Allen West: STUNNER! We now have ABSOLUTE proof that Obama… 

This is why we need men and women in Washington DC who understand the Constitution.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Happy New Year folks from Pittsburgh! We’re here as a family for two purposes. First, we’re checking out housing for our oldest daughter, Aubrey, who’s been accepted to the physician assistant program at nearby West Liberty University. And we’re attending a wedding for the son of dear friends in downtown Pittsburgh.

Last night we were eating at the Marketplace Bar and Grill and several of Pittsburgh’s finest, men of the “thin blue line” came in and chatted with me and the family. I’m always so humbled to shake the hands of our everyday heroes, our law enforcement officers and first responders, God bless them. And you could just feel the relief and excitement as they know the atmosphere in America will change in their favor. We should never ever again have an occupant in our White House who demonizes and disparages our Blue Knights.

And we should never ever again have anyone masquerading as a president who does everything possible to undermine our economic growth. I truly believe within the next year we shall learn more about what went on in the Obama White House. And there will be information that will simply turn our stomachs — of course most will have been shredded or otherwise destroyed, but someone will retain some records…trust me. Regardless, here’s proof, following up a previous post, that Obama has done everything to burn down the house of America.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “President Obama’s lame duck administration poured on thousands more new regulations in 2016 at a rate of 18 for every new law passed, according to a Friday analysis of his team’s expansion of federal authority.

While Congress passed just 211 laws, Obama’s team issued an accompanying 3,852 new federal regulations, some costing billions of dollars. The 2016 total was the highest annual number of regulations under Obama. Former President Bush issued more in the wake of 9/11. 

The proof that it was an overwhelming year for rules and regulations is in the Federal Register, which ended the year Friday by printing a record-setting 97,110 pages, according to the analysis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The annual “Unconstitutional Index” from Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president for policy, said that it was much higher under Obama than under former President George W. Bush.”

“The multiple did tend to be higher during the Obama administration. Bush’s eight years averaged 20, while Obama’s almost-eight have averaged 29,” said his report, first provided to Secrets. His index is meant to show that it is the federal bureaucracy, not Congress, that levies the most rules. “There’s no pattern to any of this, since the numerators and denominators can vary widely; there had been 114 laws in 2015, and a multiple of 39. The multiple can be higher with fewer laws, or with more regulations, holding the other constant. The point is that agencies do the bulk of lawmaking, no matter the party in power,” he wrote.”

When Barack Obama said he had a pen and a phone he meant it. However, the issue is that we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a constitutional monarchy. It means government is established and operates under the consent of the governed, not as subjects to be ruled, but as citizens to be governed.

And it’s not up to the legislative branch, the most powerful of our three, to just acquiesce to an all powerful executive and give them any and every thing they want.

Obama decided to operate as a ruler (and not one capable of governing). Obama demanded to have his policy and agenda accomplished not by legislation, but by executive order and fiat. The end result is that we’ve had unelected administration bureaucrats who are dictating an agenda and punishing the American people, forcing them to bend to their ideological whims.

We don’t have representative governance. What we now have is a form of hidden taxation without representation. Many of these rules and regulations appear out of the clear blue and those in the private sector, especially small business owners, haven’t a clue as to what’s happening…until they’re told they are in violation of some rule or regulation.

They contact their duly-elected representatives who haven’t a clue or the ability to affect these rules. But, what these representatives should do, especially in the House of Representatives, is to cut the budgets of these government administrative bureaucracies equivalent to the financial burden their unconstitutional regulations are imposing.

For those who study the Constitution, you know about the “Origination Clause” which states in Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 the following, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

This is why we need men and women in Washington DC who understand the Constitution, as the executive branch doesn’t have the enumerated power to generate any measures that raise revenue…which is just another example of the unconstitutional actions of one Barack Obama.

The good thing is that these executive actions can be reversed, and we’ve previously shared the top ten regulations and the cost to businesses that should immediately be repealed. If we are to stimulate economic growth in America, we cannot continue down the path of the expansive bureaucratic administrative state stymying businesses by way of hidden taxation.

