Allen West takes on the all Liberal #TTF Panel to discuss the State of Black America [Video]

What is the state of black America?

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Executive Director of the National Center of Policy Analysis and Former Florida Congressman Allen West with author Touré for a Texas Tribune Festival discussion on race relations.

Earlier in the day Allen West wrote:

There are some very serious issues in the black community, and it’s not about law enforcement officers.

I plan on steering this discussion towards the issues of the decimation of the black family, the need for better education opportunities in the inner cities, and restoration of small business entrepreneurship.

And we do need to talk about the issue of maintaining security in the black community. Too often folks want to drive this conversation to the Band-aid, totally missing the sucking chest wound.

My objective will be to talk about the black community I knew growing up in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward, and what has changed since then — a trend happening in nearly every black community across America.

I know we’ll probably talk about the Colin Kaepernick -inspired disregard of our National Anthem and America — so we need to articulate and define what is “social justice.”

It seems to me, based on what we see in Charlotte, it’s synonymous with mob violence and rule to replace the rule of law. It’s funny… why is it that we don’t see any nuttiness happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the police officer has been charged with manslaughter? You see, the system does work. However, it appears in Charlotte – in –a key battleground state in the election — the forces from outside the state are elevating this to critical mass — there are reports of protesters being bused in. [FULL STORY HERE

Watch the panel discussion below.




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  • Pam

    I couldn’t watch this propaganda to the end from these three. This light in the loafers mediator is a racist and doesn’t want to hear the fact that the black race has any responsibility in the answer. Mr West is the voice of reason in a room full of anarchist. In the viewpoint of this conversation the human race is basically in danger of extinction.

  • iprazhm

    Now I’m even more convinced of the systemic racism of black leaders and citizens against whites. There shouldn’t be ‘black’ anything. It should be ‘American’. If it’s ‘wrong’ for an organization to have ‘white’ in front of it’s title, then by the same reasoning, it’s wrong to replace it with black. Oh btw, Obama wasn’t the great black hope the panelists and audience swooned him to be. His is neither black nor white, but mixed. Yet another farce accepted by the black community, I’m remembering the fake black holiday of Kwanzaa.

    • usmadgirl