Allen West: What I am about to say is going to upset a few folks

It needs to be said.

As Written By Allen B. West:

We’re about two weeks fully into the 2016 presidential campaign, and I just wanted to share some insights and observations, some of which I’m sure many of you’ve also noticed. I really don’t care about nasty comments, but I bet many of you have been thinking what I’m about to say.

1. Republicans are spoiled brats who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. I’m truly perplexed at all of these Republicans coming out and saying I’m not voting for the nominee.

For years – going back to Bob Dole’s candidacy — the GOP establishment has told the people this is your candidate, quiet yourselves and get on board. This cycle the people said this is whom we choose, regardless of faults, and the GOP establishment is repudiating the selection in a very public manner

I’ll be the first to say Donald Trump can be boorish, egotistical, and often appears to be a megalomaniac. But, just like the crazy uncle we all have, he’s still your crazy uncle. Now, I do find fault with Donald Trump for being rather insensitive, dismissive and seeming to forget this is not about him, but about a nation. Yep. But with that being said, all these letters and statements of non-support are cause for concern — what is the alternative?

On the Democrat side, have we seen any of them break ranks? As a matter of fact, Bernie Sanders fell in line so fast I’m surprised he didn’t hurt himself. The Democrats stand firmly behind the most despicable individual in modern time to run for president, a pathological liar who is undoubtedly corrupt to the core. I’d prefer to do what I can to push this bloke of ours across the finish line than have a Hillary Clinton be our president.

Now, what is so hard for others to comprehend? It’s laughable to hear so-called Republicans say they’ll support Hillary Clinton. Apparently there are Republicans who have no problem with the decimation of our Constitutional Republic.

2. The liberal progressive media has certainly left no doubt as to their utter bias.Now, admittedly, when you know the objective of your enemy, you don’t make it easy for them.

However, as I’m channel surfing across the media outlets, there’s hardly a mention of Hillary Clinton’s emails evidencing “pay to play” between the Clinton Foundation and the secretary of state’s office. The media has proven that if you’re the one they like, abandoning Americans to die and lying about it, well, it’s just an admirable quality in a president — sitting or candidate. Can you imagine what would be said if the father of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was in attendance, front and center backstage, in the camera shot at a Trump rally? Yep, the leftist media would be apoplectic and calling Trump a racist — well, they do anyway.

But, you don’t hear or see any of this on the liberal progressive media outlets — right now, they’re dead set certain that Trump wants to see Hillary Clinton assassinated. And going back to my first point, Republicans are chiming in as well.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Hillary Clinton would be attacking the one-percenters when she is certainly one of them — and what has she produced for the nation? Is not ironic that the admitted socialist, Bernie Sanders, just closed on a $600,000 lake front house? I have a small creek in my backyard that does flood now and then…good thing our home is on high ground.

Well, at least we don’t have to hear about a “war on women” this election cycle — that would be the height of hypocrisy with Bill Clinton running to be “First Dude.” Speaking of which, ever noticed how the Democrat Party for which Hillary Clinton runs as their nominee, completely rejects everything that President Bill Clinton accomplished? It was twenty years ago that ol’ Bill stated, “the era of big government is over.” But, you won’t hear the mainstream media comment on that either

3. Honestly, we should all ask ourselves, is this indeed the best America can do?We have, in a little over 200 years, gone from George Washington to Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

We’ve evolved from “I cannot tell a lie” to “I cannot tell the truth.” We’re about to select a new president based on who has the least amount of “unfavorable” — the folks down south call that a choice “between the devil and the deep blue sea.” And not for nothin’ but anyone heard from the respective vice president nominees? Heck, I vote they have three debates and Trump and Clinton be relegated to only one. Now, if this election was about policy and issues that would be a great suggestion, but this one is about cults of personality and more resembles a reality TV show. One thing is for certain — the network that lands a presidential debate is salivating for the ratings boost they’ll get.

