Allen West “Temple Univ. attackers caught by surveillance camera ~ Will it matter to the media NOW?”

Written by Allen West

As we mentioned yesterday, we’d keep an eye on the Temple University student assault and guess what, there’s new information to report. A surveillance video caught the suspects on camera, and now their race is revealed.

According to “Police are looking for the group of teenage girls who hit a Temple University student in the face with a brick, and are warning students to be on alert near the school’s North Philadelphia campus.

All four suspects are described as black girls who were about 16 or 17 years old. Police said one had braids and a red t-shirt; another had straight hair, tattoos on her arms and chest, and a denim jacket; a third was about 5 feet tall and wore her hair in a bun; and the fourth was tall, had straight hair and was wearing white clothing.

Here’s our report on the original attack.

It appears to be a trend.


Race of Philly attackers revealed – will it matter to media now? | Allen B. West –


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