Allen West “Tyranny: Obama uses executive overreach to DECIMATE his latest target”

Back in 2008 it was all about “hope and change.” Right now there are many Americans hoping this nightmare will soon change, and end. ~ Allen West

Tyrannical Obama
Image idea Dustin Stockton, via Political Outcast

As Written By Allen B. West:

Back when he was a senator running for president, Barack Obama stated he would bankrupt the American coal industry. As president, he used the regulatory agency order and extended the definition of the Clean Air Act of 1970. The U.S. Supreme Court did grant a request to temporarily block the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan as a lawsuit moves forward. It was the first time the Supreme Court had ever halted federal regulations during a legal challenge. However, it may have truly come too late.

As reported by Fox Business News, “The bankruptcy of Peabody Energy (BTU), the world’s largest private coal producer, puts an exclamation point on the industry’s struggles and their ripple effect.

Like its fellow coal miners, Peabody has been hit by cheap natural gas and costly new regulations. Peabody, whose $2 billion loss in 2015 marked the fourth straight year of red ink for the company, warned last month that bankruptcy might be on the horizon. The move was made official Wednesday, as Peabody filed for Chapter 11 protection for most of its U.S. entities.

Peabody is one of many mining firms that have sought bankruptcy. Patriot Coal, which Peabody spun off in 2007, went bankrupt in May 2015, just 18 months after emerging from its prior bankruptcy. Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal and Walter Energy also entered bankruptcy within the last year. According to Peabody, about 50 coal companies have gone bankrupt amid coal’s decline. Peabody said it was taking this action during an “unprecedented industry downturn,” according to a letter to customers that was posted on Peabody’s website.”

I just have to ask, what American president would make it a goal to destroy an entire American industry? The answer: one whose ideological agenda is more important than American jobs, families, and way of life. Could it have been possible to work with the coal industry to advance better technologies? Instead, how many Americans have been purposefully driven into government dependency in order to care for their families because of their lost jobs?

As well, what will happen to those low income families who relied on cheaper energy prices because of coal? America is the Saudi Arabia of coal and why shouldn’t we encourage that energy sector as part of our national energy portfolio?


Tyranny: Obama uses executive overreach to DECIMATE his latest target – Allen B. West –



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  • wildman

    That fukin spook does NOT deserve to live among civilized people

    • Robotnik

      Lib Troll.

      • wildman

        That must make you a liberal cum guzzler. Wipe yer chin you inbred fukin idiot

  • Denise

    What sort of Nation votes to destroy itself? That is exactly what happened with the election of Obama. There was plenty of information out on him and still people refused to open their eyes. He wanted to bankrupt an entire american energy industry, and said so, and still the people elected him. Anyone who tried to sound a warning was labeled a racist.
    Today, we have another liberal masquerading as a Conservative. He openly lies, has a history of progressive liberalism. Sorry folks; Trump owns his own history! The fact that he changes his political affiliation like normal people change their drawers doesn’t seem to bother anyone. We are about to elect another Obama if we elect Clinton, Trump, Sanders, or the ego centric, liberal Republican, Katich. Cruz is the only candidate with a proven “lifelong” record of Constitutional Conservatism.
    GO TED!

    • Dee

      Denise, I ask myself that all the time. And, I’ve asked those who DID vote for him that same question. Back in 2007 we knew who his known associates were and he had already written 2 books where he clearly stated who he admired and why. Yet, knowing this, you voted for him. And of course, I hated the answer of “well, its about time a person of color was in the white house…” Sheesh! And its the same insane rationale of Hillary: “well, its about time we had a woman (as) president…” The level of blindness and deception is amazing!

      • Robotnik

        All you have to do is look at the rise of Bernie Sanders, Communist. There are plenty of useful idiots out there – young college kids & down ‘n outs.

      • Theresa

        The ignorance of libs is amazinbg!!!

