Allen West “What the U.S. just had to BEG Russia for is SICKENING!”

If there’s one thing I despise it’s when our country is made to appear weak and embarrassed on a global stage.


As Written By Allen B. West:

I always enjoy hearing liberal progressives state that under President George W. Bush, America wasn’t liked. They say our reputation in the world was damaged, and that they, namely President Obama, have repaired our name and regard in the world.

Yeah, I suppose seeing videos of our Sailors on their knees at gun point along with pictures of them crying while being detained by another country is indeed a way to repair our “bad reputation.” Sure, we’ve spent a good amount of the last seven plus years apologizing and decimating our military strength — so yeah, everyone likes us now.

America has become the weakling on the block. We’re now the guy who gets the sand kicked in his face at the beach. For the liberal progressive left, that’s just fine by them — and the rest of the world especially likes it. For me, there’s something about being number one and owning the swagger. We cheer victors in this country, not victims, not losers. However, it makes the progressive leftists feel so good knowing we’re not exceptional, but just like everyone else.

And so it goes, we’re reduced to doing this, as reported by The Times Middle East, “The U.S. has pleaded with Russia to refrain from bombing American special forces troops operating covertly in northern Syria.

In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon has supplied the Russian military with the general location of a unit of about 50 U.S. commandos training Syrian rebel troops fighting Islamic State.

When President Obama approved sending a small team of special forces into Syria, the Pentagon released no further details, stating that secrecy was essential to protect the lives of the commandos.”

And Fox News reports, “U.S. defense officials say the U.S. has asked Russia to avoid airstrikes in an area of northern Syria where American special operations forces have been working with Syrians fighting the Islamic State group.




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  • frankenbiker

    Fcking insane. This potus is one giant piece of pig sht.

  • sweetqueen777

    Since our POS POTUS has decimated the US military, and has tied their hands so that they have become an inept JOKE in the world, I am not surprised that RUSSIA has stepped into the vacuum he has created. He will not allow our troops to actually wage war, because these are HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS, after all. Putin has a spine, and some huge cajones, and as long as he is doing our job for us, I do not mind at all. I PRAY for a strong Republican President next, so that we may rebuild our military, and let them do what they do best, without political oversight and second guessing. America CAN be great again, and we can KICK ASS AGAIN. But not with either Hillary or Bernie at the helm.