Allen West: The Future of Conservatism in America

What is the future of conservatism? What is the message that must be used to reach the minds of the left-leaning population? How do you contrast the collectivism of socialism with the conservative view of individual effort? All this and more is covered in this article. Read it for yourself.

nAs Written By Allen West for Townhall:

In some ten days, we will have the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. There can be no doubt that the election of Mr. Trump enabled a philosophical stay of execution for America. In these past eight years, we have been heading down the failed road of progressive socialism, which the political, media, academic, and entertainment elites all favor – to the demise of the greater Nation. Hence we have seen such an apoplectic response emanating from these circles who fail to comprehend how the “forgotten men and women” of America rejected and repudiated that which they embrace in their posh cocktail parties and liberal socialist circles.

Last November’s election was a victory, but it is not the end because anyone that has served in the military knows, after a successful attack…there is a counter-attack forthcoming. The key aspect for a restoration of this Constitutional Republic is to remain on the offense, proactive, not reactive, and draw the comparative analysis between the two competing philosophies of governance in America; progressive socialism and constitutional conservatism.

Last week I had the distinct pleasure and honor to sit with incoming Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (RSC), the caucus of conservatives, and largest caucus on Capitol Hill, Representative Mark Walker (R-NC). The amazing thing about Rep. Walker is that he is in his second term in the US House of Representatives. The other great thing about Rep. Walker is that he possesses a vision for conservatism in America. Just last week he penned an OpEd that appeared at where he coined his vision as “Effective Conservatism”. I believe his objectives will produce better results than a previous mantra of “compassionate conservatism”, which became a code word for greater government spending – something used against the administration that introduced the term.

Rep. Walker in his piece alluded to a trifecta that will enable his vision of “effective conservatism”, the right policy, the right approach, and the right voice. I fully concur with Rep. Walker’s postulate and want to elaborate upon his assertions.

First, we must not just talk about the five fundamental of constitutional conservatism – limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual ….


“The Future of Conservatism in America” – Allen West



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  • Beckah

    Until we can put an end to “Socialism is beautiful” in our “education” system, the people of this country will continue to be blissfully STUPID!

    In addition, we need the “conservative” GOP to start standing up for balanced budgets, states rights and SMALLER government. Having only two parties that BOTH want unlimited spending, massive growth in government, and supporting unconstitutional alphabet agencies will NEVER help bring conservatism about.