Allen West “What Obama is about to do will be a global EMBARRASSMENT”

Many of us already knew this was a bad decision from the start. Sadly, the President must fulfill his promises to the sheeple of this nation. So here we are, the President is not only about to embark on this journey, he is also entering into a very dangerous situation. Read why.


As Written By Allen B. West:

I’ve postulated the best way for President Barack Obama to maintain his “campaign promise” to shut down the unlawful enemy combatant detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba would be to turn it over to Castro. Now we’ve seen President Obama declare normalization of relations with Cuba and open up diplomatic relations with the island nation.

This is still a Cuba where you can be imprisoned, and potentially executed, for speaking out against the government. This is still a Cuba that harbors criminals who fled from the United States, refusing to extradite them. If we are indeed in a state of normal relations with Cuba, then the special “wet foot, dry foot” asylum rule should be terminated. Reports are now that Cubans, fearing such, are crossing over into South America and blazing a trail through Central America, Mexico and then into the United States — why not, seems everyone else is.

Now, we’ll hear the truism that the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect different results — agreed. But ask yourselves, what exactly has Cuba done to evidence it’s changing? Once again, President Obama is so willing to say he did something no one else has done that he’ll surrender the moral high ground. Case in point, the Iranian nuclear agreement, which has been so severely violated that it’s as Hitler said to Chamberlain, “it is nothing but a piece of paper”; sadly, Chamberlain thought he had an agreement that would mean “peace in our time.” This is what happens when you send sheep to do business with wolves — they get eaten. I’m quite sure Obama’s acolytes and loyal disciples would decry Richard Nixon going to China; yep well, Obama also can claim — like Nixon — to be a rather imperial president.

And to think, Nixon resigned over a “breaking and entering” crime. Well, President Obama’s “rap sheet” against the Constitution is quite distinguished.

As reported by Fox News:

President Obama said Thursday he’ll raise human rights issues and other U.S. concerns with Cuban President Raul Castro during a history-making visit to the communist island nation. 

The brief visit in mid-March will mark a watershed moment in relations between the U.S. and Cuba, making Obama the first sitting U.S. president to set foot on the island in nearly seven decades. While in the country, Obama plans to meet with groups advocating for change in Cuba, a condition the president had laid out publicly for such a trip. 

“We still have differences with the Cuban government that I will raise directly,” Obama wrote on Twitter in announcing the visit. “America will always stand for human rights around the world.” 

Cuban Foreign Trade Minister Rodrigo Malmierca, on a visit to Washington, told The Associated Press that Obama’s visit is good news for Cuba. 

“The president will be welcomed,” he said in Spanish.”  

Let me remind you of a few rather recent occurrences that lead me to believe Obama’s rhetoric and meetings will mean nothing. China’s President Xi Xinping was given the royal treatment — state dinner, gun salute — and pledged there would be no militarization of the man-made islands China’s constructed in the Spratly Archipelago in the South China Sea — oops. China this week not only emplaced aircraft landing strips on these islands, it’s deployed surface-to-air missiles.

And it was Obama who so lovingly stretched out his hand to the rabid dog Ayatollahs in Iran. And even our Secretary of State John Kerry heaped lofty praise upon the Iranians for their tender care of our ten captured Sailors. I think we’ve all seen the videos enough to make us sick to our stomachs.




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  • Anicetus

    If you love your country, you don’t want to “Fundamentally” change it!

    • Sickofliberallies

      The only person that would desire to fundamentally transform a country that afforded them every advantage to succeed is a person that hated and wanted to destroy said country.

    • sweetqueen777

      His sycophant supporters are unable to actually HEAR anything he has been saying all along. They just don’t want to be called rascist. I could care less what color someone is, if they SUCK, they SUCK.

  • frankenbiker

    Hell if we’re lucky Castro will kidnap the goatfcker and hold him for ransom, and since we don’t negotiate with terrorist, I guess he’ll just have to kill him. Oh well, damn guess he should have sent JZ or Sean Penn instead.

  • Momma

    Since he always lies and doesn’t follow the constitution and laws, why do we think we will actually have a normal election or even one at all?

  • Right-Hip-Ruger

    Send Kayne West instead. He wants to leave the country anyway. Passing the salt; what does he (0bama) think this will accomplish?

    First of all, Cuba was never hurting because of the US embargo. / sanctions. Cuba still had free trade with many other countries, so they weren’t hurting at all. The only people hurting are the citizens under the communist rule of Castro.

    Second, Castro will never change his method of ruling just because 0bama opened a hand. Besides, 0bama has the same mentality as Castro, so this trip is not likely to spread the American way of life, but for 0bama to take notes over a fine dinner from Castro on how to squeeze people.

    Alright, that’s a bit of a stretch – 0bama already knows how to squeeze people. But how much would you bet that 0bama will discuss giving Gitmo back to Castro after he’s emptied it out.?

    The fact is that nothing will be accomplished but to consort with enemies.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    • sweetqueen777

      WOW. That’s GREAT idea! Send all those Black Lives Matter followers over there, as a group! Cubans have pretty dark skin, they will fit right in, and they can spend their millions of dollars setting up the country the way they want it to be. They can re-create the party island, like it was in the 50’s, and they will have a ready-made new business, and can hang out together,, since they are like minded. No more having to deal with evil white people who just hold them back!! THIS could really work!

      • Right-Hip-Ruger

        😉 Nice.

      • Right-Hip-Ruger

        And of course, I’m sitting here listening to the reports on WMAL, and hearing 0bama talk about how it’s “against our values” to keep the facility open. He makes me sick. He has another agenda. That place is definitely needed, so now he just crippled us further.

        • sweetqueen777

          Crippling and destroying America from within is his PURPOSE in Life. He is a muslim plant,, created by George Soros, et al. History will prove us right. He was NEVER qualified to be POTUS. I will say that to my grave.

  • Right-Hip-Ruger

    Of course, I’m sitting here listening to the reports on WMAL, and hearing 0bama talk about how it’s “against our values” to keep the facility open. He makes me sick. He has another agenda. That place is definitely needed, so now he just crippled us further.