Allen West “Texas, we have a problem”

When Allen West warns Texas that it has a problem, you can be assured that the fight for conservative values has begun. There is an issue with all the progressive socialist that are fleeing the failed Blue States. Despite the failure of the Democrat governments, they still bring their preference to vote Democrat with them. The I-35 corridor is rapidly turning blue, threatening to turn the whole State to another failed liberal utopia. Read the Colonel’s thoughts here.

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On Wednesday, I had a great lunch at Jasper’s restaurant in Legacy Town Center with a local elected official up in Collin County. We had a fantastic discussion about the huge economic growth coming to the area. We also had a chuckle about an exchange he had with a woman who’d recently relocated to Collin County from California. He said the woman expressed how much she loved the energy, economic viability, schools and vibrancy of the area, but said there was one drawback…there weren’t enough Democrats.

So we both analyzed how completely oxymoronic – with the focus on moronic – statement was. Here was someone who loved what she’d found in the North Texas area after moving from California. However, she wanted more of the people who caused many, like her, to depart California for Texas…and elsewhere. So, the problem for Texas is that folks are moving here to enjoy the economic growth and liberty, yet they long for the same failing ideology that drove them from where they were.

I call this the “locust effect” and states such as New Mexico, Colorado, Washington, Montana and Arizona have all experienced this. It’s the number one export from California and other failing liberal progressive states. If you look at the two fastest growing areas in Texas, the I-35 corridor extending from Denton down to San Antonio, and Houston, you find massive population growth — an explosion. However, you also find these major population centers run by Democrats. My friend and I discussed how Collin County is fighting to prevent the spread of the liberal progressive locust swarm from coming north out of Dallas County. As well, Tarrant County (Ft. Worth) is fighting to keep the scourge east of Hwy 360. But it’s not just here locally; this scourge is even reaching out into some of the suburban area outside the I-35 corridor.

Early Thursday morning I received a text from a long time dear friend with whom i served in the military. She lives down in Granbury, Texas, south of Ft. Worth, and they have a school board taken over by liberal progressive leftists.

Often when I’m out speaking, I remind folks that the most important elected position in America is on school board. It’s also the political election with the lowest voter turnout — and the left understands that.

Last year I was out in Durango, Colorado and there also, the issue, the complaint, was the influx of folks from California, who immediately sought to impact the community by control of the city council and school board…I wrote about that experience.

You see, “Turn Texas Blue” isn’t a far-fetched concept if this state continues to have people move into the Lone Star state who are oblivious as to the philosophy of governance that has produced this thriving economy and superb quality of life.

If people cannot objectively asses that California is a failed state — and I still laugh at this CALEXIT movement — and understand why businesses are departing there for here, well, maybe they should stay there. And just think about it; the population is bleeding out of failed liberal progressive states, such as Illinois and other parts of the country, namely the New England corridor, and heading elsewhere, namely successful Red states. Then what? Make those successful states failed states, and then they move onto to the next fertile grounds to destroy? Hence, the locust effect.

As well, here in Texas, there’s another huge issue: faux Republicans and their collusion with outside leftist influencers.

Reported by Empower Texans“For years, the Texas Association of Business has declined from being a pro-business, free-market organization to a fixture of the Austin lobby dedicated to defending corporate handouts.

But during the last legislative session, the organization shifted radically to the left as it attacked conservative lawmakers and fought against the Texas Privacy Act – a bill designed to protect businesses from local non-discrimination ordinances that would force them to permit men in women’s bathrooms and changing facilities. The shift seemed inexplicable.

But now internal documents leaked to Texas Scorecard show that TAB’s transition was funded by the radical LGBT lobby, with only token funding from its corporate members, including a $100,000 kick-back to TAB.

According to the documents, TAB received $130,000 of its $200,000 campaign budget from national LGBT groups, including the Gill Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign. The group also received funding, presumably courtesy of taxpayers, from the cities of Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. No Texas business contributed more than $15,000 to the effort. 

The funding breakdown reveals that TAB has become nothing more than an AstroTurf effort for the radical LGBT lobby. In fact, the documents reveal a $100,000 kickback to TAB for its efforts, with $300,000 being raised for the LGBT effort but only a $200,000 campaign budget. Equally stunning is where all of those dollars were spent. The documents confirm that TAB paid former Republican State Rep. Jim Keffer $30,000 to lobby his former colleagues.

However, the documents reveal for the first time that $2,500 of the campaign went to wine and dine just one lawmaker, State Rep. Byron Cook (R–Corsicana), who is the chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, which has handled legislation relating to privacy in public accommodations. Wining and dining Cook appears to have been a good investment. In the days following the event, he refused to vote out House Bill 2899 by Rep. Ron Simmons (R–Carrollton) – the House bill relating to public accommodations – despite the bill having 80 Republican coauthors. After the House killed bills on the subject during the regular session, Gov. Abbott placed legislation protecting the privacy of women and girls in public bathrooms and changing facilities on the call for the special session. The Senate has already passed a bill, but it is being obstructed again by Straus, Cook, and other House Republicans.”

Now, we recently shared with you the story of Tim Gill, the Colorado…….


Texas, we have a problem… – Allen B. West –



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