The mountain of red tape does nothing to improve our economic standing but the good news is this new Congress may be introducing and passing the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny), “(Sec. 2) States that the purpose of this Act is to increase accountability for and transparency in the federal regulatory process by requiring Congress to …

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Stunner: We now have ABSOLUTE proof that Obama… – Allen B. West –



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  • Jeff Noncent

    I will never trust this man call Obala

    • Powhatan Hall

      Trust him?
      I saw him coming. I only wish that he would move to Siberia or Deep South Africa and never return. I also know that will never happen. As long as the American people seek freedom he will be there seeking to destroy it.
      I don’t know how many people realizes it but the man is an anti-America radical in congruent with his Muslim communist background, and a racist and someone comfortable with putting a wide grin on his face while telling the American people a obvious lie.
      During his terms in office, he didn’t have a lot of press conferences where he could be asked difficult questions. He bypassed the Congress and the Senate and did whatever he wanted to do with the EOs.
      When he wanted approval, he went to the ultra liberal talk shows and college campuses. The darling college snowflakes love anyone who hates America. They claim to hate capitalism but not a one of them would turn down the opportunity to be a rich capitalist. Michael Moore comes to mind.

      • ONTIME

        Be better to wrap him in a canvas weighted with pig meat and let the ocean bottom be his final resting place….

        • Nunnyah Biz

          Naw, I want a public hanging for the usurper, broadcast world wide!

      • Jeff Noncent

        Obama is a disgrace to this nation and the world

    • sunshinegirl

      I never did trust him from day one. I lost what I thought was a dear friend. She was for everything about Obama and I wasn’t. She didn’t like what I said about him, but instead of just deleting it she started writing nasty little digs. I blocked her and we haven’t spoken since. I always felt like if I didn’t like something she said I’d just delete it rather than cause waves.
      It is sad when you let Politics override a friendship and let people feel the way they want to about things. She really respected the Obama family. I wasn’t about to drop a friendship over politics but I could tell just from different things she would write back that it was getting to a point of anger on her behalf. My feelings are different about the Obama family and they haven’t changed since day one.

      • Jeff Noncent

        it’s interesting to say the least there are people who is like your friend

  • metal

    I fear his worst is yet to come. His voting base believes every word he spews so any evil he does will be blamed on Trump now.

    • Beckah

      You can’t fix delusions. Trump seems like the kind of guy that isn’t going to worry a whole lot about “popularity polls” done by the lame-stream media. I hope he carries out the “for every one regulation, two must go” policy, better yet, and end to executive regulation all together!

      • Judy Selich

        Beckah, you have made an intriguing post. There will always be some executive regulation, but that must never be a “goal” for the president. If we could have taken away Obama’s pen two or three years ago America would be in a better place. Alas!

    • johnmcc

      Like the media even matters any more. Lets stop reading them; unsubscribe from all their news-feeds and let them die as they already are. The MSM is a dying animal and dying animals get desperate sometimes.

      • Philbert McNutt

        About the only time I make use of the MSM,is when arguing with the progs.
        They can’t argue with the fake news found on CNN and in the WaPoo.

    • sunshinegirl

      Sad but true.

    • Judy Selich

      Trump will be his chief target, there is no question about that; but, I tend to believe that he has a more “permanent solution”. When Agenda 21 was dumped because Clinton lost the election, Obama has been on a “tear”! He seems to have calmed down a bit, but I put nothing past him. He does not take the word “NO” easily. We told him what we thought of Clinton as a POTUS and her promise to enact U.N. Agenda 21 and he still doesn’t understand her loss was, in part, due to her promise to erase our borders. What American citizen would want to share the violence and mayhem occurring in Europe? Obama doesn’t not seem to understand the connection between Clinton losing the election and his Hidden Agenda. Obviously, there were other reasons she lost, but Agenda 21, pushed her into oblivion.

