Allen West “Somebody needs to send the Congressional GOP leadership to a small unit tactics course”


By Allen B. West:

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what just happened with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The first thing we need to understand is this entire episode should have been regarded as a treaty by the Constitution. The machinations instituted completely bastardized the established process we have within our Rule of Law.

The second point is that upon assuming control of the US Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reversed Harry Reid’s filibuster rule and returned it back to the 60-vote threshold. Since the JCPOA was not brought forth as a treaty, it was not about President Obama getting approval — two thirds — it was about his surviving disapproval by way of veto. This is what the Republican-controlled Senate agreed to. When it was brought to the floor for vote, only one senator voted against the measure — Arkansas Freshman Senator Tom Cotton — who was viciously assailed. In hindsight, he was courageous, and right.

The result is that 42 Senate Democrats blocked the resolution for disapproval of the JCPOA from even coming to the Senate floor, so President Obama doesn’t even have to use his veto. If Majority Leader McConnell had kept the filibuster threshold Reid had implemented, this wouldn’t have been possible because it would have been a simple majority.

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Folks, here’s why we need to stop fighting the Iran deal and just let it go – Allen B. West –

West went on to say:

I find it unconscionable that President Obama continues to promote his own false narrative. It’s as if he’s not been privy to the news — for example, that Iran’s supreme leader has vowed Americans will not be part of any inspection team.

The word I’ve received from Capitol Hill is that the GOP-controlled Senate is scrambling to try and find other courses of action to revisit a vote.

My recommendation is that they just drop it. Drop it because they’ve already been utterly embarrassed and made to look abjectly incompetent. The GOP asked for a Senate majority, got it — and yet, sadly, they still found a way to secure defeat from the jaws of victory.

And so on Monday, President Barack Obama will be known as a financier to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Let him own this. And every single one of the 42 Democrats who voted to block the JCPOA coming to the floor, let them own this.

This is no different from the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank, all the excessive regulations and the incessant executive orders. Let Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes own it all. Let the American people start to realize what happens when the country is ruled instead of governed.

Is that a message of surrender? Nope, it’s a message of hard truth and finally allowing the consequences of progressive socialism to be felt. What also needs to happen is the GOP making a decision to raise up a new crop of principled leaders, who are not so weak and will fight for this republic and put the liberal progressive left on the defense.

What happened with the JCPOA shouldn’t have occurred if those in GOP “leadership” positions had stood upon the rule of law and our governing process. If Senate Majority Leader McConnell had simply looked the cameras in the eye and said, nope, we’re keeping the filibuster thresholds right where Harry Reid put them; remember, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck”. Somebody needs to send the Congressional GOP leadership to a small unit tactics course — Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course is right there in Quantico, Virginia. Hint, hint…

The troubling matter is that we’re watching the end of “bipartisanship,” and it’s not at the hands of Republicans — who are just trying too hard to play nice. You’re watching Democrats advance their agenda by any means necessary and taking no prisoners en route.

When you consider that all of Barack Obama’s major domestic, foreign policy and national security “achievements” have been accomplished with no GOP support, that’s quite telling. And the left loves to demonize the constitutional conservative grassroots movement as intolerant and dangerous. What do you call a president and a party that blocked a measure to preclude providing billions of dollars to the number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism the day before 9-11?

The American people didn’t want this, as a recent polling report from McLaughlin and Associates articulates:

Our just completed national poll of 800 likely 2016 voters interviewed on September 2nd and 3rd shows that: …………………





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  • Ann American

    Who better than Allen West to tackle this?

  • Moss500

    They all have “small units”, which is why they put up no opposition.

  • Ron

    We have lost the American voice and concern in both parties. They have given us over to our enemies.

  • America_Woman

    Mr. West, Thanks for the graphic. Love it. Thanks for explaining what the RINOs did. Blessings

  • disqus_e0XtJDMPfo

    So why is Allen West not running for Prez in 2016?

  • Webb

    The “Will” of the people, has not counted for so many years…we have surrendered
    our rights, freedoms, and liberties by electing the same politicians over and over and over. ALWAYS with the same Results, our “Will” meaning nothing.

  • Sharon

    This inept Congress needs to listen to “we the people” and not the idiots in Washington.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      I am afraid that “We the People” have been at fault by electing these lying politicians to represent us. Just because they have an “r” after their name and make promises (that they won’t keep). we, the electorate, have been deluding ourselves for decades.. Where are the REAL Constitutionalists?

      • Sharon

        Not all of “we the people” voted these lying politicians into power

        • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

          Of course not, Sharon, but more did than didn’t. It is a sad commentary on the intelligence of those “others”.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    What kind of congressional arm twisting went on to get these two elected to lead the House and Senate? Promises of important committee assignments? Boehner and McConnell are two of the worst to be in charge. Their terms of office should be terminated, with Constitutionalists appointed/elected to lead.

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    “Speak for yourself, John”.

  • Patriot47

    Is there anyone out there that still trusts the GOP?

    • America_Woman

      I was a lifelong Republican. When John McCain was nominated and ran for President I and my husband changed our party affiliation to Independent. We can’t vote in most primary elections in this state.
      I do not trust the GOP. The older they are the more they lie. I hope eventually all states will have term limits.

  • jim scofield

    Unfortunately if a politician is not corrupt when he is
    elected with in a week of his taking of the oath he/she
    is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. We need to get back
    to the way it was originally where the members had to
    be dragged to Washington DC kicking and screaming
    because they actually had real jobs like Farms and Ranches
    to run. Always remember “Power Corrupts and Absolute
    Power Corrupts Absolutely”

  • Chas

    The American people know exactly who sponsored, negotiated, and voted for this abomination. At some point the American people will hold you accountable AND it won’t be pretty….

  • dhd123

    bastardized and Obama just goes together like meat and potatoes.