & Soetoro for what transpired, unless you’re dumb as post or a complete mindless sycophant of Clinton.

    • believe

      Her even being able to run is a slap in the face to the parents of the men that died under her watch. But don’t leave the other criminal free Obama is just as much to blame. THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHY THEY REFER TO POLITICS AS BEING DIRTY. If she even get by with murder like they have in the past and Barack having his 3 lovers Murdered to keep them from bringing him out as a homosexual, Like the Bush’s dirty secret, we HAVE TO REMOVE THESES CANCERS FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. Want TRUTH or feel better not knowing the truth? For the intelligent that care about what we have running our country ,Go Here.

    • Kathleen Thiele Ball

      I saw it last weekend and what she went through is NOTHING compared to what our heroes went through.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Special Access Program (SAP) documents are so sensitive that even people who have security clearances giving them access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartment Information (TS SCI) , an enormously high security clearance level, cannot have accesses to a SAP’s unless they receive a special indoctrination in to the SAP based on an operational “must know” that exceeds all other “need to know” standards. Compromise of a SAP is the single most dangerous security violation that can ever happen to the USA. Even the enormously damaging revelations of the Edward Snowden’s TOP Secret SCI security compromise does not reach the level of a SAP compromise.

    To put SAP information in to an unsecured sever like Hillary Clinton’s unsecure server ( 22 so far) is a class one felony that could, in some cases, result in life in prison. That is because such a compromise is so dangerous that it could and likely will result in the death of people protected by and within the scope of the SAP.

  • Jeff Noncent

    all of the the guy in the white house should have been in jail by now

    • believe

      It is Going to be up to the AMERICAN PEOPLE to REMOVE THE CRIMINALS FROM OUR WHITE HOUSE. BUT for a few, that is all we have running our COUNTRY.

      • Jeff Noncent

        I agree with you but on the other hand we voted Republican back in 2014, look at where we are right nothing change


    I will continue buying AMMO!OUR war is coming.

  • 2War Abn Vet


  • Greg Callanan

    My first thought….what credibility? She meant her time under sniper fire….oh wait…..

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    Democrats, especially those who support HRC, call it all smoke and mirrors. But where there’s smoke there’s fire and it damn well needs investigation.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Hillary Clinton for PRISON not President!

  • Snap N McGarrett

    “Allen West only pretended to execute people. Hillary? Not so much…” ~Vince Foster.

  • Elspeth Pilotsdotter

    Hillary Clinton must be indicted. Obama is crooked – his DOJ is crooked – but no one and no thing can be THAT crooked. Indict, try and jail Hillary Clinton.