  • Powhatan Hall

    The Founders did their best with the Constitution and it has served us well.
    The problem has always been in Washington whenever a piece of legislation is written and passed, no one ever bothers to ask whether or not it is Constitutional, anyone that does pays a political price.
    In recent years even the Supreme Court has shoved laws down the throats of the American people where they had no constitutional right to do so.
    When the Left wants something, it want it, Constitution and civil rights be damned.

    • ONTIME

      Constitution…..isn’t that the old guys way of limiting government over reach?

  • KC



    This frigging lying idiot aka the Fake potus still thinks of himself as the monarchal WH regime and loves issuing edicts, mandated and feudal orders to his soldiers and serfs……verifying the fact he is a con artist A-hole…..

    • Judy Selich

      OnTime, your post makes me think you are a history buff; not many people stop to consider the intent behind his “feudal orders to his soldiers and serfs”

  • Beckah

    Is there a single Federal agency that we really CAN’T live without? When this bill is passed (haven’t read it yet), what we need is reform in Congress that demands that EVERY BILL can be no longer than TWO PAGES, in simple English and with NO RIDERS!! Congress is a part-time job, not a career, and needs “upgrading” to cut down on BS expenses!

    • TheCountess De Plorable

      Congress was never to be a full time, lived always in DC job. Congress was expected to be meet one day a year! One day !!!!!!!!!
      And LAW of any kind was to rendered to the general public for approval…
      BY CONSENT of the WILL of the PEOPLE…
      That translates to co- partnership…
      Now, when has THAT ever taken place?

      • Judy Selich

        Countess De Plorable, you are correct. Unfortunately, too many of our “representatives” are enthralled by the sound of their own voice, pontificating and telling us what to do. Perhaps, Obama gives lessons?

  • Bob

    “The so called “establishment”
    Republicans did nothing to stop this corrupt regime! What’s more, most
    of them voted for all the corruption he requested. They approved all of
    his far left cabinet choices. They funded everything they wanted and
    just tell me HOW this corrupt regime got their hands on $400,000,000 in
    unmarked untraceable US dollars??!! How does that happen without
    Congress or the Senate knowing??!!”

    A QUOTE from Ellie Lantz above. (I don’t do facebook). I couldn’t agree more. We need to get rid of about 95% of both parties and start with NEW ones who are “FOR AMERICA”.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    The treason & corruption are so firmly entrenched in All branches of our government, fed, state, & local, that it will take armed revolution to even start to accomplish what you suggest Colonel West, AND YOU KNOW IT!

    Trump will be too busy dodging the assassination attempts, by his own party and others, to get anything done! The tyrants & traitors will not concede easily! There are no longer any other options!

    • Blanda

      I fear you may be ultimately correct.

    • FIRE1949

      Exactly the reasons we must pray for Trump and our Country.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        I have been praying. GOD says prepare to defend yourselves from evil!

        He can’t get any plainer than that!

  • sdlare

    I don’t know how many tens of thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations are on the books throughout all levels of government, but don’t you think we have more than enough already? We are supposed to be a free people, whose government operates at our bidding, not their own self interests. I would truly like to see a jump of about 25% in the unemployment rate, by eliminating most government positions. Aside from a treasury and defense department, and a law abiding DOJ, I don’t see any need for any of the other federal cabinet positions. The number of agencies who are allowed to regulate, tax and otherwise punish the American people, with no accountability whatsoever, are more reminiscent of the Soviet Union than the United States of America. Until this unbridled, runaway government is halted, we are not a free nation. Government produces nothing, creates no income, and has to use force to exist and operate. That is NOT how a free nation is governed. Congress has the constitutional power and responsibility to provide or remove funding for these agencies and mini-tyrants to operate. By cutting off their funding, the die. And that is what we need to do. Just as an example, the EPA told Alaskans not to burn wood to keep warm. WTF right do they have to tell people how or how not they may try to survive the brutal winter near the Arctic Circle? I hope the entire state flipped them the bird and kept on staying warm.