      • Denise

        These are the days that the ancient prophets spoke of. This may be a time of separation, separating the wheat from the tares. Speaking of the last days, at the beginning of the tribulation period, Yeshua said that these days would be marked by a great falling away. Matthew 24:9-13, “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, and will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, then the end will come.”When I see how people hate Cruz, the only Christian running, it fits right into the words of this prophecy.
        I knew Obama was evil right from the very beginning. He made my skin crawl! Trump is vicious and a lier, all of the labels that he attaches to Cruz are really a description of himself. The nastier he gets the more his supporters love him. He claims to be a christian, but he has no testimony and does not demonstrate any fruits of the spirit. For the world at large to support him wouldn’t surprise me at all. For the life of me, I cannot see how anyone who calls themselves a christian can support such a man. We are told…”By their fruits you shall know them.”

    • mabera19

      Cruz is another obama. He is not eligible to be president.

      12932811_966704486717983_6998591365497021999_n.jpg Cruz

      the Birthers.mhtml

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you. They will continue to destroy the USA. They are all bought by George soros and his minions. The only TRUE PERSON THAT LOVES THE USA and has fought the old people of the Senate is CRUZ. People wake up to who you are voting for. So you all want communism and another hitler in our country, the USA. All the freeloaders that Obama has given everything to, will be the first to die and work. It won’t be people that has been laid off on purpose.

      • Denise

        What upsets me the most is when Christians rip Cruz apart and defend the real liar, Trump. The following scripture has reverberated in my mind through out the past 2 presidential election cycles, and this one as well.
        Isaiah 28:15, Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, And with Sheol we have made a pact. The overwhelming scourge will not reach us when it passes by, For we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception.”
        America is about to reap what it has sown. They don’t like Cruz because he is too religious. They much prefer a liar, a slanderer, and a narcissist.
        Its like watching national suicide! What is it going to be like when they realize what they have done; they have cursed their own freedom, wealth, and divine blessings in exchange for lies, infanticide, sexual perversion, and oppression. They will live with the knowledge that they squandered their children’s future and will be forced to live out their days in a hell of their own making.

  • Chet

    Dear Lord willing, gonna be some dramatic changes round heah with our new Trump or Cruz or Cruz or Trump president serving and overturning this currently “fundamentally transformed” nation. Thus, the ship will be arighted and America will be delivered from her current Democrat state of spiritural and cultural rot. Out with all Dems across the land come Nov…

    • Theresa

      Keep fightin

  • TxGirl4Liberty

    We need to elect a true Constitutional Conservative for President…the first step in restoring our Country, reversing the Socialist agenda of the left, and letting the world know we cherish our nation as it was intended by our founders. We the People can reverse the despotism that has been creeping into our government, little by little, tax by tax, since the days of Woodrow Wilson…we just need leaders who believe the same way.

  • Momma

    BO is a rolling chunk of dynamite wherever he goes and whatever he touches. Sounds like the devil.

    • Robotnik

      and acts like the devil.

  • metheoldsarge

    The United Mine Workers of America, along with all their fellow unions and their members brought this on themselves by supporting Liberal Politicians. In 2008, Obama promised that, if elected, he would work to bankrupt the coal industry along with factories and other businesses that use coal. Still the Unions supported and voted for him twice. Did they think he wasn’t going to keep that promise? They must have. The writing was, and still is, on the wall and the mine workers still refuse to read it. Seems like that hope and change isn’t working to well for all those fools that voted for him, As the saying goes, “Fools and their money are soon parted.” I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. Obama won in the coal regions of West Virgina and Pennsylvania in 2008 and 2012. And all those liberals they helped get elected are laughing at them all the way to the bank.

  • ronigee dawg

    First off … you think a man is going to agree to be VP to a jerk that insults his wife and then publishes an articler lying about him committing adultery? You do not know Sen Cruz … or ANYBODY with principles, very well.

    Second … Donald is NOT running to win an election, he is running to DESTROY the GOP, just like the Clint-stones set up Ross Pee-rot to give Schlick Willy an easy ride. Look at what Trump has done to INSURE Hitlery wins … Billy could not have written a better script.

