Allen West Weighs In on Dallas Aftermath, Hillary’s Offensive Statements and Divisive Obama

LTCOL Allen West joined Judge Jeanine to discuss the aftermath of the Dallas Police Officers being massacred, Hillary Clinton’s divisive statements and Obama continuing to stir the pot of racism and discord.

 Video by my friends at BB4SP

“You have to understand that that was the most disingenuous offensive and pandering statement that the presumptive democrat nominee could put out there.”

What Hillary wants to put forth is an agenda of victimization and agenda of dependency because that is how they continue to have this electoral strangle hold on the black community. They have to continue to stir and stoke these flames of racism





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  • Bobseeks

    It is sad that obama is more representative of black people than Allen West. Very, very sad.

    It is also very sad that clinton is becoming more representative of the human race than a true human being.

    • Robert Corradino

      Maybe Allen West is just more representative of those Blacks who are decent, honorable and patriotic. Find them among the US Military.

      • Bobseeks

        Remember, the Dallas sniper was in the military.

  • Ronald Kuivinen

    Sheriff Clarke Obama Didn’t Cause Dallas Shootings But He Fuels The Anger!
    But I’ll tell you right now, nobody in the country that’s running for president right now, and there’s only two people left, has stood behind and beside the American law enforcement officer like Donald Trump. I cannot wait for January 20, I believe, 2017, when President Obama leaves the White House for the last time, and my hope — I pray that Donald J. Trump becomes the next commander in chief, because we need a president who’s going to stand beside us and support us all across the country — unambiguously, by the way — and we know we’re not gonna get that out of Mrs. Bill Clinton. I think the saddest day for law enforcement will be if she were to become president of the United States. – Sheriff Clark

  • Ronald Kuivinen

    This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected – Patrick Henry
    Donald Trump has shown his concern for this country for many years. He stayed on the sidelines and let everyone else take care of it until now. He’s expressed his love for this country during all this time. Don’t let the democratIC party define who he is! Find out for yourself.
    INCLUDES: Rona Barrett Interview 1980 – 1987 Oprah

    • Jaebo Daniels

      What about the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to some of the worst left leaning politicians in U.S. history? When is he gonna unleash the tabloid dogs on hillary,and her family, like he did Ted Cruz? He got in the race and used his celebrity prowess and connections, to destroy much better and more adequate conservative candidates in the primaries! Unless there is charges filed against his good buddy Hillary Rotten Clinton, he has no chance of winning the Whitehouse, with his record of political philanthropy for the left!

      • livefreeordiehard

        Sure he has a chance. People are gullible and actually believe what comes out of a politicians mouth. They can’t remember the week before when he was a democrat and voted progressive.
        THEY ALL LIE. Look at the person’s background, don’t listen to what they say.
        And had all persons done that, Ted Cruz would be the forerunner.