    • TheCountess De Plorable

      When Departments and bureaucrats are allowed, granted, EXPECTED to write LAW

  • Patriot47

    You were ALL warned about this lame duck hissy-fit. 8 YEARS AGO.

    • TheCountess De Plorable

      All America had to do was ‘vet’ him themselves and he would not have been elected.
      I remember arguing with a lady his eligibility and she refused to listen to my proof.
      Orly Taitz goes all the way to the 9th Circuit in Pasadena with full Quo Warranto in hand…. they shot her down…
      All of legislature was in on it and many of those are still in office.

      Look at the ones who wanted Cruz….

      Either we go by our Constitution or we loose it all..

      • Patriot47

        But voters chose the easy button, and called me NUTZ.

        • TheCountess De Plorable

          Looking back I have to wonder….
          Did the voters actually vote the man in office…. twice?

          • Patriot47

            Only if you count the vote theft and voter fraud.

          • Powhatan Hall

            If you take a serious look, you find that so much of the asinine SJ crape originates and emanates from the colleges and universities. Many of those professors and administrators have powerful voices among politicians, CEOs, judges, lawyers etcetera. Many of these people are the parents of the little darling social justice snowflakes that attend these schools and pay a lot of money to do so. I don’t have to remind you that the majority of the professors are ultra liberal.
            If we don’t do something to get these people out of our educational system, we lose all of what little freedom we have left. Our children are in that system from grade school thru grad school. That is a lot of indoctrination.

  • DCW left coast

    Going to be a massive undertaking to FIX the Obama Train Wreck . . .

  • Powhatan Hall

    In many ways watching Obama stand before an accommodating crowd and spout his version of the facts is incredible. Most of the time, he doesn’t get within a thousand miles of the truth. Equally remarkable is the fact that at the end, he is either the hero or the Black victim.

    Maybe you have known someone that has zero affinity to the truth. To one Barrack Obama, the facts mean nothing. In his entire term as President, he continuously reminded his loyal audiences of all of the gloriously amazing things he was able to do. In any one of his orations, you can count the number of times you heard him say “I.”

    On the other hand, I am thankful that I was able to see him coming long before he reached the Oval Office.

    I learned early in life that every time you hear the adjective “rock star” associated with of all things a politician, lawyer, car salesman, or financial adviser, or closet Communist Muslim, it signals a red flag that you never put down.

    Obama was born of committed radical Marxist Socialist parents.

    His early exposure to education came from an Islamic madrasa in Indonesia. His high school came under the tutorial ship of one Frank Marshall Davis, a self-described card- carrying member of the Communist Party. But his grad-school was spread over a twenty year period under the guidance of the Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, the ex-Muslim, Marxist pontificator of what is known as “Black Liberation Theology,” translated: “We hate all White people.”

    The Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Left interpreted all of these qualifications not as liabilities but resume’ enhancers.

    Just don’t forget that Barrack Obama was elected to the highest position in the free world because he made himself sellable, and what part of his history that could not be hidden or covered up, gullible America chose to ignore because he was Black.

    Now that he is out of office, instead of buying a one -way ticket to Siberia, he intends to finish the job of destroying the United States of America.

  • metheoldsarge

    When the GOP got control of the Senate and the House, they could have had the President’s hands politically tied. They could have had the invasion of illegals stopped cold and started deporting the others. The cowardly RINOs refused to do anything except to give him everything he wanted. They all ignored what they were elected to do. What were the voters smoking when they reelected Ryan, McConnell and McCain? This is what we got with professional politicians who care more about this $ more than they do about the people who elected them into office. WAkE UP AMERICA!


    Now Halfast B’Ob the “unknown” is saying under his breath, “If I had purged America of it’s old people, I could of been king”……….UBYSA……knowhutimean?


    B’Ob the “unknown” is a petulant clown and the congress is a collective bunch of wimps for not standing against him and completing a investigation of his legal right to have run for office……The damage this guy has done is enormous and those who let him run free need to be taken to account…..