4. The black electorate once again loses. The Dems are taking them for granted once again, and the Trump campaign is not even making an effort. Yet, it is in our inner cities where we find the greatest failures of liberal progressive policies. I would recommend Donald Trump get off the big stage of massive rallies, drop the suit, and get down to where the people are. Talk less and listen more. Go into the communities most in need of an infusion of opportunity, to rid them of the cancer of dependency. Hillary Clinton is just going to sing the same old song and it will continue to sound good to the black community because it’s the only song they hear. And as long as that’s the playlist, the black community will be the playground of broken homes, failing schools, absent economic growth, rampant unemployment and crime. Currently it’s George Soros spinning the song of despair with the choir of destructive acolytes called Black Lives Matter — an oxymoronic claim by the progressive socialist leftists.

5. And finally …..

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What I’m about to say about Trump is gonna upset folks, but… – Allen B. West –



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  • Tread7
  • todd

    Absolutely Allen you are 100% correct I was actually thinking about you and my idea would be to have yourself, Ben Carson and Mr Trump to go to minority areas black and Hispanic in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Atlanta GA and do town hall meetings have people view Hillary’s America, than do a qa on how they can have the future Martin Luther King Jr invisioned. Allen I am teacher in the inter city and it breaks my heart how welfare and Planned Parenthood has done so much damage to my brothers and sisters in the Lord so I agree with you God bless you I pray you guys can do it as its Team Trump we are all patriots to save liberty and freedom

    • Papa Bear

      Good idea Todd. Hopefully together, they will act on it and maybe even take it further by talking about the changes they would be looking to instill in the first 100 days … and then doing everything in their power to get it done after the election!!

  • Sally Sue

    Watching Judgement at Nuremberg. Everyone should see this movie . It is a trial of certain leaders of the third Reich (Hitler’s Minions). It is an expose’ of National Socialism and the absolute decimation of a nationality . We are standing on the precipice of that huge chasm that lies between freedom and domination. It is very frightening.

    • Lynne

      I saw it in 1977 or 8 and I cried all through it…that is something that once seen strikes in the heart that this is happening again! We must take America back! We won by Revolution from Britain, now we may have to repeat the effort for all to be free ~

  • ode chan

    No surprise concerning repubs showing their true colors now. In this event with Trump hitting the ground running and exposing the corruption from both parties.
    Dems just make up lies and throw fit’s if they can’t get their ugly nasty law’s passed. They insult people with same sex marriage and force gender bathroom issues on the American public. These people clearly and only have an agenda of petty filth issues, instead of working for the average American.
    The Bush’s and many other’s have nowhere to hide on these problems when America is clearly in an upheaval over proper standards.
    Accusations of racism and violence from what Trump has said about turning America around are sheer lies, from money grubbing anything goes liberals who would vote for Satan as long as he was a demo.
    Trump is not a perfect pick for sure. But then again who has been?
    Now this race baiting/liar who should have been imprisoned sometime ago, is still running around causing havoc in this nation, with the disgusting arrogant attitude that she should be president.


    The real R’s need to wake up and stop letting the deemers keep jerking them around and the RINO’s enjoy watching the game being played while they screw over the R’s nominee..the libs and RINO’s are BFF, they raise hell with R’s candidates and decent legislation and they are trying to torpedo this election for the DNCommunist…if Trump is undermined in this race, there will be little left of a R’s party…I for one am going independent and will urge all the conservatives I know to do the same…it’s just not worth having these elite turds in the same room with real R’s…….

  • Jeff Noncent

    boy oh boy! I am with Allen West on that one what he said make sence, and I will go further than what he said, we have a Murderer, liar, a thief running for president, and we have a guy in the white house who is the same and a Muslim too

  • Beckah

    When I first heard Trump was running, I thought he was doing it to ensure Hitlery the win, like a plant. After watching the last two weeks, you could almost agree; she’s had NOTHING but bad news come out and yet Trump is the one in the headlines for doing “worse”!

    There is a HUGE reason we no longer support the GOP as a whole, and this goes back to the last Presidential fiasco (I mean election), they DO NOT support the people. Period. Do you know why the (D) own The White House? Because they stand behind their own. He**, we can’t even get the GOP to do their job when they WIN elections!

