Allen West: Trump hits GOP Collusion, GOP Fails Electorate, Obama’s Mission Creep and MORE [VIDEO]

Executive Director of NCPA, Former Florida Congressman and Retired LTC Allen West joined Fox Business with Neil Cavuto to discuss Donald Trump, Obama’s mission creep and more.

When it comes to Politics, you can depend on Allen West to get to the root of the matter. In this video he explains the problems with the Cruz/Kasich alliance. The GOP has failed the electorate. In the second part of the video, mission creep in the Middle East is addressed. Col. West is an accomplished warrior and leader. He points out the issues and problems that have arisen.




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  • Blitzkrieg

    What Cruz and Kasich are doing are far more than collusion, it’s ILLEGAL.

    Ted Cruz and John Kasich have actually conspired to commit a federal crime by denying the American people the right to even vote. They are effectively saying that the Democratic process is not fair because the people are selecting someone who the establishment does not approve or in other words – not them. Yet, the irony is this: They’re using Soviet Communist tactics when they also tell the people they (GOP) decide who to vote for by saying the party picks the candidate, not the people. You idiots are voting Communists in and don’t even know it. The same charade is played in Russia today. All candidates are part of the same apparatchik so no matter who wins, the KGB has their man in the Kremlin.

    Cruz and Kasich have openly stated that they are conspiring together to rig the election defrauding the majority of the people out of their right to vote for Trump.The Republicans can make rules that the delegates are not bound after the first ballot, but that has never been reviewed by the Supreme Court. Once you created a “right” to vote in theprimary, to nullify that “right to vote” would logically violate 18 U.S.C. § 241.

    Either way, the foolish public will allow this circus to continue. Like him or not, Trump is the one the people want, regardless of what the now-communist GOP wants or says. To use the “they’re playing by the rules” line is BS, especially when the goal posts are moved every primary election. In the end, the American people are being robbed because the party tells them who to vote for.

    So the interesting question is simply this. We have Hillary who clearly should be criminally prosecuted but will not because the Democrats control the prosecution process, and we have the two remaining Republicans who stand no chance whatsoever of winning anything, conspiring together to deprive the people of the right to vote which is also a felony.

    • OneTerm4Obama

      You are a moron…this is just fine.. it is the process of the GOP!!!!! IT WOULD BE LEGAL FOR THE GOP TO SAY WE WILL PICK OUR CANDIDATE BY WHO CAN STAND ON ONE LEG LONGEST!!! It is the GOP’s candidate! More lies from the chump supporters!

      • Blitzkrieg

        The best you have is slander and your caps lock key?

        Out of the gene pool, now.

        • OneTerm4Obama

          SO, MORON, YOU know YOU ARE LYING!!!!

          • Blitzkrieg

            Again, you have nothing but slander and are clearly not capable of intelligible conversation. We’re done here.

          • OneTerm4Obama

            That’s fine, it’s tough to carry on a “conversation” with a liar and moron, like you! Run and hide, just like chump does when it comes to debating Ted Cruz!

          • Bill Pardew

            Awwe sounds like another sore bottom loser…..trump2016

    • Jake Wilde

      You spent a lot of words in order to say nothing. You should really take a class in Political Science and you might know more about the process. The unhinged emotional rant seems more like an O voter than anyone from the GOP.

    • Dale Hammers

      as much as I despise it, unless its actually during the general, nothing they do is illegal, the GOP is a private party that can do whatever it wants and make its own rules. nothing they are doing is illegal at this stage, though its disgusting and underhanded.

  • Frederica Morris

    In time Trump will prove to be the fraud he is. “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see”. Matthew Henry.