    Sorry to bust your bubble … I am #neverhitlery … but unless we get Sen Cruz in there, ain’t gonna happen … and you will see the TRUE Trump -> Clinton BFF.

  • dhd123

    Libtards want to kill off coal without one thought for the families they are decimating with no jobs and no prospect of jobs. Idiots!

    • senior74

      What liberals & some reps are pushing is UN Agenda 21, the plan to make America part of a Communist one world government, excuse is climate change, but the real reason is to control everything, especially humans. This is based on 3 E’s – Environment (no taking anything from the earth) Equality (isn’t fair for some to buy & sell property & make a profit when not everyone can afford to) & Economy – (they don’t want fair markets or capitalism, want public/private partnership) The UN is also behind gun confiscation, I found their document from UNODA (office of disarmament affairs) the jest of it says ” we must confiscate weapons from the hands of civilians so we can finish implementing Agenda 21″. No one is reporting on this, research please!!!

      • dhd123

        That is the exact reason Hillary must never be President. She has written the book on how to break the law and get away with it. Under her impeached, disbarred and pervert husband, the only thing that slowed the US and UN integration, was Billy Bob not being able to keep his pecker in his pants. That derailed his whole second term. The next 8 years, Hillary was building her resume as senator and Obama is the only thing that stopped her from winning in 2008. That had to burn in her craw, but accepting Sec of State was just something to stay busy until this election. If she wins, the UN will have dominion over the US and we are done.

  • johnright61

    I never knew the Office of the President had so much power in our Gov’t. so as to allow him to decimate such a huge American Industry. I never realized that a President could be so “Anti-American” and stay in office. Does the Presidency have this much power, or does Congress just sit by and do nothing about it because of their own personal agendas? A politician only fights for America and it’s people while running for office. After they are elected their “personal” agendas become their main focus.

  • ronigee dawg

    Um … oh well … THAT makes me feel better … so then Donald really is not a Hitlery mole, he’s just running a campaign SO INCOMPETENT, is SUCH a flagrant liar, is projecting his own foibles on good decent people, is creating SUCH hatred of the GOP brand, is demeaning DECADES long conservatives in his deranged attempt to redefine conservative principals, and is creating video after video of Demoncrapt party advertisements against the GOP … that it just LOOKS like he and Der Schlickmeister wrote the script on Hitlery’s behalf!!! Whew … so much happier now! 😀

    I suppose that I messed up in my verbiage indicating that I was speculating on Trump’s motivations : I generally have to laugh when folks drill down on these guys’ motivations … when we will NEVER know the truth outside of the guy telling us. Actually, in The Donald’s case … his arrogance is SO out of control that I sincerely believe he WILL take credit for bringing down the GOP, particularly the conservatives.

    You look at the last two GOP f*ups … McLame and Rom-nothing … and they lived up to EVERYTHING we said about them after their disastrous campaigns : articulating hatred for the base of the party, proving they were lying about their principals and motivations, etc. Time and time and time again the folks telling us that these elitist buffoons’ hearts are in the right places … and they are ultimately demonstrated to be dead wrong.

  • ronigee dawg

    don’t get me wrong … the part of the GOP that I am “for” is state-level grassroots, obviously the elitist cabal in DeCeit has screwed us bad. Let me ask you this … unless you think the demoncrapts really are in a heated battle over Hitlery and the doddering old marxist idiot (is that redundant) … instead of it being obvious she was anointed … so that all kinds of DNC would cross over to the GOP to cause chaos and pick the absolute weakest candidate (or perhaps the guy with the BIGGEST negatives?)??? all the lie propaganda from Trump aside … ALL the polls had this usurper losing to Hitlery worse than EVERY other GOP candidate … yet MIRACULOUSLY he was winning in these open votes … and at least early on they were comparing The Donald to Reagan and the blue dog demoncrapts … what evidence did we have that the crossovers were blue collar workers?? Yeah … “Enquiring minds” want to know!!! LOL