    It certainly is a sad state of affairs that Trump and Hitlery are the two “best” we have to offer this nation! We all know that Hitlery should be in jail, and their money confiscated under RICO!

  • disqus_KzdM6cGc6h

    Why must be MORE concerned regarding BLACK CITIZENS? This isn’t just all about them. It’s about the United States and how its being run to the ground. This is about ALL legal citizens of the U.S. no matter what RACE you are. We need to Make America Great Again! That should be the focus. We can NOT let illegals and immigrants in and or continue to stay here in the U.S. IF they are NOT willing to abide by the laws of the land here AND become LEGAL American Citizens. We speak English only here. We say the pledge of alligence, you get the drift. This IS about the United States and saving it before its further destroyed.

  • Emmett White

    I agree with you Allen; however, I think Trump’s comment about 2nd Amendment supporters has purposely been construed, by the liberal media, as a suggestion to assassinate Clinton. He shouldn’t have said he was kidding as he played right into their hands. He should have said that he meant that, if 2nd Amendment voters voted in record numbers, that might make the difference. We should ignore the liberal media as they are our enemy. Every 2nd Amendment voter should vote like this is the last chance to save our country. It may very well be the last chance.

  • Webb

    Agree with Allen West…behind the most despicable individual in modern time to run for president, a pathological liar who is undoubtedly corrupt to the core. I’d prefer to do what I can to push this bloke of ours across the finish line than have a Hillary Clinton be our president…
    Suggesting to all Republicans/Conservatives…as West has stated get behind Trump or end up with Hillary!
    We Elect Them and They become Rich and Famous From Our Tax Dollar, directly then indirectly, caring Not about America’s Business Or Her Debt…Or Freedoms Or Liberties…Or Rules or Regulations…
    Let The DC Elites Know How We Feel…Vote and Support Trump!

  • NewWest 123

    You missed that he is also a liar and a fraud! They are both equally as bad and when he loses, it will be only his fault no one else’s! Hey Allen, if you were going to sabotage the Republican Party and purposely lose to This witch, what would you do differently than the Con?!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    The only ones who will enjoy my support are the ones preparing to exercise the 2nd Amendment for the purpose that it was intended, by our Founding Fathers!

    Their are no other options! The traitors infesting our Nation have made that FACT quite clear!

  • metheoldsarge

    You hit the nail right on the head Colonel.

    If the GOP Leadership(?) wants to know who to hold responsible for a Trump loss, and Hillary win, they should all go look in a mirror. Many in the “Dump Trump” crowd are the same RINOs, led by McConnell and Ryan, who promised to stop Obama in the 2014 Mid-term Election. Instead, they have given him most of what he wants. If they had kept their campaign promises and used as much determination to stop Obama as they are using against Trump, Obama would have had his political hands tied until January.

    As much as I hate to say it, Senator Schumer was right on when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats. How right he is. When a Democrat wins the nomination, the rest of the party put their differences aside and they all give support to the nominee. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Party since Reagan. I was hoping the Republicans would finally unite. Now I wonder what they want to be when they grow up? The RINOs aren’t fooling anyone but themselves. If they can’t get who they want nominated, they would rather see Hillary win.

    It is time for the Republican Party to unite and stop fighting against each other. It is time for the Republicans to stop throwing mud and focus more on keeping control of the House and Senate and putting a Republican in the White House. It is time for the Republicans to go back to the conservative principals that has served them so well in the past. It is time for the Republican party to put their differences aside and get behind and support the chosen candidate.

    The way the GOP is shooting themselves in the foot, they have set the stage and the fix is in.  Trump will lose by the biggest landslide in US History.  The 2012 election was just a test.  The bugs will all be worked out by November.  I’m not talking about voter fraud.  Hillary will win by other factors. Those factors are government dependency, ignorance, spitefulness, misguided party loyalty and apathy. When you research all these factors, you will realize that Hillary will not need voter fraud.

    The way the GOP establishment is acting, the Presidents Clinton will move back in the White House next January. Congratulations RINO crybabies for a job well done.