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  • Beckah

    The best part is now the Republicans in Congress are ready to play “go along to get along” with the Demonrats in yet another round of infringements!

    • sarah armstrong

      Problem being the Repulsivecans are as undesirable as the Demonrats.

      • Beckah

        Indeed they are. It may well be America’s greatest failure that we’ve only managed to have two political parties; corruption is easier when so few are involved!


    Let’s be clear here, these events and happenings have been perpetrated and created by 55-plus years of Democrat polices and politics. This police brutality against blacks happens in liberally and Democrat controlled cities. They work for Democrat mayors liberally biased city councils and police. Many of which are BLACK! If these people want to blame someone or something, blame the frign’ party and its leadership you’ve be aligned with…they’re your slave masters and the ones who usurp the laws. They’re the ones who continually make laws and fascist policies that strip our rights to keep us all subservient to their wills. This will stop and only stop when you, we, stop voting for these political pariahs and apparatchiks. Stop blaming a populous that has nothing to do with the plight you’ve chosen to be affiliated with. Last night in Baton Rouge I heard a black man, one of the protest organizers, essentially say we need to be “separate but equal”…now where have I heard that before?

  • Teresa Clark

    Obama is pushing riots so he can call Martial Law and once he does that we are all screwed!!!!
    Martial law is an extreme measure used to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos. Which means the next president will not take office that Obama will remain president. This is the same thing Adolf Hitler did! He will take your guns and your food if he chooses, nothing is yours anymore, not even your children, your home or your money!

  • Teresa Clark
  • Teresa Clark

    Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in AUGUST 2016


    • Beckah

      You don’t think August is a bit early? I’m thinking mid-October so that this “emergency” will make it necessary to “temporarily postpone” the election.