Allen West “The State Dept Is Absolutely Delusional Saying They Are ‘Bringing Peace’ to Syria”

State Department says it is ‘bringing peace’ to Syria

LTC Allen West, (Ret.), on Afghanistan and the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.


Dec. 29, 2015 – 3:47 – Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West, (Ret.), on Afghanistan and the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.




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  • Momma

    Allen West NEEDS to be part of the next administration! (If we’re so blessed to have one)

  • flatbedbill

    Of course State Dept. is delusional. Obama’s a muslim/ISIS sympathizer, Kerry is an idiot who happens to be obama’s mouthpiece and makes a complete ass of himself every time he opens that hole under is nose. It’s embarrassing and humorous at the same time. It’s embarrassing for us, and humorous for the rest of the world

  • flatbedbill

    All Kerry is doing is finishing up the damage hillary clinton started.

    • Ollie

      not finishing up! continuing!!!!

  • Ollie

    Ain’t no way America will repent like Nineveh did, and be saved! let’s face reality we are a done nation! Full of vile, wickedness, we are to fight until Jesus returns, but are fooling ourselves if we think we will become a strong, moral country again, it’s over! Prepare to meet thy God, repent, and if not saved, you are going down! plain and simple! It is finished! The Book of Revelation is opened, and no man can shut it!!!