Allen West “What liberal progressives just did to conservatives should make you VERY AFRAID”

This is undoubtedly FUBAR!!!

As Written By Allen B. West:

Folks, this story is most disturbing, and I want y’all to take the time to read this and understand the ramifications.

There can no longer be any debate: the progressive socialist left is fascist. There is no longer a Democrat Party; it’s now truly a socialist gang seeking to shut down not just freedom of speech, but also freedom of academic conscience and thought.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands is targeting dozens of conservative and libertarian organizations in a racketeering lawsuit against climate change skeptics that has been widely described as an effort to silence political opponents.

In a subpoena issued in March, the office of USVI attorney general Claude Walker demanded from Exxon Mobil copies of communications between the oil company and 90 different political and policy organizations “and any other organizations engaged in research or advocacy concerning Climate Change or policies.”

The subpoena was part of a national, coordinated legal campaign by state attorneys general and left-wing advocacy groups to use the legal system against companies and organizations that disagree with and advocate against Democratic policies to address global climate change.

The existence of the subpoena was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in April. A newly released copy obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveals the names of the organizations targeted in the effort, which had previously been redacted.

Those organizations include some of the nation’s preeminent conservative and libertarian nonprofit groups. The AG is requesting Exxon Mobil communications with the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, the Hoover Institution, the Reason Foundation, and the Mercatus Institute, among other groups.”

I pray you realize what this means. The AGs have gotten together and decided they will use the power of government to silence any policy research contrary to their “religion” of climate change. In other words, the progressive socialists have decided there is to be no further debate. And the ramifications are to be subpoenaed by this kangaroo court. Therefore, we are in a new era in America where dissent will be criminally prosecuted.

Let me repeat, the progressive leftists have decided that dissent is a criminal offense…….


What liberal progressives just did to conservatives should make you VERY AFRAID – Allen B. West –



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  • Linda Shelton

    Vote for Trump to get rid of this nonsense.

    • KC

      Do you hear what you just said ? Thats funny !

  • Dave In Arizona

    Add one more to the hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons NOT to vote for Hillary or any left-winger running for public office.

  • Harold

    They sound tell the AG of the US Virgin Islands to FOAD.

  • Ugly and Angry

    I want these kuntbags to come after us. It is high time we deal with the environment correctly and start to perform some population control. F that planned parenthood bullcrap, it is time to perform some full adult form late term abortioning.

  • Bobseeks

    The complete eradication of liberals is the only way to ensure that the human race doesn’t become a race of slaves.

    • KC

      Thats not going to be easy ,,, Both presidential candidates are going to be liberals !

      • schistdigger

        KC, you force me to stoop to your level of discourse. You are transparent , and, an idiot.

        • KC

          WELCOME ABOARD !

  • KC

    When all the democrats that voted for Trump ,, NOW vote for the HILLDABEAST in the general ,,, And Trump the lying loser loses ,,, A lot of rino’s will not be reelected !

    • Ah nutz

      get over it=Cruz was the loser = Trump is THE MAN.

      • KC


  • jazzy

    Really…cant you find a different job? Besides annoying people!

  • 1josephg1

    hitler has many relatives. there is even one in the white house. they breed like rats!

  • Lester Peoples

    Donald Trump isn’t “IN” yet! We certainly hope he makes it but do you honestly believe it can happen without lives being taken to prevent the politicians who have control over most every phase of our being do All they can to Stop this from happening? Corruptness has gotten Clear out of control and who today can you really Trust?

  • Lester Peoples

    Doesn’t your conscience bother you when so many needy people are going hungry today, and you share corrupt means that are either unlawful or un conscientious to draw innocent beings into your scheme? Why and How can you continue with this lie and farce?
    You Should be Ashamed but guess you’re Not, so tell God at the judgement!

  • Patriot47

    The looney left strikes again. A wounded animal is the most dangerous.

  • Scott Snoopy

    i prefer to call these liberal progressive SocialistCommunistUtopianMarxist….SCUM…it fits them

  • libertyluvur

    First, they don’t have a case against Exxon on climate change denial…I say if the court allows it to proceed, then Exxon and multiple other business file counter-suit to challenge “climate change” as real & show it for what it is, a political/money making/power grabbing scam!

  • Mike_Travis

    The left is not guilty of misrepresenting the facts. They are guilty of intentionally LYING about them in order to manipulate and control the ignorant sheeple. Here is proof that they FABRICATED the lie of global climate change:

    This is a document written in the mid ’70s by The Club of Rome, a group of criminal globalists intent on creating their New World Order which they intend to rule. On page 75 they openly admit they created the concept of anthropogenic global climate change to manipulate the masses.

    Since then they have pushed this as part of Agenda 21 so we must expose them for the liars and criminals they are.

    • metheoldsarge

      Don’t forget that RINO Bush 41 is also a traitor. In 1992 Bush 41 attended the United Nations Earth Summit held in Rio De Janeiro. He signed on to Agenda 21 on behalf of the United States. This is one thing Obama can honestly blame on a Bush.

      • Mike_Travis

        Who could forget GHWB, the man who sold his soul to the NWO.

  • Bob Minarik

    Voting my buns. Voting is a sham. Time to grow a pair.. Its time to round em up and hang em.